Lisa Marie Riley’s Weight Loss; Updates of Death of Comedian’s Husband from Cancer!


Lisa Marie Riley's Weight Loss; Updates of Death of Comedian's Husband from Cancer!

Lisa Marie Riley’s weight loss speculations came out from nowhere randomly after the death of her husband. The Instagram comedian was fully dedicated to taking care of her cancer-stricken husband so rarely was she seen in public to presume anything about her body. However, Lisa Marie Riley has somehow sparked curiosity about her weight loss.

Lisa Marie Riley is a woman from Staten Island who shot to Instagram popularity during the pandemic after she began posting videos on her Instagram page where she comments about mundane, everyday things in a humorous way.  In a very short time, those hilarious videos gained traction and she garnered hundreds of thousands of followers.

Lisa Marie is a regular woman who became an Instagram sensation overnight because of those funny videos. So, apart from those videos, she is rarely in the public eyes. However, that has not stopped people from making assumptions or queries about her weight loss. There is literally nothing that suggests she had any sort of weight loss, but it’s all people are searching on the internet.

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Lisa Marie Riley’s Weight Loss: Details About The Instagram Sensation Comedian!

Lisa Marie Riley (@onefunnylisamarie) began to trend on the internet not long after the death of her husband. But weirdly, Google trends were mostly about her weight loss and not about her husband’s death. It is strange because she is known for making funny videos about everyday life and posting them on Instagram, which would mean that she is not much of a public figure for people to just assume her weight loss when her public appearances are so rare.

Anyway, Lisa Marie Riley films it herself, all her videos, which have her cropped and do not show her whole body. So, her followers never exactly knew what her body type was. All they ever saw of her was her face, so the sudden speculations of weight loss are so random and baseless. Because they came out of nowhere, it is better not to expect any clarifications from Lisa Marie about her weight loss in these difficult times.

Lisa Marie Riley’s Husband: Cancer Type and Death of Staten Island’s David Riley!

Lisa Marie Riley‘s husband David who had been suffering from cancer for a long time has finally lost the battle against it and passed away, as was revealed via a post on Instagram on May 27.

In a conversation with CNN, Lisa Marie Riley told that David ‘fought like a bull to the very end.’ Speaking about how the death of her husband made her feel, she said,

“It doesn’t feel real what has happened. He will be forever missed. It’s been a long battle, I have no words. We are heartbroken.” 

David was 40 years old. The man who died an untimely death due to the fatal cancer was the catalyst for the Instagram page that went viral for the comedy and brought Lisa Marie Riley up to the stratosphere to a comedian is no more. Prior to discovering that her husband had an aggressive 8-pound tumor in his stomach, she was just a regular working mom living with her husband and three children in Staten Island. But her life turned upside down when they found that David had cancer in 2019.

To not let all their lives be dictated and taken over by her husband’s cancer and to deal with it without succumbing to sadness and hopelessness, to function and laugh with her family in those trying times, thinking that it might give Lisa Marie an outlet, she created an Instagram account as per her sister’s advice. She, who always had a big New York personality and sense of humor, used humor to balance out the tragedy that had struck her life.

Lisa Marie went mundane with monologues about her daily life. She made light-hearted videos where she gave commentaries about everyday or regular things that she does. She would talk about little things like repairing a hole in her husband’s pants or how a blazer can make her feel like a whole new woman which is funny considering the grand scheme of things. A lot of people found those videos and her relatable and humorous and started following her and very quickly she became popular on Instagram.

Lisa Marie Riley also began sharing sadder parts of her life which was her husband’s cancer later on and alongside those fun videos, she started updating her followers about David’s cancer treatment. The cancer diagnosis had been close to the pandemic so, she had quit her job as a court stenographer to take care of her husband. To cover the mounting medical bills, she had to take up odd jobs. Pretty soon, she couldn’t keep up with the expenses and reached a point where she could no longer afford her home, after which she had to move into her parents’ homes.

By February 2021, David had had four round of chemo and things were not looking pretty despite that. But Lisa Marie Riley continued to make videos about the ridiculousness of day-to-day life as a mom and a caregiver. She managed to post videos that made thousands of people laugh like every day even when she was struggling in her own life, which is no less than a feat. Apart from giving updates about her husband’s progressing cancer, she rarely mentioned the sadness of her life.

In a 2021 interview with CNN, she said,

“When people said I was helping them, I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t understand how or why but I’m honored to be helping anybody going through anything.”

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