Melissa Rivers’ Plastic Surgery 2022: Following the Steps of Her Mother, Joan Rivers!


Melissa Rivers’ Plastic Surgery 2022: Following the Steps of Her Mother, Joan Rivers!

Melissa Rivers, the daughter of iconic Joan Rivers, has undergone plastic surgery to enhance her beauty. Just like her mother, who is reported to have done over 350 cosmetic procedures, Mellisa always followed the steps of her mother and wanted to be like her. A nose job, breast implantation, and cheek & lip augmentation are among her many plastic surgeries by 2022. Go through the article to know more about Melissa Rivers’ plastic surgery journey.

Melissa Rivers is an American actress, television producer, and television personality who was born on January 20, 1968. Joan Rivers, a comedian and television host, and Edgar Rosenberg, a producer, are her parents. From 1996 until 2004, Rivers co-hosted the E! network’s Live from the Red Carpet coverage of award presentations and other events.

Melissa also appeared on The View and The Talk as a guest co-host. She co-hosted Fashion Police on E! in 2014 alongside her mother, who previously hosted the show from 2002 to 2004. She has appeared in television shows such as Beverly Hills, 90210, Silk Stalkings, and The Comeback as an actress. She also starred in the made-for-television sci-fi/comedy Men in White in 1998 and the comedy The Big Tease in 1999, directed by Kevin Allen and starring Craig Ferguson.

Recently, there have been lots of gossip around the internet about her appearance. Many believe Melissa Rivers has undergone plastic surgery to enhance her beauty. Let’s find out the truth.

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Melissa Rivers’ Plastic Surgery 2022: Nose Job, Breast Implantation, Cheek Augmentation & More!

Thanks to a series of plastic surgeries, Melissa Rivers (@melissariversofficial) is transforming into her late mother Joan Rivers.  According to cosmetic surgeon Dr. John Zannis, the 54-year-old’s wrinkle-free face is becoming the spitting image of Joan’s tighter mug, and it’s thanks to a series of surgeries. He says,

“She appears to have had several procedures similar to her mom, including an eyelid lift, brow lift, face-lift, and rhinoplasty.”

According to a source, Melissa misses her nip/tuck-loving mother so much that she’s having plastic surgery to look even more like her, who has had over 350 cosmetic procedures. Her resemblance to Joan is now so remarkable that she was able to make a cameo in the Oscar-nominated film, Joy, in 2015.

Melissa Rivers’ mother was her role model, having virtually created and given her a profession, and her mother, who was obsessed with plastic surgery, had passed on her obsession with surgery to her. She tried to be like her mother in every way, including her appearance, as she grew up feeling like an unattractive duck.

Dr. Zannis, who has not treated Melissa, says that she looks good and recommends a revision of her nose. He believes there are noticeable bumps and some crookedness that should be corrected.

Melissa initially denied ever having a nose job or any other cosmetic procedure, but in 2009, she confessed that as a teenager, she had her breasts expanded and her nose fixed, as well as she also did Botox.

According to a source, the Fashion Police star and her late mother underwent plastic surgery to help them overcome their low self-esteem. Melissa, ironically, once planned a plastic surgery operation for Joan, who was 78 at the time.

Melissa Rivers is also thought to have had cheek augmentation, and based on her appearance, she may have also had fillers like Restylane and Juvederm in addition to Botox. Sagging lips is one of the signs of aging. Melissa Rivers is said to undergo cheek implants to keep her lips in place. Although attractive, such cheek implants may appear bumpy.

Melissa Rivers’ grin highlights the existence of incredible foreign experiences within her cheeks. Her lips appear larger and more attractive than in prior photos. Heaviness loss or skin lotions cannot account for such a drastic change. Melissa Rivers most likely did an outstanding job matching her lips.

Overall, Melissa Rivers’ silence today appears to be mostly natural. But at the rate she’s going for plastic surgeries, it’s just a matter of time before she tackles her late mother Joan Rivers’ chemical surgery name. As they say, offspring are identical to their mothers.

Melissa Rivers on Adopting a Child at 54, “It Would Be Fair to a Child.”

Melissa Rivers provides an update on welcoming another child to her family. The 54-year-old actress and television host shared her sentiments about adopting a child on the podcast, Behind The Velvet Rope, saying that her feelings have evolved in a new direction. Rivers told,

“A lot of people told me how incredibly difficult it would be for me to do. I’m over 50. I’m a single person … I’m sure I could make it work, but I’ve really come to the conclusion that I’m not sure it would be fair to a child. You know, I’m not a hundred percent sure that it would be fair. Am I completely out of the market? No.” 

Rivers has a 21-year-old son named Edgar Cooper Endicott with her ex-husband John Endicott. They married in 1998 and divorced in 2003. Rivers stated she has been considering adoption for years in August of 2021.

Melissa Rivers also informed that she regrets not preserving her eggs when she was younger, as her late mother, legendary comic Joan Rivers, advised her to do.

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