Reddit: Lindsay Lohan’s Plastic Surgery in 2022; The Falling for Christmas Cast Looks Completely Different Now!


Reddit: Lindsay Lohan’s Plastic Surgery in 2022; The Falling for Christmas Cast Looks Completely Different Now!

Fans on Reddit noted that Lindsay Lohan might have undergone plastic surgery after she appeared in New York City for the premiere of her newest film, Falling for Christmas, in 2022. They speculated that the 36-year-old actress looks different now and might have undergone cosmetic treatments like botox, rhinoplasty, and fillers. 

Lindsay Lohan is without a doubt one of the most popular and controversial actresses of our day. Despite having started her career as a model, she quickly gained popularity for her acting abilities. She then began receiving offers from the movie industry. She acted in several soap operas before making her film debut in the timeless Disney classic The Parent Trap, which propelled her to fame.

Following soon after were several movies including Freaky Friday, Herbie: Fully Loaded, and A Prairie Home Companion. She also published her maiden studio album, Speak, followed by A Little More Personal, all of which were certified platinum and gold. Although her career got off to a great start, she went through a rough patch and became involved in a number of issues around the end of her teens.

She had a strained connection with her father and frequented rehabilitation facilities, which cost her several film contracts. She eventually overcome all of the obstacles and went on to start her own clothing brand and resume her acting career. She has also been the subject of various legal proceedings.

Lindsay came out in New York City sporting an amazing holiday ensemble to commemorate the premiere of her newest Netflix movie, Falling For Christmas. Fans’ attention was not simply focused on the actress’ attire, but several on Reddit remarked that the actress looked different from how she had previously looked. This has led some fans to speculate that she may have undergone plastic surgery. Follow the article to learn more about Lindsay Lohan’s change in appearance.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Plastic Surgery in 2022: Reddit Users Claim That the 36-Year-Old ‘Falling for Christmas’ Star Appearance Has Changed Drastically Now!

After Lindsay Lohan‘s (@lindsaylohan) appearance in new york city for the premiere of her new movie Falling for Christmas, fans on Reddit noticed that the actress appeared different in 2022, and suspected that the actress might have undergone plastic surgery procedures such as botox, rhinoplasty, fillers, and many more.

Since the early days of Disney‘s Parent Trap 20 years ago, the 36-year-old star’s career has been a rollercoaster. She has also changed significantly both on and off-screen, leading some to speculate if she has done any cosmetic procedures. She is no longer recognizable as the young actress with the red hair and freckles; now, she is better known for her numerous run-ins with the law, her mug shots, her community service project at the Los Angeles morgue, and a naked Playboy photo session.

Some fans on Reddit compared her earlier appearances and stated that Lindsay’s nose seems significantly thinner and has a natural slope and tip. This would suggest that she had a rhinoplasty to give her nose this shape. The cost of a rhinoplasty treatment can range from £4,000 to £11,000, depending on the amount of required work.

Her youthful-looking cheeks may be partly attributable to the use of fillers like Restylane or Juvederm, according to Adam Schaffner, M.D., F.A.C.S., a triple board-certified plastic surgeon in New York, and her lack of wrinkles may be partly attributable to the use of BOTOX, Dysport, or XEOMIN.

Dr. Tim Sayed, a double board-certified plastic surgeon in Southern California, shares Dr. Schaffner‘s opinion and notes that there is a significant difference between her images. He also noted that this may be a result of laser skin treatments, excellent skincare products, and a regular skincare routine. However, it’s unlikely that proper skincare practices alone caused the modifications.

Although he hasn’t had the pleasure of treating Lindsey as a patient yet, after analyzing her pictures he was assuming that she’s also had some Botox on her forehead and the crow’s feet area at the outer corners of her eyes, as well as a light lip enhancement perhaps with Juvederm or Restylane to her upper lip.

After looking at the changes the actress underwent through the years, people on the subreddit named r/bothchedsurgeries were discussing how different the actress appears now and the damage that she did to herself due to her addiction and plastic surgery. One of the users commented:

I feel like her being so pale/a ginger and the fact that she tanned were just as damaging to her skin as her drug abuse and recklessness. I hope that wasn’t rude of me, I’m just surprised how much she’s aged compared to other people her age like Hilary Duff or Camilla Belle, even Britney Spears looks really good these days.

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