Matt Rife’s Plastic Surgery: Did The Comedian Have a Glow-Up or Did He Get Cosmetic Procedures? Check Out His Before and After Pictures!


Matt Rife's Plastic Surgery: Did The Comedian Have a Glow-Up or Did He Get Cosmetic Procedures? Check Out His Before and After Pictures!

Matt Rife has been at the center of plastic surgery speculations ever since he hit puberty and got a magical glow-up, which people don’t believe is natural. Fans suspect he has had Botox, a facelift, a jawline modeling procedure, buccal fat removal, and lip fillers. Matt Rife has never confirmed having any of these plastic surgery procedures and sticking to the glow-up theory. Fans seek before and after pictures.

Matt Rife is an American comedian and actor who is best known for his self-produced comedy special Only Fans. He can be also recognized for the appearance he made on the comedy competition series Bring the Funny in 2019. He advanced to the Semi-Final Showcase but was eliminated in week 8.

As an actor, he is most recognized for his guest roles on the sketch comedy and improv game show series Wild N’ Out and as Brandon Bliss on the comedy television series Brooklyn Nine-Nine. People also know him as Logan from the sitcom television series Fresh Off the Boat.

Besides acting and comedy, Matt Rife also does the job of ghost-hunting and is a paranormal investigator featured on the Youtube channel Overnight. He signed with Creative Artists Agency (CAA). He recently released a self-titled Matthew Steven Rife on Valentine’s Day.

He has been the subject of plastic surgery speculations ever since he hit puberty and had a dramatic change in his appearance. It’s not unheard of that people get a glow-up after hitting puberty but in his case, his fans cannot help but suspect he has had some cosmetic procedures, especially on his jawline that could cut. Is it truly glow-up or something more? Let’s find out about Matt Rife’s plastic surgery!

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Matt Rife’s Plastic Surgery: Fans Suspect The Actor’s Glow-Up is Botox, a Facelift, and a Jawline Remodeling Surgery; They Seek His Before and After Pictures!

Matt Rife (@mattrife) is believed to have undergone plastic surgery to remodel the structure of his face by getting his jawline sharpened. Besides jawline surgery, he is also suspected of having Botox, a facelift, lip fillers, and buccal fat removal. Fans don’t believe the drastic change in his appearance is just a glow-up.

Though Matt Rife is a hunk and has the stature of one with broad shoulders, a strong chest, and those sharp jawlines that could cut, he is still very young. He is only 27 but that has not made him immune to the plastic surgery allegations. In fact, he had been at the center of discussion of cosmetic surgery ever since he came out looking extremely different after puberty. He had a major glow-up and some people just don’t believe that it was natural.

Like fans suspect the comedian has had Botox even though he’s too young to be needing it anytime soon. Matt Rife is not at the age of worrying about wrinkles but “his forehead is just too smooth for it to be natural” is what some people say. Also, “he doesn’t ever frown because it doesn’t look like he can do that because of the anti-wrinkle injection.” They also think he has had a facelift. That’s too invasive and a risky plastic surgery procedure for anyone that young who doesn’t even need it.

You can see where they are coming from. It’s that d*mn jawline. That strong and that sharp that it looks like it was sculpted by the gods only people believe that they are sculpted by doctors. It’s possible that Matt Rife just had a major glow-up but some fans just don’t believe that kind of jawline just happens without plastic surgery. You wouldn’t know it until you saw it. His jawline is extremely prominent and the best feature on his face. Also, his cheeks have that hollow look that suggests buccal fat removal.

Matt Rife has spoken about his jawline in one of his comedic films. He explained how puberty shaped his jawline to look that sharp and how that was his major glow-up and how he started being treated differently ever since his appearance changed. He did one improvised stand-up when he was 18 and looked like a normal teen and disappeared for a while to make his return at 21 with a honed jawline. People just didn’t buy that it was a glow-up and not plastic surgery.

Matt Rife is also believed to have his lips injected because of how voluptuous and full his lips are. He didn’t have thin lips to begin with but it was never thick like that before his glow-up. Just check out his before and after pictures and you will see the difference.

Matt Rife has never confirmed having all these plastic surgery procedures and till he does, these are just speculations. The only thing he’s ever admitted to is getting veneers on his teeth.

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