Marzia’s Plastic Surgery: Why Does The Influencer Hide Her Face? Did She Have Some Botched Procedure?

Derick Scholz

Marzia's Plastic Surgery: Why Does The Influencer Hide Her Face? Did She Have Some Botched Procedure?

Marzia Kjellberg seems to have undergone plastic surgery including Botox, three nose jobs, cheek fillers, lip fillers, and a jaw-shaving procedure. The social media influencer has only revealed that she got one nose job to fix his breathing issues and lip fillers to correct her facial asymmetry. Marzia’s followers don’t buy that and they don’t like that she is pretending to be mostly natural when it’s obvious that she got plastic surgery.

Marzia Kjellberg is definitely one of the most popular personalities on the internet. Not every random YouTuber can pull in over 8 million subscribers with their makeup, fashion, and vlogging content. Even though she has already retired, she’s never far away from the public eye because she’s married to another popular internet personality and one of the most subscribed Youtuber PewDiePie.

She still has a very large presence on social media and is an Instagram influencer with more than 8 million followers. But she is mostly talked about on social media these days because people have noticed that she has gotten a ton of plastic surgery. Her looks have evolved multiple times and her followers want to know which procedure she has gotten. She has never come completely clean about it. So, let’s discuss Marzia’s plastic surgery!

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Marzia’s Plastic Surgery: The Former Youtuber Says She Got a Nose Job to Fix Her Breathing Issues and Lip Fillers to Correct Her Facial Asymmetry!

Marzia (@itsmarziapie) is suspected by her followers of having tons of plastic surgery, including several Botox, nose jobs, lip fillers, cheek fillers, chin fillers, and a jaw-shaving procedure.

Marzia Kjellberg has always been controversial on some level among her followers for not just not coming clean about her plastic surgery but going out of her way to hide the evidence that she got cosmetic procedures i.e getting all of her before pictures from the internet removed. Her followers don’t like that she continues to pretend like she’s all natural even though it’s very obvious that she’s got work done.

Also, they always found it weird how Marzia Kjellberg used to show only the left side of her face. As it turns out, her face was asymmetrical which was something she was extremely self-conscious about. And she seems to have gotten several plastic surgery procedures to ‘fix’ her face although she has never put it like that. She has admitted to some of the procedures but mostly to get people off her back.

Marzia's fans believe she has had more plastic surgery than she let on. 

Marzia’s fans believe she has had more plastic surgery than she let on. 
Image Source: Twitter

Marzia Kjellberg, for one, has never admitted to the several nose jobs she has definitely had. Some fans have a theory that she got plastic surgery to remove the bump on her face way before she met Felix, her husband. A lot of people were unaware that she had this procedure because the pictures of her with her old large nose with that bump are all deleted now and only a few of them can be found.

Then, Marzia followed that with another nose job. She claims to have gotten that plastic surgery because of her ‘breathing issues’, ‘deviated septum’, and whatnot, which is the go-to excuse for people who don’t want to admit they had cosmetic surgery. But fans think she got it because she was not happy with her first rhinoplasty. So, on the second attempt, her nose became even more straight and less bumpy afterward.

However, the end result did not look very good. The surgeon messed up her nose on the second try as well. So, Marzia Kjellberg got plastic surgery on her nose again for the third time. The third time’s the charm and now, her nose is a lot smaller, narrower, and button-like. There’s no signs of the bump that used to be on her nose. It’s all straight now. Much more aesthetic than it was before.

Besides the several nose jobs, Marzia also obviously got cheek fillers and lip fillers. Though they don’t really qualify as plastic surgery, they are cosmetic procedures and they did alter her face. In her Instagram story, she said that she got lip fillers done to ‘correct an asymmetry’ but if she was speaking the truth then, she got more than her desired effect. Because her lips are now bigger than ever and no, it’s not lip liner. Her lips are more voluminous and not just the lipstick part. This is something that can be achieved only with lip injections and not with makeup.

Marzia said that she got lip fillers to correct her facial asymmetry.

Marzia said that she got lip fillers to correct her facial asymmetry.
Image Source: The Verge

And Marzia also looks like she got fillers in her cheekbones as well. They used to be relatively flat in some of her older pictures but now they are very high up and prominent too. She really got plastic surgery to get herself a new face that way. Some fans highly suspect that she got chin fillers to correct that asymmetry she’s always talking about. Some doubt that and counter that she wouldn’t get injections on her chin as that would be counterproductive because she already has a very square, masculine face with a very strong face.

Marzia Kjellberg was also suspected of getting fillers on her jaw after she came out of quarantine with a much longer face. Fans thought that was because of her fillers dissolving as she didn’t get to get the procedure done during the lockdown. Some believed that she looked like she had a long face because she got a part of her jaw shaved off because it looked too big for her face. People also think that she had Botox injections as a preventive measure and not a corrective measure.

However, there are some fans who think that it’s not plastic surgery (fillers) that makes Marzia’s face look like that. They think that she has a narrower and sharper face now because she lost weight.