Lucinda Strafford’s Weight Gain: Did She Gain Weight on Love Island? Or After The Show Ended?


Lucinda Strafford's Weight Gain: Did She Gain Weight on Love Island? Or After The Show Ended?

Lucinda Strafford is one of the very few contestants who did not have a weight gain after Love Island ended. Because the show was mostly about young, beautiful, skinny, and toned singletons competing among themselves, a lot of people worked on themselves to bring the glamor quotient to the show by looking as thin as possible. But as soon as the show ended, they let go and put on quite a lot of weight. But Lucinda Strafford has not had any drastic weight gain even after she was dumped from Love Island because she is an influencer who already looked skinny before. 

Love Island is all about love on an island and more. One couple can win £50,000 but there are some things they must do to assure the money. In that, Love Island is not just about love. The participants, also called Islanders, are to live in isolation from the world in a villa in Mallorca. Constantly under video surveillance, they are first to make a couple with another Islander with minimal information about the other, just based on first impressions.

Over the duration of the series, they can stay with the same person or choose a different Islander and be a different couple. Anybody who gets left out, who is not charming enough to get themselves someone, is eliminated from this show after they get dumped from the island. The Islanders can also be eliminated via public vote. If they receive the least amount of votes, they are going to have to say goodbye to the show. The public vote during the final week determines which couple wins Love Island and takes home that £50,000.

If you are thinking it’s not so bad even if you don’t win because you get to stay in that magnificent villa then, you could not be more wrong about that one. It’s not as relaxing and luxurious as you think it is. There are a lot of things people do to ensure they are one of the Islanders and a lot of things they do to stay on the island. You know there’s a responsibility they have and that’s to get people to watch Love Island.

And since the show is all about attractive single people finding love and competing to win a cash prize, the Islanders need to look the part. Do you notice how they all are so incredibly thin and tiny-looking? So skinny to the point of looking unhealthy. There’s the reason why most of them gain so much weight after the show. The constant weight gain after the show finishes can be very reeling. Anyway, let’s talk about one of the contestants, Lucinda Strafford’s weight gain! The social media influencer and reality star seems immune to the post-show changes all the other contestants have been going through.

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Love Island: Lucinda Strafford’s Weight Gain!

In a sea of people, all young, sexy, and toned singletons in their tiniest swimwear with barely an inch of fat on them, some find Lucinda Strafford (@lucindastrafford) to be very compelling. Even after Love Island ended, she’s the one people have noticed hasn’t changed drastically which is to say has not had a weight gain like all others.

When one of the contestants of Love Island Ellie Brown admitted to having starved herself to get into the villa and revealed how it was the biggest myth of the show that the Islanders looked so toned, tanned, and skinny all the time because that’s not how they normally looked. Her claims were backed by the contestant’s weight gain except Lucinda Strafford’s.

Lucinda Strafford came on Love Island on Season 7 in 2021. She joined the villa on day 9 alongside Millie Court but didn’t stay long as she was dumped on day 28. Even though her time in the show was short-lived, she managed to garner many followings during that short period when she coupled with Danny Bibby, Brad McClelland, and Aaron Francis. She looked very beautiful and was charming, not unlike the other contestants, but unlike them, she didn’t really undergo weight gain after she was done with the show.

That has made people curious. Was Lucinda Strafford immune from the pressure of looking skinny for Love Island? The show is all about modern glamorous beautiful and skinny people competing amongst themselves. So, to look the part and entice the viewers to watch the show, they put a lot of effort during the show and let go after it ended. Hence, all the weight gain among the former contestants, except Lucinda.

Lucinda Strafford is a business owner who owns an online fashion boutique called The Luxe Range. She has teamed up with Estrid, Superdrug and I Saw It First (classic.) She also happens to be a social media influencer who already looked extremely pretty before she joined Love Island. You know that Instagram look and body every social media influencer has. She already had it. She was voluptuous and curvy but extremely skinny back then and she is the same way now. No weight gain for her.

Lucinda Strafford’s work to stay skinny and toned didn’t limit to just Love Island. She had been working to look that way before because not all body types can ‘influence’ people on social media. So, if you find it interesting that she’s one to not have weight gain after the reality show, that’s the reason.

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