‘Bling Empire: New York’: Meet Lynn Ban’s Husband! Is Jett Kain Gay? What Does Reddit Say About His Sexuality?

Derick Scholz

'Bling Empire: New York': Meet Lynn Ban's Husband! Is Jett Kain Gay? What Does Reddit Say About His Sexuality?

Lynn Ban’s husband Jett Kain is obviously gay, Bling Empire: New York fans believe. The third episode of the reality series in which Jett Kain asked intrusive questions to Blake about his sexuality unmindful of his personal space made the viewers of the reality show feel like he gave off closeted homophobic gay vibes. Many fans think that bringing her brusque husband, who has no sense of boundary, in the show was a mistake on Lynn Ban’s part as many Bling Empire viewers now just hate her because of her spouse.

Renowned jewelry designer Lynn Ban is part of the new Netflix reality series. Bling Empire: New York gives fans an inside look into the luxurious lifestyle of some of the wealthiest Asian Americans in New York City. Eight episodes of the first season of the reality show were released recently. And viewers already love the drama the cast brings with them. They have so many opinions about those rich strangers to discuss. So many dramas and so many scandals.

Lynn Ban brought with her one of the most scandalous people in the Bling Empire: New York – her husband Jett Kain. Jett Kain is lowkey very controversial with his brusque attitude and disregard for other people’s boundaries. The viewers took an instant dislike of him in the very first episode and even more later on when he intrusively questioned Blake’s sexuality which is one of the prominent instances of him being a jerk that sparked speculations of him being gay. Lynn Ban’s husband is supposedly gay, fans believe.

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Lynn Ban’s Husband: Is The ‘Bling Empire: New York’ Cast’s Spouse Jett Kain Gay? Fans are Curious About His Sexuality!

The viewers were already snarky about Lynn Ban (@lynn_ban) in the first episode of Bling Empire: New York and they found a reason to bring her husband’s sexuality into the equation. One person made a comment about Jett Kain on a Reddit thread about the discussion of the reality show saying that Lynn was coming across as a bit of a meddlesome witch which must be internalized bitterness because she married a gay man. Some people might think that’s too presumptuous but apparently, there were signs that Jett Kain, husband of Lynn Ban, is definitely gay.

The majority of the viewers, after watching the third episode of Bling Empire: New York, came to the conclusion that Lynn Ban’s husband and business partner Jett Kain was certainly gay. It was that episode when the couple met with Blake for a lunch date in an outdoor city restaurant. The way Kain behaved with the queer Blake solidified, in many’s opinions, that ‘in no way is he straight.’ The rumors about Jett Kain being gay spread like wildfire on every corner of social media. Lynn Ban might not be very happy about her husband looking gay but what can she do about it? He’s already exposed.

During lunch, Jett Kain behaved very weirdly with Blake even though they had been friends for a very long time. Apparently, it was because they were meeting after a ‘long time’ that Kain forgot how to behave. Things were going smoothly until Lynn Ban’s husband could not restrain himself from asking some intrusive and personal questions and that too, with not so much as the littlest tact. He just had to ask too insensitively without any sense of personal space and out of the blue, “So like, are you gay?” Jett Kain, you can’t just go around asking if someone’s gay. Bling Empire’s fans were scandalized. Lynn Ban not so much. She knows her husband too well (after all, she has been with him since 1996), or does she?

Lynn Ban may not have been scandalized as much as the viewers but she surely understood that her husband had crossed a boundary when he asked if Blake was gay and so she chimed in and said, “No, he is queer,” because Blake was left too stunned for that. He was visibly offended (as were many Bling Empire: New York fans) but he still managed to give a rather dignified and graceful reply to that intrusive question. He said it, “NO! No, you like, you just don’t ask people their sexuality. You just don’t do that.” Yeah, Jett Kain, don’t go around asking if people are gay.

But as if. Lynn Ban’s husband was not done with the questions and asked again, “So, you just hit on them?” Did Jett Kain want a lesson in being gay? Is that why he was asking all that? Because though the question seemed a bit too unmindful of personal space, it also seemed a bit too curious and genuine. Blake felt the same and when he asked Kain if he was hitting on him, he again impertinently replied, “No, it’s just that when you are hitting on someone you wanna know if you have a chance.” Bling Empire: New York viewers believe that Lynn Ban and Jett Kain work as husband and wife only because they are in a long-distance relationship.

Blake stayed civil despite Jett Kain and just said, “Feel the vibes. I am interested in men and women and non-binary people and trans-men and trans-women.” But Lynn Ban’s husband was too intent on testing his limits. When he went on to call Blake an ‘equal opportunity humper,’ he made the viewers of Bling Empire: New York furious. They were further enraged when Jett Kain forced him into an Instagram photo shoot saying that Blake needed help. He also forced him into different poses and called him a snowflake. That was when the journalist lost it and went off on Kain.

He said, “f**k off old man!” and abruptly walked away from Jett Kain. Later on, he explained his problem with Lynn Ban’s husband.

I am here to have a fun time. You want to take an Instagram photo. You have to respect people and Jett sometimes does not realize that he is crossing a boundary. Maybe he is so stuck in an idea of the binary and gay and straight but I am not here to teach him how to live in the 21st century.

This episode of Bling Empire: New York not only made the viewers dislike Lynn Ban’s husband but also made them think about his sexuality. Many thought that Jett Kain was obviously gay and that he was lowkey hitting on him in front of his wife which seemed creepy. There’s a whole discourse about it on Reddit. A Reddit user wrote that from his incessant questioning of Blake, he gave off those masking-as-curious-but-actually-homophobic vibes that seemed like it was rooted in some type of self-hatred or shame.

They found it hilarious that Jett Kain himself spoke in a sassy tone and made gestures that were stereotypically gay but then went on to make Blake feel uncomfortable and to interrogate him about his sexual identity. Lynn Ban should just ban her husband from asking questions if she doesn’t want people speculating about his sexuality. Bringing Jett Kain on Bling Empire: New York was a mistake on her part. Many fans only dislike her because of her ‘obviously gay’ husband.

Another comment on Reddit read that Jett Kain was flirting with Blake by being mean to him like it’s 1992. A user agreed with that and added that Lynn Ban’s husband hasn’t defined his sexuality in the show but it didn’t necessarily mean that he was closeted and that he might be queer or bisexual and has chosen to be with a woman. They also wrote that there was a possibility that Kain might be heterosexual but expressed otherwise.

One Reddit user wrote that Jett Kain reminded him of Bruce Jenner pre-Kaitlyn. They thought that Bruce looked more and more feminine every season of KUTWK years before he came out and they are thinking the same about Lynn Ban’s husband.

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