Michael B. Jordan Plastic Surgery: Look at His Face Before and After Jaw Surgery!


Michael B Jordan is believed to have had plastic surgery, jaw surgery and chin implant specifically. houseandwhips.com

Michael B. Jordan has an extremely gorgeous face it’s unreal so, lots of people are inclined to believe he has had plastic surgery. Fans seek his before and after pictures. Looking at those, it seems as though he had jaw surgery and/or chin implants because he had a recessive chin with a weak jawline before but now he has a very strong chin and defined jawline. Michael B. Jordan couldn’t have looked that way without plastic surgery.

Michael B. Jordan is one of the most attractive actors in America. He has such a gorgeous face it’s unreal. He had everyone swooning over him with his very first movie and went on to get everyone hooked on him more and more with his film roles as boxer Adonis Creed in Creed and Erik Killmonger in Black Panther. They heaped praises on his performance and how great he looked in movies such as Chronicle, That Awkard Moment, Fantastic Four, and Just Mercy.

In 2020, he was named People‘s Sexist Man Alive. (Only in 2020?) That same year and this year as well (2023), Time magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world. He was also ranked 15th on the list of the 25 greatest actors of the 21st century by The New York Times.

He is very popular and gorgeous and this combo will never not lead to there being plastic surgery speculations about him. His fans would want to know if he is naturally blessed to look that great or if he took matters into his own hands with the aid of cosmetic procedures. The latter seems to be the truth but then maybe not. Let’s discuss Michael B. Jordan’s plastic surgery, jaw surgery to be specific!

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Did Michael B. Jordan Have Plastic Surgery?

It would really be unfair to other people if Michael B. Jordan (@michaelbjordan) looked that gorgeous naturally because why just him and not them? So, it would be a little consolation to them if they learned that he had had the aid of plastic surgery. So, hear me out, people, when I say that he’s most likely had jaw surgery and/or chin implants, and look at his before and after pictures.

Michael B. Jordan is believed to have had plastic surgery on his chin and jaw. houseandwhips.comMichael B. Jordan is believed to have had plastic surgery on his chin and jaw.
Image Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Maybe it might have escaped everyone’s notice because very few look at the side profile to see if there have been any changes in the face if it wasn’t for an Instagram user @igfamousbydana posting his before and after pictures and detailing his jaw surgery. But there was a post on it and many were glad to find out that Jordan possibly had to have plastic surgery to look the way he did (nobody would like it if his gorgeousness was real).

According to the post, Michael B. Jordan has most likely had a cheek implant and orthognathic jaw realignment surgery which completely changed his face. It sure looked that way because, in the before picture, he had a very weak chin, so recessive he almost looked chinless in the side profile. Also, the apples of his cheek were very flat and his jaws looked non-existent. It must be because of plastic surgery that he doesn’t look the same way and has changed drastically in the chin, cheeks, and jaw.

Now, Michael B. Jordan does not have the same weak chin. He has a very strong chin that protrudes in the perfect way and his cheekbones are high too. And his jawline looks very defined as well. He still has an overbite but not as before. The very obvious difference in his face has led people to believe that he has gotten cheek implants, a chin implant, and jaw realignment surgery. His entire jaw position has improved and it can’t have happened without plastic surgery.

Michael B. Jordan’s Plastic Surgery: Fans Seek His Before and After Jaw Surgery Pics!

That post started a lot of heated discussions about Michael B. Jordan‘s plastic surgery, his jaw surgery to be specific with many trolling him for having a weak chin before and his fans defending him saying that he was all-natural. While one said that they were stunned to realize after so long that Jordan used to walk around with his mouth connecting to his neck directly with no chin in between till he bought a new chin and got a beard, his fans countered that he just lost baby fats as he grew up after which his chins looked prominent.

Michael B. Jordan's before and after pictures show that he has had chin implants and jaw surgery. houseandwhips.comMichael B. Jordan’s before and after pictures show that he has had chin implants and jaw surgery.
Image Source: ABC News

Yeah, on looking at his before and after pictures, you might think that his plastic surgery cannot go unmissed but there are lots of his fans who are adamant that he has not had any. According to them, the difference in his jawline in the side profiles only looks so dramatic because the before pic is of him without a beard whereas the after pic is with it and a beard can completely change a man’s face.

To them, Michael B. Jordan looks pretty much the same. Nothing dramatic in how he has changed because you can apparently tell that he’s worked out (on his face and jaw?) and grown facial hair to hide his weak chin. And besides, his jaw does not even look different, there’s just less baby fat on his face which has made his jawline look more defined. No plastic surgery at all.

People who believe that Michael B. Jordan has not had plastic surgery have been termed delusional by people who do. You can just tell from the discussions that they want to shake the non-believers to sense and tell them that chin does not magically grow forward as you grow up and beards cannot make that drastic difference. So, he has most certainly had a chin implant and a jaw reconstructive surgery. It’s always back and forth between these two types of people.

Note that Michael B. Jordan has never admitted to having plastic surgery and made no acknowledgments of speculations about him having jaw surgery.