Lisa Marie’s Weight Gain: Did the Only Daughter of Elvis Presley Overeat and Abuse Drugs Just As He Used to Do?

Derick Scholz

Lisa Marie's Weight Gain: Did the Only Daughter of Elvis Presley Overeat and Abuse Drugs Just As He Used to Do?

Lisa Marie Presley underwent a significant weight gain in 2019 when she was believed to have put on more than 125 pounds and ballooned up to 230 pounds. The insiders revealed that the only child of Elvis Presley had been binge-eating and trying to find comfort in food after she was deserted by everyone she loved. Lisa Marie Presley also was known to abuse prescription pills like her father which might have caused her weight gain.

Lisa Marie Presley was the only child of singer and actor Elvis Presley ‘The King of Rock and Roll’ and actress Priscilla Presley. She became the sole heir to her father’s estate after her grandfather and her great-grandmother died. She followed in her father’s footsteps and developed a career in music. She has released three albums To Whom It May Concern, Now What, and Storm & Grace. The former reached gold certification with the Recording Industry Association of America. She also released non-album singles, including duets with her father using tracks he had released before he died.

In a recent tragic event, Lisa Marie, the only child of Elvis Presley, died after suffering a fatal cardiac arrest. The fact that she was not the only member of her family to have died from heart troubles (Elvis himself died from cardiac arrest, his mother died of heart failure, and his three uncles too died because of heart issues) led people to wonder if heart problems are genetic in the family. And they began to wonder if Lisa had shown some signs of it like the weight gain her father had before he died. Was the death of Lisa Marie Presley from cardiac arrest preceded by her weight gain?

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Lisa Marie Presley’s Weight Gain: Elvis Presley’s Daughter Was Binge-eating and Abusing Drugs!

Lisa Marie Presley (@lisampresley) did undergo significant weight gain though it was not recent as to qualify as a sign of impending heart complications. She was believed to have ballooned up in 2019 to 230 pounds after having gained more than 125 pounds. She wolfed down mountains of junk foods and continued growing in size which got her a warning from a medical expert saying that she was at risk for killer diseases.

Dr. Stuart Fischer said that she had doubled her weight and noted that she looked like her father Elvis Presley in his heavier photos. Weight Loss Expert Dr. Gabe Mirkin made a conjecture that Lisa Marie Presley had put on more than 125 pounds in just two years and was smashing the scales at 230 pounds.  And bariatric surgeon and obesity specialist Dr. Joseph Nain stated that she was at a risk for a whole host of life-threatening medical problems, like diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, and lower extremity arthritis, in addition to a higher chance of cancer because of her weight gain.

According to sources, Lisa Marie Presley’s weight gain started after she began to binge on food for comfort after she was deserted by everyone she loved and after battling drug issues in rehab for several years. Apparently, she and her mother Priscilla were driven apart because of her bitter divorce from her fourth husband Michael Lockwood. An outlet reported that she had been seen waddling out of LA health food stores.

An insider said that the singer had been sucking down a week’s worth of calories in one day when she was feeling down and that she thought nothing of starting off with a fast food breakfast like McDonald’s. For lunch, she sent her flunky to get bags of food for her from Taco Bell. And she topped it off with a dessert of family-size cheesecake, all to herself. The whole thing sounds like the perfect recipe for significant weight gain.

The insider also said that Lisa Marie Presley’s eating, which largely caused her weight gain, was tied to the yoyoing mood swings that made her go through phases of food. Essentially, her emotional state had been responsible for her ballooning up. Sometimes, she was fine eating just sushi for days whereas other times, she craved cheesecake only. Apparently, she was hyper-emotional because she had absolutely nobody around her to rein her in. She just had a personal assistant with whom she screamed and fought all the time.

Lisa Marie Presley also had a history of abusing prescription pills as her dad Elvis Presley did. Elvis was said to have had weight gain because of drug abuse. Same could be the case with his daughter. She had been known to take Vicodin and gabapentin, an anticonvulsant said to trigger weight gain.

Celebrity nutritionist Fred Pescatore said that it might be more than just drugs that are responsible for Lisa Marie Presley’s weight gain. He thought that there was a lot going on with her. He believed that she could be going through hormone issues because she was menopausal or she could be in premature menopause because of some of the drugs she’s taken.

Whatever the reason might be, Lisa Marie Presley had gone through a significant weight gain and seemed to be suffering. History really repeated itself. What the father went through, the daughter also went through. Unhealthy appetite and weight gain. She had once been so furious when Daily Mail published an article saying that she had gained weight like her father Elvis that she had sued the tabloid over it back in 2008. Now, it seems that the tabloid’s reporting tragically came true after all.

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