Mel Sexton’s Weight Loss: Should Ozempic and Obesity Go Hand in Hand? She Lost 45 Kgs in Just 6 Months!


Mel Sexton's Weight Loss: Should Ozempic and Obesity Go Hand in Hand? She Lost 45 Kgs in Just 6 Months!

Mel Sexton underwent a significant weight loss of 45 kgs in just six months after she began using Ozempic. Ozempic was a blessing for her because she had tried everything from calorie counting, and moderating to starving herself but nothing had ever worked for her. And Mel Sexton was hopeless when she reached 163 kgs. So, even though people argue that medication should not be used to treat obesity because it’s expensive and it can be hard to get off, Mel Sexton is not going to be deterred from using Ozempic for weight loss.

Obesity is one of the most prevalent health problems right now. It is significantly growing in North America, Europe, and Australia. These days, the battle with obesity is turning out to be the toughest one. Because of some physiological or hormonal causes, once people get past the point of being obese, they can’t really reverse it. Meaning that no matter how hard they work to lose weight, they cannot sustain their weight loss at all. So, it’s great to hear a successful weight loss story like Mel Sexton‘s.

People have been resorting to drugs to lose weight and solve the problem of obesity. Ozempic is one of the most popular medication drugs used to treat obesity. The use of this drug has become controversial because it was created to treat diabetes and now, the rise in the number of people has caused a shortage that has only impacted the people who truly need it. The conversation about whether obesity is a disease and requires medications is going on. There are a lot who are inclined to treat it as a disease that requires medication. Learn more about that through Mel Sexton’s weight loss story!

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Mel Sexton’s Weight Loss: She Dropped to 45 Kgs from 163 Kgs After the Use of Ozempic!

If there’s one thing the world taught Mel Sexton when she was young, it was that the oversized people didn’t matter because the world never accounted for them. It was as if they didn’t exist. She remembered how her mother had to put two school dresses and sew them together because a dress her size was not available. It had never been easy for her because of her size and the attitude of the world toward people like her did no favors for her. She was not looking at a happy time unless she had a weight loss.

And not that Mel Sexton didn’t try to solve her problem, not that she didn’t starve herself to lose weight to be happy about her size for a change, not that she didn’t suffer from disordered eating, but even then, she didn’t lose weight like she had hoped. No matter what she did, it just didn’t work. Weight loss seemed virtually impossible for her. With no solution to the biggest problem in her life, she felt suicidal.

I felt like if I can’t do anything about my weight, why am I here? Nothing I do is working so why bother? Then it got to the point, just eat whatever I want and don’t go out. I would just be at home and I would watch the reality show My 600-lb Life on TV and I swore I didn’t want to be like that. They’re bedbound. It’s scary. I’d rather be dead. Watching it was a bit torturing myself, but I just don’t want that life. 

Mel Sexton thought she was doomed to live her life like that. She had hit 163 kgs which was no joke. And she was getting older which meant that weight loss would be even harder than before. But then, her life changed completely when she began taking the diabetic drug Ozempic. She shed 45 pounds in just six months and is faring much well now. She doesn’t have to worry about overeating anymore because food may have been an addiction for her before but now, there are no cravings at all. She said that she’s gone from having burgers for lunch to making a salad with tuna or salmon.

Ozempic brought about a revolutionary change to solve obesity but since it’s foremost a diabetes drug, a lot of people claim that using Ozempic for weight loss is hijacking it from those people who truly need it. It has opened up a conversation about whether or not to treat obesity as a disease requiring medications because the shortage in supply of the drug has resulted in a situation to determine the urgency of the need for drugs to lose weight and to treat diabetes.

The Australian Medical Association refuses to recognize obesity as a disease because as per the President of the AMA, “there is no conceivable way human genetics have changed in any meaningful way over just the last 50 years. So, the rising rates of obesity have to be about nurture.” South Australia’s Lieutenant Governor James Muecke weighed in and said that the pharmaceutical industry would obviously step in if obesity is treated as a disease because then, people can have all the junk food and ultra-processed food and make it go away with a tablet.

However, doctors treating obesity beg to differ and point out that significant and sustainable weight loss remains elusive because various fundamental hormonal and metabolic factors come into play so that no amount of dieting and exercise ever truly work. It was not as simple as calories in, calories out, or eat less, move more. Mel Sexton struggled with weight loss when she tried to follow that way.

Our old doctor when he first met him, he was like, ‘Look at the size of you, you need to lose weight.’ They never gave you the tools to do that. You can get to the point of starving yourself and you’re still overweight. I would try to only eat 800 calories a day or only eating once a day. I’ve tried just not eating at all. I thought the less I ate, I’d start to lose weight. I’ve tried eating then vomiting. I would be constantly calorie counting. Nothing worked. 

With nothing working to lose weight in a world where obesity is a stigma, despite the celebration of the body positivity movement, because of no representation of their sizes, many people have no choice but to take Ozempic. Mel Sexton knows the feeling too well. She says that she would love to have the perception that her size doesn’t matter but she doesn’t. And when even moving around is difficult, weight loss becomes a top priority and you can’t bring yourself to care when people claim that you are ‘hijacking’ medications for diabetes because obesity is a health problem too and the one that can be solved by Ozempic.

So, even though there are points about how the model of using medications like Ozempic for weight loss should be rejected because once people get into the spiral of medicating, it’s hard to get off and besides, those drugs are phenomenally expensive, people like Mel Sexton is not going to be deterred from taking Ozempic because the medication is not just an expense to them, but it is also a better life and better health. It not only radically alters their health but also changes the small things that nobody could ever see. Mel Sexton says,

Getting in and out of the shower now, I don’t have to stand sideways. Those little winds are starting to really show. I’ve never liked myself. But I can look in the mirror now. I feel amazing. I can box now for nearly five minutes without stopping and without needing Ventolin. Before, I would throw maybe 30 punches, and then have to sit down.

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