Marina Abramovic Plastic Surgery: She Is Into Lasers!


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Marina Abramovic has had plastic surgery to enlarge her breasts and to combat aging.

Marina Abramovic is not the one to get afraid of what aging brings but she is also not the one to shy away from plastic surgery if she had one. And the artist has gotten some procedures only because she was at a low point in her life. Marina Abramovic got breast enlargement when her lover got another one pregnant but that was it. She said that she is not that fond of plastic surgery. However, she has had lasers to combat aging. She has not had Botox. 

Marina Abramovic is very revolutionary in that she pushes people to the limits of their comfort and beyond their vulnerability with her art. She is all about embracing the real, the good, the bad, and the ugly, especially the ugly. Her work which explores body art, endurance art, feminist art, the relationship between the performer and audience, the limits of the body, and the possibilities of the mind is titillating and it attracts and repels people simultaneously. There’s something inexplicably magnetic about the Serbian conceptual and performance artist who refers to herself as the “grandmother of performance art.”

She is very inventive and happens to be the one who pioneered a new notion of identity by bringing in the participation of observers by making them confront pain, blood, and physical limits of the body. Do you think such a person would get plastic surgery? She seems to make art about the real stuff so, it does not seem like something she would do. But she has not aged much and it could be because she has had work done. Let’s discuss Marina Abramovic’s plastic surgery!

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Marina Abramovic’s Plastic Surgery: She Does Not Seem To Be Fond of the Idea of Cosmetic Surgery!

Marina Abramovic (@abramovicinstitute) has indeed had plastic surgery. Even though she does not really seem like the kind of person who would intervene in a natural process, she has had cosmetic work. She has gotten breast enlargement surgery and she is crazy about lasers as well.

Marina Abramovic has not shied away from the plastic surgery she has had. houseandwhips.comMarina Abramovic has not shied away from the plastic surgery she has had.
Image Source: Observer

Because Marina’s art is mostly about confronting pain and the physical limits of the body, she never struck anyone as the kind of woman who would ever change anything about herself and alter the way nature made her by getting plastic surgery because she sees beauty in every flaw and imperfection. And she does but she has her weak moments and in one of those, she went ahead and got breast enlargement surgery.

It seemed shocking that Marina Abramovic would ever get plastic surgery because she never bothered to comply with the standards of beauty and she was often androgynously adorned. But as she said, she was at the lowest point in her life and thought she had lost everything after she and her lover/collaborator separated. After he left her for somebody younger in the late 1980s, she got breast implants at the age of 40. When she was asked about that, she said,

I don’t care. You know, I was 40 years old. I heard that Ulay made pregnant his 25-year-old translator. I was desperate. I felt fat, ugly and unwanted, and this made a huge difference in my life. Why not use technology if you can, if it can build your spirit?

After Marina Abramovic admitted to having breast implants, people began to wonder if she had plastic surgery to combat the effects of aging because she looks very youthful and fresh even now. It does not look like she has aged much. All the seriousness of the art she makes is not reflected in her face which looks way too young for someone her age. But when she was asked what accounts for her amazingly youthful looks, she said that it’s all in the genes.

Marina Abramovic Did Not Always Feel The Same Way About Plastic Surgery!

Marina Abramovic is crazy about lasers. houseandwhips.comMarina Abramovic is crazy about lasers.
Image Source: Vanity Fair

In an interview, she talked about aging and obsession with youth and how big of an issue it was. She also discussed how everyone was talking about plastic surgery and using technology to combat aging and to preserve their youthfulness. She didn’t seem much fond of the invasive procedures and said that people have to learn that we are not going to live forever no matter what we do so, it’s better not to get caught on such stuff. What Marina Abramovic said was,

The aging is a big issue, too. You know, I am thinking about the death every single day. And this year I am 67. You know, everyone is always talking about plastic surgery, or the technology, what to do. I really think it’s important to help yourself with the technology if you want to feel better, but I am absolutely against any kind of monstrous cuts of the body, lifting that is beyond recognition, this kind of stuff. But I think we have to make the point when we know we are temporary on this planet, and whatever we do, we are going to die. Whatever you do!

However, Marina Abramovic is not totally averse to plastic surgery. She does not mind non-invasive procedures. While she does not do injections, she said that she gets laser treatment for her skin and she’s crazy about them. Laser’s her thing, all lasers, she said, because they remove the brown spots and they break the collagen and when collagen gets shocked and starts growing, it looks really good for the face.

There was a time when she was younger that she tried to break her nose so that her parents were forced to pay for her plastic surgery because she didn’t like her nose but what she did when she was a child and what she thought then don’t really count while figuring out her current thought processes. When Marina Abramovic was young, she was desperate to change herself because she thought she looked terrible. That was the only time when she toyed with the plastic surgery (besides when she got breast implants).

When I was 14, I thought I looked terrible. I wore these typical Slavic shoes with metal bottoms so you could always hear me coming and this really ugly princess skirt and blouse with the top button closed. I had a boy haircut, a baby face covered with pimples, and a really big nose. My only dream in life at the time was to have Brigitte Bardot’s nose.