Luke Bryan’s Weight Gain: Did The Singer Gain 40 Pounds in Lockdown?


Luke Bryan's Weight Gain: Did The Singer Gain 40 Pounds in Lockdown?

Luke Bryan’s weight gain speculations started after his recent appearance at the CMA Fest 2022. There was no recent information about it but a report from a year ago claimed that the singer had gained 40 pounds during the pandemic. However, the tabloid’s article about Luke Bryan’s weight gain was debunked. 

Luke Bryan is one of today’s most well-known singers and songwriters. Bryan began his musical career in the middle of the 2000s, and it didn’t take him long to make a name for himself in the music business after he released his debut album in 2007. His single All My Friends Say, which served as his debut single, was highly appreciated by the audience.

He then released his first studio album, I’ll Stay Me. Bryan experienced international popularity with his third studio album, Tailgates & Tanlines, after releasing a few albums and singles. The album’s highest point was at number one on the Billboard 200 chart and number two on the chart for Top Country Albums.

Though Luke Bryan rose to prominence as a country artist and vocalist, it would be incorrect to argue that he has limited himself to the genre. Bryan has also experimented with various genres, such as alternative rock. His music typically contains influences from various musical styles.

His career as a singer and musician has been encouraging. He currently has more than seven million albums, 27 million tracks, 16 No. 1 hits, and back-to-back double-platinum albums to his credit. He has also served as an American Idol judge since 2018. He always had a huge fan following behind him and they noticed everything he did and now his fans claim that he has gained quite a bit of weight after his recent appearance at the CMA Fest 2022. Read this article to find out more about Luke Bryan’s weight gain!

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Luke Bryan’s Weight Gain: Tabloid’s Claim That The American Idol Judge Gained 40 Pounds During the Lockdown Debunked!

Luke Bryan (@lukebryan) was reported to have a weight gain of 40 pounds during the pandemic by a tabloid called Globe. The claims have now been debunked.

The recent appearance of Luke Bryan in CMA Fest 2022 has sparked discussions about his weight gain. While there were no recent reports on whether he had gained weight or not, he sure had been rumored to have put on about 40 pounds a year ago.

According to Globe, Luke Bryan had a significant weight gain and put on 40 pounds during lockdown by munching on junk food and lounging on the couch. The 46-year-old musician was said to be working hard to lose the weight he put on when the country was under lockdown. Fans are worried about his well-being and health.

The Country Girl singer had reportedly been stuffing his face with junk food and munching late at night. Bryan never exercised much and Caroline Boyer (@linabryan3), Luke Bryan’s wife, wasn’t helping matters by stacking the fridge with frozen pizzas, the tattler added in the weight gain reports.

The tabloids further alleged that his friends said that he should get on the treadmill if he didn’t want to look like Garth Brooks as an extra punch in an already offensive story filled with fat-shaming about the weight gain. If those reports are to be believed, an individual joyously exclaimed:

Climbing the stairs is enough cardio – and even that gets him winded.

The media claimed that because of his pandemic pig-outs, country star Luke Bryan had a weight gain and he weighed a stomach-busting 225 pounds. According to insiders, Luke’s laziness, lack of fitness, and poor diet were to blame for Bryan’s expanding belly. An individual exclaimed that he had gained 40 pounds and had a double chin. He was a beautiful cutout a few years ago, but now he looks like a doughboy.

During the lockdown most of us were locked inside our houses and weren’t able to go outside and interact with other people, this made us all lazy and due to boredom, most of us were either glued to our devices or ate to get rid of boredom. People tried different recipes and food just because they had enough time on their hands. This resulted in weight gain for most people due to the extra calories that they consumed and the lack of physical activities.

Celebrities were no different, they were also locked inside during lockdown. So Luke Bryan also relaxed and ate whatever he pleased which resulted in weight gain, the reports said. He apparently wasn’t able to lose the weight that he gained during the lockdown and he thought his age might have played a role in it as the singer was 46 years old and he wasn’t the same physically as he had been years ago.

And that is how the false claims were substantiated by the Globe. Because Luke Bryan no longer has the same physique, the tabloid put up a photo of the singer when he was younger and much slimmer against the more recent ones where he looked heavier than when he was young. And that comparison photo was used to show that he had weight gain. The after pictures had been taken before the pandemic.

The tabloid that published the reports of Luke Bryan’s weight gain, Globe, was found by Gossip Cop to obsessively focus on the size and shape of celebrities and then randomly refer to random celebrities as tubby on a weekly basis to sell more. It had just been deceiving its audience and readers all this time, so the claims of this publication are to be ignored as they are not true.

The internet isn’t doing him justice either. There are lots of trolls about his weight gain and memes about him being fat. Despite him being in his late forties, he is expected to look slim as when he was young.

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