Madonna’s Plastic Surgery: A Tiktok Video of The Singer Described as Unsettling Sparked Cosmetic Surgery Rumors!


Madonna's Plastic Surgery: A Tiktok Video of The Singer Described as Unsettling Sparked Cosmetic Surgery Rumors!

Madonna sparked plastic surgery speculations like never before when she posted a TikTok video that has been described as ‘unsettling.’ The pop star was said to have looked alienesque in the video with a forehead that didn’t move, cheekbones that looked so huge, and lips that were oversized, which was likely because of Botox, cheek implants or fillers, and lip fillers. Madonna, who was said to have gone overboard with plastic surgery, looked wider at the top of her face and got increasingly narrower at the bottom in the TikTok, which is believed to be the result of buccal fat removal, dermal fillers, and chin implants.

So, Madonna has had plastic surgery (by the looks of it, went overboard with it and is now too far to the point that she cannot possibly reach normalcy of looking like a human ever again) and she does photoshopping and face-tuning too even though she should just leave it to the experts because she is not good at it. (The pop star better stick to singing.) And she posted a bizarre TikTok video to let people know that. It does not seem intentional but did she really not expect that people would not talk about how she looks after watching that video of hers?

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Madonna’s Plastic Surgery: The Singer Looks Very Distorted and Grotesque in a TikTok Video She Posted; Fans Think It’s Because She Went Overboard with Cosmetic Surgery!

Madonna (@madonna) is quite active on all of her social media platforms and she might have regretted this fact in the aftermath of that disastrous TikTok which sparked plastic surgery rumors about herself like nothing else. In April 2022, she shared a video in which she just stared into the camera. It’s hard to tell if that video was meant to be a racy one. But what she was wearing kind of suggests that she meant sensuality and that it was a thirst trap. She was braless in a see-through-t-shirt and had her blonde hair pulled back in braided pigtails in what was supposedly a sexy TikTok.

Sadly, the TikTok video, which has been described as ‘unsettling’, didn’t have the desired effect. Madonna was definitely trying to be all sexy in the video in which she did not utter a single word, she just looked into the camera and slowly zoomed in on it, and pressed her large lips towards the device she was recording on towards the end. You have seen it. At this point, everyone has watched that ‘alienesque’ video of hers she uploaded on TikTok which became a pop culture moment in itself that showed how Hollywood is stuck on plastic surgery and not aging.

The video was just the pop star hopping on the bandwagon of the trend that was her song Frozen playing in the background but while everyone loved the song, not much can be said about how she looked in that TikTok video. She should have put that in the drafts forever or better yet deleted it as soon as it was created. The world would have been spared the visuals of how grotesque plastic surgery can make one look.

At first, people got confused and were concerned for her because they thought something was wrong with her face. They calmed down a bit when they realized that Madonna had used a filter for the video, which is probably what made her appear unusual. After all, at one point in that TikTok, her eyelashes seemed to glitch which happens only when a user has applied a filter while recording. Well, she did have the filters on for the video but could that alone make her look like that? Filter or not, she had plastic surgery.

When they understood that it was all plastic surgery and that the video was meant to be a saucy one, they were not impressed. Nobody would be. I can’t tell why Madonna thought that it was a good video to upload that TikTok video. I mean, did she really not see how weird and not-human she looked in that? Or has she forgotten what normal looks like and is completely sunk into the plastic surgery look?

In the video she shared, Madonna was distorted beyond belief. Her facial features looked too dramatic and cartoonish. With a forehead that didn’t seem to move, cheekbones that looked very plumped-up and way too huge, and lips that were oversized, she looked terrifying and not at all sexy as she had intended which we can tell from the kiss she gave to the camera at the end. Whoever made her look that way is a criminal. Fans were asking things like ‘just how much plastic surgery has Madonna had?’

Madonna looked wider at the top of her face and got increasingly narrower at the bottom. Her face could be an inverted pyramid. I can’t tell how much cosmetic surgery it requires to look like that. All that TikTok did was confirm that she definitely got surgical interventions. Gone are the days when people would ask questions like ‘has Madonna had plastic surgery’, ‘did she go under the knife,’ because now, they don’t have to ask it, they just know it.

Senior Cosmetic Injector Lauren did a TikTok video delving into the plastic surgery procedures Madonna might have gotten which made her look like that. According to Lauren, the Material Girl hitmaker has had upper and lower facelifts. She was pulled up tight and snatched in a way that is not possible just with an anti-wrinkle injection. Her mid-face looked really full which seemed to be that way because of too much dermal fillers or it could be fat grafting as well. And how her cheeks seemed really hollow underneath that way too prominent cheekbones, she must have had the buccal fat pad removal surgery. And her chin seemed slightly disconnected from her jaw which could mean she has had chin implants.

However, that’s all conjecture on her part because Madonna has never confirmed that she had plastic surgery even though many consider that unsettling TikTok video of hers proof enough. She once only vaguely said that she was never going to discuss cosmetic surgery because she was absolutely against having to discuss it but she was certainly not against it.

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