Mike Pouncey’s Weight Loss: How Did The Former Football Center Lose 70 Pounds?


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Mike Pouncey's Weight Loss: How Did The Former Football Center Lose 70 Pounds?

Mike Pouncey has undergone a significant weight loss of 70 pounds after he retired from football. The former football center weighed about 300 pounds, standing at 6’5″ feet, and looked formidable before he left the league. Now Mike Pouncey has had a massive transformation and no longer looks as intimidating after the weight loss.

Mike Pouncey is a former American football center. He played for ten seasons in the National Football League (NFL). He went to the University of Florida where he played college football. He was also a member of a BCS National Championship team and he earned All-American honors. His professional career in football started after he was selected 15th overall by the Miami Dolphins in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft.

He played seven seasons with the Dolphins and during those seasons, he earned three Pro Bowl bids. After that, Mike Pouncey signed with the Los Angeles Chargers, where he played for three years. The final three seasons of his career were with the Chargers. He made one more Pro Bowl with the Chargers before he announced his retirement alongside his twin brother Maurkice Pouncey in 2021.

After retirement, he seems to have changed his way of living, well, at least his eating habit, as appears from his major transformation. He has undergone significant weight loss since he retired and right now, he has been making headlines with his new appearance. Now that he no longer plays, he no longer looks formidable and intimidating as he did before. Let’s learn more about Mike Pouncey’s weight loss!

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Mike Pouncey’s Weight Loss: The Former NFL Lineman Eats Like a Rabbit Now Whereas He Used to Eat Like a Pig Before!

Mike Pouncey (@mikepouncey) has revealed that he underwent a substantial weight loss of 70 pounds since he retired from football. He has massively transformed after he made his retirement.

Mike Pouncey was easily one of the most physically imposing offensive linemen in the NFL during his playing days. He stood 6’5″ feet tall and weighed nearly 300 pounds and looked incredibly massive. Now, he has had a significant physical transformation. He has lost 70 pounds and he looks almost unrecognizable. He does not look as formidable and intimidating, all thanks to his weight loss.

Mike Pouncey recently signed a one-day contract to officially retire as a member of the Dolphins and that was when his new appearance post-retirement was revealed. He made headlines when a lot of people were unable to recognize him because of how different he looked because of his weight loss. He looked nothing like he did during his playing days. Losing 70 pounds made all that difference. His fans were shocked at his transformation.

The former football player addressing the weight loss he had since he retired from football, shared that he, along with his twin brother Maurkice Pouncey who had also retired with him, had lost 70 pounds. Both of the brothers tip-toed around the 300-pound mark when they were playing. Since they stopped playing and left the league, they must have changed their way of living because they have trimmed down considerably.

Gone must be the intense workout routine and gym sessions Mike Pouncey had when he was a player. He must have changed his diet as well. He now weighs 228 pounds and he said the secret to a weight loss of that kind was “to stop eating like a lineman.” When someone remarked that he now eats ‘like rabbits’, he quipped that he ate like a pig when he played.

During a retirement celebration with the Miami Dolphins, talking about his weight loss, Mike Pouncey said,

I feel awesome. You know what it was, me and my brother retired at the same time. A lot of the times when you get so used to being in a routine, we just challenge ourselves and said, ‘Let’s drop this weight and see how fast we can do it.’ They ask all the time, ‘How do you guys eat?’ and I say, ‘Like rabbits.’ They say, ‘What do you mean?’ and I say, ‘Well back when we were playing, we ate like pigs.’

Mike Pouncey has not said anything about his weight loss except that he had started eating less. However, fans also suspect that he has stopped working out as much as he used to. And it all adds up because reports suggest that while the average offensive lineman needs to consume 6,200 to 6,500 calories per day during their peak to get them through a game, when they stop playing, they don’t need as much and they eat a lot less. And in accordance with their diet, they put less effort into the gym as they have less to burn off.

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