Lisa Hochstein Before and After Plastic Surgery: Botox, Teeth Work, Breast Implants & More!


Lisa Hochstein Before and After Plastic Surgery: The Real Housewives of Miami Star’s Transformation Explained!

Lisa Hochstein has been accused of getting plastic surgery via before and after pictures, notably Botox, and work on her breasts and teeth. On the other hand, some people claim Lisa didn’t get the cosmetic surgery but is too talented with makeup. Lenny Hochstein, a plastic surgeon, recently filed for divorce from Lisa Hochstein, effective May 20, 2022. The Real Housewives of Miami actress has returned to the spotlight following the divorce complaint, and viewers are now looking for additional details about her, including her plastic surgery in 2022.

Lisa Hochstein (born on July 24, 1982) is a Canadian-American actress, model, fashion expert, activist, social media influencer, businesswoman, entrepreneur, and reality television personality best known for being a cast member on the Bravo series The Real Housewives of Miami (RHOM).

She was a trained dancer when she was younger and started competing in pageants and modeling at a young age. The reality TV star has additionally made appearances in a variety of other films, including The Last Kiss (2006) and Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen (2009).

The reality TV star, whose divorce case is ongoing, is suspected of undergoing plastic surgery and the viewers are eager to learn the truth behind it. Well, here’s everything we have on Lisa Hochstein’s plastic surgery in 2022!

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Lisa Hochstein Before Plastic Surgery: Did the 39-Year-Old Reality Star Admitted to Doing Work on Her Teeth, Face & Breasts?

Lisa Hochstein (@lisahochstein) was no stranger to plastic surgery in her late adolescence. Some may have assumed that being in the spotlight influenced her to change her appearance first, but this was not the case. The Real Housewives of Miami star has always been open about her plastic surgery. Lisa has admitted that she has had multiple plastic surgery treatments which include Botox, fillers, breast implants, and so on.

People who studied the reality television star’s before and after images came to the conclusion that she had procedures done on herself, or that she had cosmetic surgery to change the way she looked. The 39-year-old star has also admitted that she was addicted to plastic surgery and she overdid it. Currently, she has removed about 60 percent of fillers from her face and she feels more confident and natural than before. She said,

I did go overboard when we first opened our Medspa because everything was so accessible to me. I probably put too much of everything in my face and I probably stopped doing all of that in the past two years. I’ve actually removed a lot of filler, it’s a work in progress.

Lisa Hochstein also said, “I feel like I’m…becoming more myself And that’s incredible” after getting her fillers removed. She looked stunning in a fluffy pink dress on the January 4 2022 WWHL broadcast.

According to Lisa, the reason she was persuaded to ask for surgery was that her ex-husband who was a plastic surgeon made plastic surgery very easier for her to get. When she was 18, the Miami housewife star had her A-cups raised to Cs for the first time.

She had another breast surgery, this time performed by her husband, cosmetic surgeon Lenny Hochstein (@lennyhochstein), to correct the previous procedure (which had left her chest asymmetrical) and raise her Cs to Ds. After the procedure, she even said that her boobs looked natural enough.

Along with plastic surgery procedures, Lisa Hochstein has also fixed her teeth. The Real Housewives of Miami star had a full dental makeover with celebrity dentist Dr. Michael Apa (@doctorapa), who restored 24 teeth with porcelain veneers.

Plas has become very common among celebrities and famous people but many people still try to hide the fact that they had done plastic surgery. But Lisa is not one of those people she’s very straightforward and has admitted to having multiple plastic surgeries and also the fact that she regretted overdoing it.

The 39-year-old star looks excellent for her age and it might be due to the fact that she is very good at makeup along with various plastic surgery procedures.

Lisa Hochstein Forced to Flee the $52 Million Estates on Star Island!

According to the sources, Lisa Hochstein claimed that her estranged husband, Lenny Hochstein (@lennyhochstein), is displaying volatile behavior in front of their children while they are divorcing.

Lisa Hochstein, a Real Housewives of Miami celebrity, and Lenny Hochstein, a plastic surgeon had filed for divorce. On May 16, 2022, the couple made their breakup official. Lenny and Lisa had officially ended their 12-year marriage, citing irreconcilable differences in the documents he submitted on Monday.

In court records obtained by The Sun on Monday, the 39-year-old Real Housewives of Miami star claimed that her ex-husband, a plastic surgeon, had berated and threatened her in front of their children, Logan, 6, and Elle, 2.

Lisa alleged she was forced to flee the family’s $52 million estates on Star Island as a result of the conversation. According to the court papers, she wants sole possession and usage of the property.

In response to Lisa’s complaint, Richard Preira (@rccfamilylaw), Lenny’s attorney, exclusively told that his client has done everything in his power to protect the children by being private, not public, and not at all provoking. He continued,

Lisa seems to crave attention, and so issues allegations that are inflammatory and the opposite of the truth.

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