Lisa Wu’s Plastic Surgery: Did the RHOA Star Get Face Surgery in 2022?


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Lisa Wu’s Plastic Surgery: Did the RHOA Star Get Face Surgery in 2022?

After her recent appearance on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, fans are perplexed by Lisa Wu’s images and pondered whether she has received any type of plastic surgery, notably on her face. The 51 years old RHOA alum, however, doesn’t seem to have undergone any type of face surgery in 2022, but she has recently gained some weight, which might be the reason her face looks a little different. Read this article to learn more about Lisa Wu’s alleged plastic surgery transformation.

Lisa Wu is a television personality, actor, realtor, scriptwriter, and designer from the United States. She is most known for her roles in the reality series Hollywood Divas and The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Lisa grew up as one of nine children in Inglewood, California. Her mother, Victoria Brislis-Wu, was of Afro-Caribbean ancestry, while her father, Stanley Wu, is a first-generation Chinese-American.

When Wu and Nene Leakes visited Lisa Wu’s parents in Inglewood on an early episode of RHOA, Lisa spoke about growing up biracial and how she and her family were frequently the targets of discriminatory remarks in their area.

Wu began her professional dance career as a backup dancer for bands and performers such as Candyman, EPMD, and Public Enemy. She joined the rap group 9tene shortly after that. After giving up music, she directed, produced, and starred in the film Black Ball. She relaunched her acting, producing, and screenwriting careers in the film industry, where she spent a considerable amount of time working.

Similar to this, the television personality was chosen to appear in The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo’s debut season. She was in the main cast for the first two seasons and the guest cast for the third season. Later, during the ninth, tenth, and fourteenth seasons. People have noticed that Lisa Wu has gained a lot of weight recently.

Fans are perplexed by her images and ponder whether she has received any kind of plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. Read this article to find out all about it.

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RHOA: Did Lisa Wu Undergo Plastic Surgery? Fans Accuse Her Face Looks Different in 2022; Before and After Pictures Analyzed!

Lisa Wu (@1lisawu) fans are perplexed by her before and after images and question if she has undergone any plastic surgery. There is no doubt that she has earned the fame that she is currently experiencing after enduring a number of difficult stages. Furthermore, we are all aware that celebrities occasionally bring erroneous information with them.

In actuality, she has never made any disclosures regarding the cosmetic procedures she has had. Because of this, it’s important to point out that Lisa’s plastic surgery history is currently unknown, and as of the time of this writing, rumors about her plastic surgery are just rumors.

Meanwhile, rumors about American TV personality and actress Lisa Wu gaining weight have been spreading. Wu is an actress who became well-known after she appeared on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Her fans are interested in every aspect of her personal life.

Following the publication of particular online photographs, people questioned whether the celebrity had put on weight. Every time, she wears a different costume and her figure appears to change. However, her age also seems to have an impact on her overall weight and face. The actress is a few pounds heavier at age 49 than she was in her 20s and 30s. Although her transformation seems quite natural, it is challenging to tell whether she has gained weight.

If Lisa Wu were a celebrity who underwent plastic surgery, it seems to reason that she would have shown before and after images of the treatment. She hasn’t, however, offered any pictures of the work she did, so the rumors about her plastic surgery are probably not true and the fans are just confused as she has gained some weight recently and her face and body look a little different than they did before.

Rhoa’s OG Lisa Wu Was Called a Drunk Auntie by Sanya Richards-Ross at Sheree Whitfield’s Event!

After a successful Olympic career, Sanya Richards-Ross made the decision to take a different path and work in reality television. Her first reality television show, Sanya’s Glam and Gold, which was broadcast on WeTV for just one season, included a video of her family life with her husband and kids.

Sanya returned to the reality platform years after its discontinuation to film The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Sanya has already engaged in numerous altercations with the show’s regular cast members since making her Season 13 debut. Sanya got into another fight in the midst of her conflict with Drew Sidora, a new cast member who debuted in Season 12. Her most recent argument, though, involves Lisa Wu, a founding member of RHOA.

Here’s everything we know about Sanya and Lisa. Lisa Wu made an unexpected visit to Shereé Whitfield’s nudist slumber party at Chateau Shereé in Season 14, Episode 6, Midnight in the Chateau of Good & Evil, because, well, where else would it be? Lisa, as well as her fellow cast members Kenya Moore, Marlo Hampton, Kandi Burruss, Drew Sidora, and Sanya, were invited by Shereé.

Kenya requested the ladies to compliment another person in the room as the night got started, and they all responded yes, queen. When it was Drew’s turn, she remarked that she gets along with most people. Since the cast’s trip to New York, she and Sanya haven’t been on the same page, though she didn’t specify to whom the ‘most’ was directed. Even if she doesn’t like everyone in the room, Drew said she sincerely loves them all.

Lisa Wu defended Drew and stressed the value of not harboring feelings of resentment despite the fact that some people thought Drew’s comments were harsh. Sanya eventually interrupted Lisa’s speech and began to speak concurrently. Sanya then told Lisa that she was talking, to which Lisa said:

Yeah, you’ve been talking a lot.

Since Lisa had numerous cocktails while at the party, Sanya later referred to her as the drunk auntie in her confessional. Sanya said she didn’t anticipate having a bad encounter when she first met Lisa on the RHOA aftershow when talking with Marlo about the argument.

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