Maya Jama’s Weight Loss: How Did She Lose Weight?


Maya Jama has undergone a noticeable weight loss over the last three years.

Maya Jama has undergone a noticeable weight loss over the last three years. In 2020, the Love Island host used to be trolled often for being ‘obese’ whereas now, she is complimented for being fit and shapely. Fans are curious to know what diet and workout regimes did Maya Jama follow that led her to weight loss.

Maya Jama is back to hosting Love Island and fans are delighted to see her back on the screen. They were especially looking forward to seeing her again because she had sparked a frenzied fan reaction ahead of the season’s first episode when she posted a carousel of jaw-dropping pictures of herself on her Instagram. People had almost forgotten how gorgeous she looked so, she must have posted that as a reminder.

Fans also noticed that the television star looked much slimmer than the last time they saw her and that she had had a weight loss. Because she looked perfect from every angle, fans want her to spill her diet and workout regime. Let’s find everything there is to know about Maya Jama’s weight loss!

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Has Maya Jama Had a Weight Loss?

Maya Jama (@mayajama) appears to have undergone a noticeable weight loss over the past three years. She has a much slimmer figure now and looks much fitter than she did before.

Maya Jama has had a noticeable weight loss over the last three years. Maya Jama has had a noticeable weight loss over the last three years.
Image Source: Hello Magazine

In the recent picture Maya Jama shared, the one that had everyone gaping in awe, she was wearing a skintight maxi dress featuring alternating panels of slinky white and sheer mesh material. She modeled her dress to perfection in a bold red lip and minimal jewelry as she posed aboard a lavish yacht in that glam pic and her followers couldn’t take their eyes off her. She looked great and her figure in that body-hugging dress looked perfect. Her slim figure sparked weight loss speculations about her because she was not that fit before and for that, she used to be trolled for being “obese.”

Not that Maya Jama was less than perfect before but because she was not slim and fit back then as she is now, she was often mocked and bullied online. People used to make hateful comments about her weight because she was an easy target which is to say she was not size 0. It was crazy that people went after her for her size just because she was not model-thin. Now, after weight loss, she has a very model-like figure, and that has shut the trolls up, not that she deserved to be targeted by them in the first place, however.

The radio DJ now looks perfect from every angle but some fans are concerned that she felt the need to have weight loss and be more shapely because she was affected by what the online trolls said about her weight. She never had extra weight to lose but yet, here we are. Besides, in a 2020 interview, when she was asked if she preferred having a fuller figure, she said that her weight had always fluctuated and she was happy accepting herself the way she was.

My weight has always been up and down. Being on a public platform, people just love to comment on it. My ideal body type has never been size 0. Everyone just puts their opinions on you, but I’m actually happy how I am. I don’t need people’s opinions. I’m happier how I am now – I’m accepting myself how I am.

Maya Jama used to be trolled for being obese in the past. Maya Jama used to be trolled for being obese in the past.
Image Source: Vogue

If Maya Jama really had accepted herself the way she was, why would she have weight loss? She was already slim, she just didn’t have a model-like figure back then. Besides, when an online troll brought it up in her comment section that she was getting fat and gaining weight and asked her to take care of her body, she hit back saying that she was getting bigger because she had been trying to gain weight.

Looks like the Radio 1 presenter stopped trying to gain weight and instead embarked on a weight loss journey. Whether she did it intentionally to get slimmer because she wanted to shut the trolls up or whether it just happened because of the lifestyle changes she may have made, she has lost weight and gotten slimmer now. She looks incredible and fans want to know her diet plan and workout regimes because like I said, Maya Jama looks perfect.

What Diet and Workout Regimes of Maya Jama Led to Her Weight Loss?

Maya Jama often posts snaps of herself working out in the gym. While she maintains that she isn’t trying to gain or lose weight with her workout routine and is simply trying to get stronger, it cannot be ignored that she underwent a noticeable weight loss and her daily routine surely has a role in her weight fluctuation.

The Love Island host once shared her vigorous workout plan which included three sets of the burpee, jumping squats and planks (20 seconds with an interval of 40 seconds), followed by seated shoulder presses and squats (three sets of ten reps), and then crunches (three rounds of 20 seconds with an interval of 40 seconds), and press-ups (three sets of ten reps). While the above workout routine was temporary and she still doesn’t do it, many have come to believe this is what first began to lead her to weight loss.

Maya Jama works out three to four days a week and does boxing once a week for an hour. Maya Jama works out three to four days a week and does boxing once a week for an hour.
Image Source: Variety

As for Maya Jama’s current exercise schedule, she works out three to four days a week. Once a week, she does a one-hour boxing workout with her trainer Bradley Simmonds. She also does some cardio after warming up with a run or fast walk on the treadmill. This routine might be helping her maintain her weight loss even if she is not specifically following it to lose weight.

As for her diet, while she often has McDonald’s for breakfast, she goes for granola, yogurt, and banana if she is not busy. She also said that there’s only canned red wine, celery, Actimel, and yogurt in her fridge. So, we can say she is semi-careful with her diet.

Also, it’s not just her diet and workout regime that are to be credited with her toned physique and weight loss. Maya Jama is also known to treat herself to body toning treatments on her thighs and stomach to tighten and tone her muscles.