Michelle Yeoh’s Plastic Surgery: How Does The Oscar Winner Look So Young at 60? Is It Skincare or Is It Botox and a Facelift?


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Michelle Yeoh's Plastic Surgery: How Does The Oscar Winner Look So Young at 60? Is It Skincare or Is It Botox and a Facelift?

Michelle Yeoh is suspected of having plastic surgery after she appeared at the 2023 Oscars looking much younger than her 60 years. Fans wonder if the Everything Everywhere All at Once star has had Botox and a facelift to retain her youthful skin and flawless complexion. Michelle Yeoh has not yet acknowledged these plastic surgery speculations but she has, in the past, discussed her skincare routine which might be the reason she looks so young.

Michelle Yeoh (born Yeoh Choo Kheng) is a Malaysian actress. She used to be known as Michelle Khan in her early days and she rose to fame in the 1990s after she starred in a series of Hong Kong action films where she performed her own stunts, such as Yes, Madam, Magnificent Warriors, Police Story 3: Supercop, The Heroic Trio, and Holy Weapon.

She rose to international stardom when she played the Bond girl in the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies and in Ang Lee‘s martial arts film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. She was even nominated for the BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her performance in the latter. Michelle Yeoh recently won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of an overwhelmed mother navigating the multiverse in Everything Everywhere All at Once and made history by being the first Asian to win the award. She was also the second woman of color to win the award and the first Malaysian to win an Academy Award in any category.

Her making history by winning the most prestigious award in Hollywood has shone the spotlight on her and well, now, it has sparked plastic surgery speculations because of how young she looks. She is 60, but can you even tell? She could pass off as a woman decades younger than her. Is looking that young at 60 even natural or is that the result of cosmetic surgery? Her fans have begun to wonder if she underwent some anti-aging procedures. Let’s find out more about Michelle Yeoh’s plastic surgery!

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Michelle Yeoh’s Plastic Surgery: Some Fans Suspect Botox and a Facelift is The Secret of Her Youthful Face While Others Believe It’s Just Skincare!

Michelle Yeoh (@michelleyeoh_official) has become the latest target of plastic surgery speculations following her appearance at the 2023 Oscars where she looked absolutely radiant and glowing when she accepted the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in Everything Everywhere All at Once. She looked much younger than her years and some people think that it might be because of Botox or a facelift.

Because plastic surgery is very common in Hollywood these days, there’s nobody here that can escape the speculations about cosmetic surgery. Even Michelle Yeoh is no exception to that. In fact, she’s now more prone to such discussions because of her youthful and fresh looks. She is absolutely stunning and because she’s in her 60s, people just cannot accept that she can look that way naturally.

There are no visible indications that Michelle Yeoh had plastic surgery as an anti-aging procedure. Like she does not have too smooth skin and a shiny forehead which might suggest that she has had Botox and her face isn’t super tight and she does not possess a snatched look like she has undergone a facelift. She looks very natural but still, people believe she has had some work done.

However, not all people blindly believe that Michelle Yeoh has undergone plastic surgery just because she looks much younger than her years. They think that her youthful face might have something to do with her skincare routine. Also, take into account the fact that she is an Asian woman who is known for aging more gracefully, and by gracefully, I mean more slowly.

The actress has not yet acknowledged plastic surgery speculations about herself. So, we can’t be certain whether Michelle Yeoh has had Botox and a facelift or not but we sure do know that she follows a healthy skincare routine. In 2019, she shared that she used a two-step duo of Augustinus Bader moisturizer and Tatcha smoothing essence to create glowing skin.

Michelle Yeoh also revealed in 2014 that she gets maximum protection from the sun. She used to suntan back in the ’80s when it was trendy to do so but upon realizing that she had aged her skin in doing so, she stopped tanning and started wearing sunscreen. Now, she does not go anywhere without slapping on sunscreen first. She loves SPF and that might be the reason – not plastic surgery -why her skin looks so great, thus making her look young and fresh.

So, really, it might not be plastic surgery after all. Besides, Michelle Yeoh also uses a sheet mask once a day. Her makeup artist Sabrina Bedrani confirmed that the Memoirs of a Geisha star is very, very good about her skincare and she wears a mask and eye patches every day. She also said that Yeoh is known to keep her skin incredibly hydrated.

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