Lexi Reed’s Weight Loss Journey: Did The Influencer Have Surgery? How Does She Look Today? Check Out the Photos of Her Transformation! Updates of Her Health 2022!


Lexi Reed's Weight Loss Journey: Did The Influencer Have Surgery? How Does She Look Today? Check Out the Photos of Her Transformation! Updates of Her Health 2022!

As Lexi Reed has recently been admitted to the hospital due to her current health issue with kidney failure, many people are seeking information about her weight loss journey. The influencer reportedly lost more than 300 pounds with a hardcore diet and exercise, and underwent surgery to remove her excess skin. Looking at her photos, she looks way too fit today and has been inspiring a lot of people. Here’s detailed information on Lexi Reed’s weight loss method/plan with a 2022 update.

Lexi Reed, born on 13 November 1990, in the United States, is a well-known internet influencer, businesswoman, and media star. She is an Instagram sensation recognized for sharing her astounding weight loss journey, shedding over 300 pounds in just over a year and a half.

Similarly, Lexi’s Instagram account has almost 1.1 million followers. She also has a YouTube account with over 5 million views. She also runs a website called DietBet, where people compete to lose weight with money on the line.

Lexi Reed’s profession as an Instagram influencer and social media star is more than just a job for her; it is a dream come true. Likewise, she and Shannon Weightloss are both Instagram stars who document their weight loss. She committed to reducing weight in 2016 as a New Year’s resolution suggested by her companion.

Lexi Reed is expecting to get back to the gym as soon as she makes her recovery from the painful aftermath of her kidney failure. The 31-year-old weight loss influencer provided a health update on Instagram on Wednesday, revealing she’s undergone another operation since being diagnosed with calciphylaxis. As news spread, her followers have been praying for her health. Likewise, many people have been in search and are curious about her previous weight loss journey.

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Lexi Reed’s Weight Loss Journey: The Influencer Shed Around 312 Pounds by Proper Diet and Regular Exercise Routine; How Does She Look Today? Surgery, Photos, Her Transformation Method/Plan & 2022 Health Updates!

Lexi Reed (@fatgirlfedup) rose to prominence as a weight loss influencer after losing more than 300 pounds, but she has recently been suffering from the side effects of kidney failure. Her Instagram postings as a weight loss influencer are typically about going to the gym, eating a well-balanced diet, and sharing weight reduction updates. So it was heart-wrenching when she revealed in 2022, that she had lost weight, but solely due to ongoing health issues.

Lexi Reed, 31, today has been suffering from severe side effects since suffering kidney failure. The months afterward have been filled with ups and downs, from finishing dialysis to having to return to the hospital due to severe stomach and leg discomfort, which turned out to be calcinosis, a rare side effect of kidney failure that causes calcium buildup around the joints.

Similarly, Lexi Reed revealed that she was recently admitted to the hospital due to an illness. Likewise, her husband, Danny, posted the photos of his wife in the hospital, connected up to several tubes, over the weekend. He stated,

Sorry for the late update but I (@discoveringdanny and family) have been focusing on getting Lexi back to health. A few weeks ago Lexi kept getting sick and couldn’t keep any food down. She then started acting differently so I took her to the hospital where they admitted her into ICU, placed on a medically induced comma, on a ventilator, and me that her organs started failing. They also told me if i had waited its possible she could have died. She is currently in dialysis, can’t walk, and working on recovery. Sadly we do not have insurance. Thank you all for your prayers they all mean so much to us and this will be a long hard battle part of her story but she is strong! 

Lexi Reed’s Instagram account gained prominence in 2016 when she started to share her weight loss journey. She shed 312 pounds in two years, according to People. Similarly, she told the magazine in 2018 that she began her weight-loss journey as part of a challenge to take out soda, alcohol, cheat meals, and eat out a properly balanced diet.

Lexi Reed shed 312 pounds by eating more protein and vegetables and fewer carbohydrates along with lots of strength training and cardio. Unfortunately, her weight loss left her with painful loose skin and her only alternative was to have it surgically removed. As a result, she underwent surgery to remove seven pounds of loose skin from her tummy after losing weight.

Lexi Reed, who confessed last year that the pandemic was making it difficult for her to maintain the more than 300 pounds she’d shed over the years, added that she’s dropping weight, but not in the way she wanted. Similarly, she has also stated on her Instagram Story that she wishes she could go back to her previous posts about getting healthy and maintaining her weight loss. She said,

I miss my weight loss content but healing is my main focus, However I have still been focusing on how I fuel my body with food and not letting emotions win. I have lost quite a bit of weight which is bittersweet.

Additionally, Lexi Reed also stated that her symptoms had grown worse and more severe in recent weeks, and she plans to see a new doctor this week to obtain a second method on her calcinosis treatment options. Similarly, the influencer also responded to fan inquiries, including one about if she misses working out as a part of her weight loss journey. She explained,

I’m missing the gym 100% but I also miss walking, driving, not being in pain, shopping, spending time with friends/family at events, dressing myself, cooking and just feeling like myself in general before everything just went downhill all of a sudden. I never saw any of this coming. This isn’t a way that I want to live but I’m not going to stop fighting for my health even with tears in my eyes. This is just what I’m personally fighting currently and hoping it doesn’t continue to decline as we were told it very easily could.

Compared to Lexi Reed’s before and after weight loss pictures, she has transformed very wisely over the years, following a properly balanced diet as well as a regular exercise routine. As of today, she seemed a little changed due to her current health issues. However, she has been very positive about herself and believes to overcome her health problem. Additionally, we wish her a fast recovery as well as better health in the coming days.

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