Lisa Helou’s Plastic Surgery: The Oppenheim Group Realtor Looked Strange in Selling the OC!


Lisa Helou's Plastic Surgery: The Oppenheim Group Realtor Looked Strange in Selling the OC!

Lisa Helou from Selling the OC is suspected by fans of having undergone plastic surgery such as Botox, fillers, and a facelift. As soon as she appeared on the screen, fans were distracted by the way she looked after which they went on Twitter and Reddit to dissect her appearance and the cosmetic surgery she had. However, Lisa Helou herself has not yet responded to those plastic surgery discussions. So far, we don’t have a confirmation or denial.

Selling Sunset is back with its spin-off series Selling the OC which is based in Newport Beach, California. The new reality series follows Jason Oppenheim as he leads a group of new agents who are famed realtors from Orange County working for Oppenheim Group’s new office in Newport. Well, that’s only secondary, really. The real thing this spin-off series is about for the viewers is the intense drama and the tension among the cast members as they get competitive over choice listings with a sky-high commission. Not to mention, all the other affairs that are actual affairs.

Besides the usual drama, in Selling the OC, viewers also get to witness the relationship between some of the stars with their parents who professionally belong to the same field. It’s interesting watching such pairs of parent and their prodigy like John Stanaland with Tyler Stanaland, and Lisa Helou with Gio Helou. John Stanaland is a famous tycoon in the real estate industry and Lisa Helou is also a big name in the business and works together with Jason and Brett Oppenheim’s brokerage The Oppenheim Group.

Though Lisa Helou is not the main cast of the show, she does occasionally star on the reality series, and whatever little screen time she got on the show, she has managed to make a big impact-ish on the viewers of Selling the OC. She quite literally has captivated their attention with her looks in a bad way.

They got all bothered with her plastic surgery is what I mean. She looked like she headed to plastic surgeons and asked them to make her appear younger but they failed. So, she was stuck looking neither young nor old, just different than the rest. Continue reading to learn more about Lisa Helou’s plastic surgery!

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Lisa Helou’s Plastic Surgery: Fans Suspected Cosmetic Surgery the Moment She First Appeared on Selling the OC!

Lisa Helou (@lisa_cantagallo_helou) from Selling the OC is speculated to have undergone plastic surgery such as Botox, fillers, and a facelift.

Though it was very interesting to watch the interaction between Gio Helou and his mother Lisa Helou and observe their cute and genuine relationship (It is so obvious that Gio has inherited that selling passion from his mother who is herself a realtor for The Oppenheim Group), it couldn’t hold the viewers’ attention for long.

We get the first glimpse of Lisa Helou in the third episode when the mother and the son meet at a manicure shop. And that segment is so drama-free and just too sweet unlike the other scenes most of which are usually messy. Just a son talking to her mother about how his work is going on while having champagne together and paraffin wax pedicure together. But viewers were only half-heartedly watching it as the moment Lisa Helou came on the screen, they were distracted from what was going on in the screen with her appearance.

Lisa Helou looked so different from what you would expect a person to look like as she appeared so not natural. It could not be more obvious that she has had plastic surgery and beauty and looks are subjective but many people seemed to think that she went overboard with the surgery and it was botched. Let’s just say, when viewers were distracted, it was more weirded out by the way she looked and not won over by her appearance.

It didn’t take long before the fans of Selling the OC flooded Twitter and Reddit with their opinions about Lisa Helou’s plastic surgery and the way she looked. While some fans said that she had a unique appearance (a lot of people thought that was a very generous description), others did not have kind words to say about her. Those who didn’t have kind words to say did not have chivalry as well.

Commenting on Lisa Helou’s plastic surgery and appearance, a person straight up went, “Gio’s mom from Selling the OC … girllllll yikes.” There seemed to be that kind of aura in general though others expressed it with more inhibition. Another wrote, “I was shocked when I saw how much Botox she had.”

Lisa Helou’s plastic surgery made her look like a puppet because it was so overdone, some viewers said. Some thought she looked like a bobblehead. Either way, most of them were in unison about how she looked scary and an utter mess because of too much surgery.

Several fans of Selling the OC were distracted by her lips as well because they ‘stretched out’ so much. Even more stretched out than the lips, others said, were her eyes. They said that it looked like they’ve stretched her skin so much that it created the impression that her eyeballs don’t line up correctly with the eye-opening. So, Lisa Helou’s plastic surgery includes an overdone facelift.

One person wrote that Lisa Helou’s lips were not just stretched but plumped up as well which made her look like Jack Nicholson’s Joker. Isn’t that the most unfortunate plastic surgery?

Now, while fans of Selling the OC might have been sh**ting on her about her plastic surgery, Lisa Helou has not yet responded to such comments and has not confirmed or denied the cosmetic works people speculate that she has gotten.

However, for someone living in Southern California, it would not be unheard of that she has had some work done. The Selling the OC viewers think they have figured out what plastic surgery she’s had. They think she has had Botox, fillers, and a facelift.

But till confirmation comes about Lisa Helou’s plastic surgery from herself, those are pure speculations.

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