Is Lori Petty Gay? What’s the Actress’ Sexual Orientation? Fans Think She’s Not Straight!


Is Lori Petty Gay? What's the Actress' Sexual Orientation? Fans Think She's Not Straight!

Is Lori Petty gay? Because many people think so. After playing a lesbian person in several movies and series over the years, fans have started to question her sexual orientation. The actress’ sexuality has become a very curious thing about her to her fans. Lori Petty has, however, dated David Alaine Grier and the late Gregory Oliver Hines in the past, which means that she’s straight, not gay. 

Lori Petty is an American actress, director, and screenwriter who is most noted for her roles in the films Point Break, A League of Their Own, Free Willy, and the title role in Tank Girl. Among the younger people, she is more known for her role in the Netflix series Orange is the New Black. She first joined the show in a guest role in the second season. Her role as Lolly Whitehill was made a recurring character in the third, fourth, and seventh seasons.

Aside from her acting, speculating about her sexuality is one of the things that her fans love the most when it comes to her. Her sexual orientation has always been a mystery to her fans. They just cannot believe that she could be straight, that she could be sexually attracted to males, and think that she’s gay. But what are the reasons that make them think that her sexual orientation is not straight? And is it really true that Lori Petty is gay? Let’s find out if the actress is lesbian!

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Is Lori Petty Gay? The Orange is the New Black Star’s Sexuality Revealed! She’s Dated David Alan Grier in the Past!

Lori Petty‘s (@lori_petty) sexual preference has become a very curious thing about her to her fans. Whether she is sexually attracted to men or if she prefers to be with women, people want to know. Many of them think they already know her sexual orientation. And what they believe is that she’s not straight, she’s gay. At this point, this is not even speculation anymore, people really think she’s gay. So, what led them to believe that she’s lesbian and prefers women?

Well, that would be her appearance and her style. Lori Petty does have the stereotypical lesbian look. When people imagine someone lesbian, they generally think of some woman who is less feminine and more of a tomboy with short hair and boyish dressing and looks. And Petty does look like that. So, many people who don’t even know her, if they would pass her on the street, would think that she’s gay.

Another thing that very much contributed to these serious discussions about Lori Petty’s sexual orientation is the roles she has played, most of which are not of a straight person. She has mostly appeared as a gay woman on television shows she has done. Her most famous role as a lesbian is her role as Lolly Whitehill in Orange is the New Black. Because of the role, many people have simply assumed that she’s gay in real life as well.

But it’s not just due to that. Not just that one role. It’s a series of roles of a lesbian she has been doing. She starred in the 1992 blockbuster A League of Their Own, which had contents of lesbianism. And six years later, in 1998, she did Relax…It’s Just Sex which had a similar plotline. Because she was a part of many movies and series that connected with the LGBT community, people began to think that she must be gay.

However, there is no substantial proof that the Tank Girl star is gay. People’s assumptions that she is lesbian are not really well-founded. I mean, fans mean to say that Lori Petty’s gay because she plays one? Come on, she’s an actress and she will take whatever roles she wants to play. The fact that most of the roles she played are of not straight women does not say anything about her sexual orientation.

Also, her not having any partners or boyfriends has contributed to the gay rumors. She may not have a boyfriend, but she does not have a girlfriend either. What about her being single makes people think that she’s lesbian and not straight? It’s hard to tell.

Plus, if people recall correctly, in the mid-80s, Lori Petty was in a relationship – a long and serious one – with American actor David Alan Grier. Does that not prove that she’s straight? If people can think she’s gay in real life because she plays one, what do they have to say about her dating a man in real life? Why is her sexual orientation not straight then?

The Prison Break star also was in a relationship with the late choreographer Gregory Oliver Hines for some time. She posted a picture of her kissing him on the cheeks calling him her Valentine. Does that not mean Lori Petty’s straight? If she was gay, wouldn’t there be a woman instead of a man? That’s all the confirmation we have gotten about her sexuality from her as she has never once addressed these rumors that she’s gay.

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