Leona Lewis Plastic Surgery: Has She Had a Nose Job?


Leona Lewis supposedly had plastic surgery including a nose job and boob job. houseandwhips.com

Leona Lewis appears as though she has had plastic surgery to refine her appearance. The singer’s fans suspect that she has had a nose job and a boob job. Her nose does appear much thinner and more defined than before and her breasts look fuller as well. But Leona Lewis has never admitted to having plastic surgery, she has always rubbished such rumors.  

Leona Lewis was catapulted into fame when she was crowned the winner of the third series of The X Factor in 2006. Her prize was a £1 million recording contract with Syco Music and she made the best of that. She has done very well for herself in her music career. She has released five albums under Clive Davis‘ record label J Records and all of them have performed well commercially. She has sold over 35 million records worldwide.

Besides music, Leona Lewis has also done a bit of acting (Broadway and television) and modeling. She is very gorgeous and she is suited for the job which brings the question of whether or not she had plastic surgery to refine her appearance. She looks much more aesthetic in an unattainable kind of way as opposed to the girl-next-door look she had when she first rose to fame. So, has Lewis had cosmetic surgery? Let’s find out!

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Leona Lewis’ Plastic Surgery: People Think She Has Had a Nose Job and a Boob Job!

Leona Lewis (@leonalewis) has that typical plastic surgery look to her. Her appearance is so refined and perfect which makes her look stunning but not natural. People believe that she has had a nose job and a boob job.

Leona Lewis is believed to have had plastic surgery on her nose and chest. houseandwhips.comLeona Lewis is believed to have had plastic surgery on her nose and chest.
Image Source: Billboard

Everyone remembers how the Bleeding Love hitmaker was the sweetest-looking, the ultimate girl-next-door when she participated in The X Factor in 2006, right? Look at her now! She does not look remotely similar to the girl she was before. In all fairness, it has almost been two decades since then and you cannot expect her to look the same as back then. But the obvious difference in her looks is so not due to aging and that’s where the plastic surgery speculations come in.

Leona Lewis has changed, not aged (in terms of her appearance). It’s not that she has lost that softness to her face she had when she was younger (though she certainly does not look as young as she was back then), it’s that her face looks more refined and more aesthetic. She’s got that Instagram look that just screams that she had plastic surgery. She is especially suspected of having a nose job and a boob job.

People have noticed that The X Factor winner has a much more slimmer nose than before. Her nose looked kind of bulky when she was young with a thick bridge and bulbous tip and that prominent bump whereas now, she has the perfect thin nose with a much more defined tip and narrower bridge. That kind of change does not happen with age so, it must be plastic surgery is what her fans believe.

In 2011, Leona Lewis also sparked speculations of a boob job when she stepped out looking more curvy than she had ever been. She used to be very modest in the chest department until then. At the time, her breasts looked much larger which led many to believe that she had gotten a boob job. She had gotten a whole new figure and it seemingly looked as such because of plastic surgery.

Leona Lewis Has Denied Having Plastic Surgery!

Leona Lewis claims that she has not had a nose job or boob job. houseandwhips.comLeona Lewis claims that she has not had a nose job or boob job.
Image Source: Billboard

But whatever it may look like, Lewis denied having cosmetic treatments on her breasts and on her nose as well. As far as she was concerned, the rumors that she went under the knife to modify her face and body were just garbage. Her publicist slammed the boob job speculations and had people know that those were ‘total rubbish’ via MailOnline. Leona Lewis‘ spokesperson also claimed that speculations about her nose job are ‘utter nonsense.’

She’s also addressed the talks of her plastic surgery directly. About the nose job rumors, she said that her nose looked different because of makeup and contouring and not because she went under the knife. In a 2014 interview with Fabulous magazine, she said

I haven’t had any surgery. People just don’t seem to understand that you can change your makeup and your hair.

Leona Lewis, in her 2013 interview with The Independent, came across as someone who does not feel the need to look a certain way and who wouldn’t get plastic surgery to look that certain way. She said,

I’m not perfect, nobody’s perfect. We should celebrate our imperfections and not be ashamed of them.