Lizzie Cundy’s Plastic Surgery: What Procedure Has the Former WAG Had?


Lizzie Cundy's Plastic Surgery: What Procedure Has the Former WAG Had?

Lizzie Cundy has been super candid about all the plastic surgery procedures she has had. Some would say the former WAG gave TMI when she revealed she had a vagina-tightening procedure. While about her revelation about her addiction to Botox and fillers, people would appreciate that. Lizzie Cundy also has shared in detail about how getting fillers under her eyes one time almost made her blind, which has put off her plastic surgery in general.

Lizzie Cundy is an English socialite, TV personality, and former wife of footballer Jason Cundy. She currently serves as the radio presenter for FUBAR Radio and also hosts a weekly showbiz chat show called Access All Areas with journalist Stephen Leng. She was one of the main debate specialists in the FIFA World Cup for GMTV. In 2012, she became the red carpet reporter for ITV2’s film review show ITV at the Movies alongside David Bass and James King.

She has worked for and been featured on This Morning, Good Morning Britain, The Alan Titchmarsh Show, and Sky News. Lizzie Cundy has also cohosted the reality makeover program So Would You Dump Me Now? with Sue Moxley for Sky Wedding TV. She was the main Showbiz reporter for OKTV and she also hosted her own football show called Wags World. She was also a ‘Grid Girl’ for Formula 1 racing.

The socialite has lived her life very openly and has been very candid about everything even plastic surgery. She is not the one to shy away from anything she gets done. In fact, some would think she’s shameless because of how she revealed even her most intimate surgery. Let’s find out more about Lizzie Cundy’s plastic surgery!

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Lizzie Cundy’s Plastic Surgery: The TV Personality Was Addicted to Botox and Fillers!

Lizzie Cundy (@lizziecundy) has been unusually honest and candid about all the plastic surgery procedures she has had. She has talked about her addiction to Botox and fillers and shared in detail how undereye fillers almost made her blind. She has admitted to having breast implants. And some people would feel it’s TMI but she’s also talked about having a vagina-tightening procedure.

Lizzie Cundy may not look very different these days but she sure feels like a new woman after the vagina-tightening procedure she has had. About four months ago, in an interview, she didn’t shy away from revealing the most intimate plastic surgery she had ever had. She got a procedure to increase collagen and elastin in the vaginal wall which causes it to naturally tighten and improve sensation during sex and she’s very satisfied. She said that it’s so tight that it squeaks when she walks and she can barely sit down.

Lizzie Cundy also explained that she had always felt young for her age and now, she had a vagina to match because she only dates younger men as they were flocking for a date. After having the laser treatment at a top London clinic, she said that she was having the best sex of her life. She was sure that the person she had been seeing could feel the difference after she had the plastic surgery.

That’s probably the only plastic surgery she has had below the waist because when she was asked if she had a bum lift, she denied it. When the topic of discussion came to cosmetic surgery on TalkTV, she was probed by host James Whale to reveal if she’s had a bum lift, she said, “Can I just say live on air, I have NOT had a bum lift.” She even shaded Carol Vorderman who also has denied it but obviously had it done.

Lizzie Cundy persisted in her denial even when James replayed a clip of her previously talking about her bum enhancements and furiously exclaimed that it was a massage that she had been talking about. She said,

It doesn’t matter if I did but I have not had a bum lift. This is not fair, I’ve not had a bum lift, it was a massage. That was very unfair, I have not had a bum lift, what is going on?!

Maybe Lizzie Cundy really did not have plastic surgery to enhance her butt because why would she open up about all the cosmetic procedures she has had to only lie about a butt lift? That doesn’t make sense. She has openly admitted that she got a boob job following the birth of her sons. She is also probably the only person who has not just opened up about getting treatments done but shared in detail her addiction to them. Remember when she opened up about her addiction to Botox and fillers?

Lizzie Cundy was very brave to share that the breakdown of her marriage to former footballer Jason Cundy in 2010 led her to turn to facial treatments. She said that she didn’t sleep, she felt very tired, and she looked awful after her breakup so, she got a bit of Botox on her forehead which made her look better. When people told her that she looked good considering everything he was going through, she was encouraged to try other plastic surgery as well.

And soon enough, she moved on to facial filler in her cheeks, laughter lines, and lips. It didn’t take Lizzie Cundy long to get addicted to both fillers and Botox. She said that it quickly became a ‘shall I have a little bit more?’ thing for him and she couldn’t go more than a month without getting plastic surgery on her face. She would leave it a month and then she would start to feel anxious to get a little top-up.

In 2012, when Lizzie Cundy’s mother told her that she had gone too far as she had started to look different and not in a good way, she quit getting plastic surgery on her face and started to embrace being natural. It boosted her confidence to continue being natural when people praised her natural beauty but things went downhill a few years later.

Her insecurities and low self-esteem got the best of her when she discovered that her ex Jeremy Gordeno was seeing his former fiancee’s daughter who was 21 so, she got fillers injected into her eye sockets. She should have given it more thought when her friend suggested she try the filler around the eyes as it could take 10 years off her. Her friend got a procedure to get rid of her eye bags and she looked great after the plastic surgery. But little did Lizzie know that the same procedure was going to turn out very differently for her.

After Lizzie Cundy got the procedure on Harley Street, she nearly went blind which put her off plastic surgery. Within minutes of getting fillers, she felt something was not right because her vision started to go blurry as her eyes puffed up. She realized that when she felt the needle go so close to her eye, it was wrong as by the time, she got home, her eyes had totally swollen up like she had an allergic reaction.

It was lucky that Lizzie Cundy was able to save her sight. She immediately called her friend who put her through a specialist doctor who specializes in removing fillers and when she sent him the pictures of her eyes, he asked her to come straight away to get it all removed. Only after he put the dissolving solution in, the fillers all disappeared and her eyesight came slowly back within minutes. That near-blind experience has made her wary of plastic surgery in general and more appreciative of everything she has had. Maybe, in the future, we won’t see her get any fillers or plastic surgery.

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