Matty Healy’s Teeth: Taylor Swift Fans Mock Matt For Having Crooked Teeth!


Matty Healy has crooked teeth which are not the brightest and Taylor Swift fans are mocking him about it.

Matty Healy does not have the nicest and the straightest teeth and Taylor Swift’s fans are mocking him about it. The lead vocalist of 1975 has crooked teeth which are not very bright white like Americans deem attractive because of his love of cigarettes and red wine. Many fans even joke that Matty Healy should not be allowed to date anyone until he fixes his teeth.

After last month, there are only a handful of people who don’t know who Matty Healy is. He has never been as famous, or should I say infamous, as he has been in the recent time after he began a romantic relationship with Taylor Swift. Not that he was catapulted from obscurity to this level of popularity with his relationship status but nobody can deny that he has never gained this kind of relevancy ever before he was linked to Taylor.

I mean, Matt is famous in his own right because he has a music career of his own. In fact, he first came to prominence as the lyricist and the lead vocalist of the pop-rock band The 1975 he formed with his schoolmates Ross MacDonald, Adam Hann, and George Daniel in 2002. The band became popular in 2013 when they released their self-titled studio album. They have released four albums since then with each of them topping the UK Albums Chart and garnering critical acclaim as well.

As a part of the band, Matt Healy has been the recipient of four Brit Awards and two Ivor Novello Awards including Songwriter of the Year. He has also received two nominations for the Mercury Prize and Grammy Awards. He has a flourishing career but that’s not why people are talking about him these days. The credit for his fame and his relevancy in recent months goes to his relationship with Taylor Swift.

When the news that Taylor has begun a new romantic relationship with him after her break-up with Joe Alwyn broke out, all h*ll broke loose. Swifties were not happy with her choice because Matt is not very well-liked among the general public because of his controversial nature. By dating Swift, he provoked Swifties who began to attack him and mock him about his teeth. There has been more discourse about Matty Healy’s teeth than about his career in the past month!

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What’s Up With Matty Healy’s Teeth? Is It That Bad as Swifties Make It Out to Be?

Matty Healy has crooked teeth which are not very white. Matty Healy has crooked teeth which are not very white.
Image Source: Vulture

Never has Matty Healy caused as much outrage as he did when he started dating Taylor Swift, not when he did the Nazi salute, not when he mocked Ice Spice, and not even when he revealed he got off to abuse porn that brutalized black women, and never has he been called out for his racist, sexist, and anti-semitic remarks like he is being called out now by Swifties. Even now, some really justifiable points against him are being drowned out by remarks about his appearance, especially his teeth.

Matt has been the target of relentless mocking and bullying from Taylor Swift fans, most of whom are making fun of the way he looks and body-shaming him about his teeth. So, yeah, he doesn’t have the best and the brightest teeth. They are not very straight either. And there will be many people who say that he doesn’t have the nicest and most captivating smile because well, he does not.

Matty Healy has crooked teeth and a crossbite. Two of his front teeth bend inward and of course, Americans think that’s very unattractive. Also, in some of his pictures, his teeth appear to be every other color than white which Swifties think is the most repulsive thing ever. His smile does not show that he has great dental health and it seemed to have brought down his appearance. At least, that’s what Taylor Swift fans are claiming. Somebody even said that Swift went from the ocean-blue eyes of Joe Alwyn to the sunset teeth of Matt Healy.

Matty Healy’s Teeth Are Bad According to American Standards Only!

Matt Healy has mentioned something about fixing his teeth in his song She's American. Matt Healy has mentioned fixing his teeth in his song She’s American.
Image Source: The New York Times

But then stans are never known to have unbiased opinions about anything. If you ask The 1975 fans to describe Matty Healy, they wouldn’t leave out his teeth but they would not make fun of it. Like Daily Mail, they would talk about how he boasts British teeth, stained by his loves of cigarettes and red wine. Maybe it’s just the difference in perspective between those who love him and who hate him, or between Americans and British.

Americans are obsessed with their teeth in a way that the British aren’t, maybe because unlike in Britain, public healthcare has full coverage for dental care which is not restricted to services and treatments that are “clinically necessary” for maintaining dental health. Maybe that’s why Matty Healy’s teeth got more heat than they deserved. Perhaps he should have fixed his teeth before he started dating America’s sweetheart. He mentioned something about that in She’s American because as he said in an interview, there are nuances in the courting process between American girls and British boys and teeth are a big currency in America.