Miquita Oliver’s Weight Loss: Is It Due to Illness?


Miquita Oliver's Weight Loss: Is It Due to Illness? houseandwhips.com

Miquita Oliver’s weight loss journey did not happen overnight and it’s not due to illness. She has been concerned about her health since she was sixteen. Skipping has become her preferred form of exercise and active meditation. During the pandemic, she discovered that jumping is an excellent way to stay fit and healthy, and skipping has since become an important part of her mental and physical well-being.

The British television presenter/radio personality, Miquita Oliver has been in the public eye from a young age. She rose to prominence as the co-host of Channel 4’s Popworld with Simon Amstell from 2001 to 2006. Later, from 2006 to 2010, she was a T4 presenter and had her own show on 4Music called The Month With Miquita. She has also worked as a presenter on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 1Xtra. She appeared as herself in the four-part series 24 Hours in the Past in 2015.

Likewise, Oliver appeared on Celebrity Gogglebox with her mother, Andi Oliver, in the years 2021 and 2022. In 2022, they also appeared in the series The Caribbean with Andi and Miquita. She has been in the television industry for about 20 years & people remember her when she had a more muscular structure. Her significant weight loss has surprised fans and piqued their interest in her methods. Did she stick to a strict diet and workout routine to lose weight? What we know about her weight loss journey is as follows.

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Miquita Oliver’s Weight Loss: Skipping Has Become Her Preferred Form of Exercise and Active Meditation To Shed Pounds

Miquita Oliver’s (@miquitaoliver) weight loss transformation did not begin overnight. She has always been conscious about her health since she was 16. She has always been open about her weight fluctuation and believes many people experience similar fluctuations. Moreover, she doesn’t consider herself to be skinny despite popular belief. Miquite has reportedly enjoyed skipping since she was a teenager. She claims that skipping makes her feel younger and more positive.

Miquita Oliver's latest appearance following weight loss. houseandwhips.comMiquita Oliver’s latest appearance following weight loss.
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Moreover, she also admitted that she skips for 15 minutes every day. Skipping has become her preferred form of exercise and active meditation. She encourages others to join the skipping community on her Instagram handle. She discovered jumping is an excellent way to stay fit and healthy during the pandemic. Since then skipping has been an important part of her mental and physical well-being.

The 39-year-old radio personality’s personal trainer, Georgie encouraged her to add skipping into her workout routine. She increased her skipping routine by listening to music while skipping during her trainer’s absence. As a result, Miquita Oliver lost a significant amount of weight in two years and transformed her relationship with exercise, leading her to rediscover her love for sports.

The former radio host simply wanted to lose weight because everyone wants to have a perfect body, especially those in the entertainment industry. She has shared that experiencing body changes and fluctuation in front of the camera has always been challenging. However, the TV personality admits that it was all about releasing emotional baggage. She suddenly remembered how much she loved sports as a child, right up until 15 when she started presenting on television. There wasn’t much time to think about anything else. She used to enjoy everything, including football, tennis, badminton, and volleyball.

Miquita Oliver back in 2006 before weight loss with her friend Lily Allen. houseandwhips.comMiquita Oliver back in 2006 before weight loss with her friend Lily Allen.
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The British television presenter has been in the TV industry for over 20 years through her beautiful appearance and slim physique. She admits that she hates to have a fat body and go to work. Comparing her before and after photos, we can clearly notice she previously had a more muscular structure but now she has a more lean and slim body. Her current appearance indicates that she is approximately between 40-50 kg.

On the other hand, some internet users have expressed concern about her weight loss, speculating that it is the result of diet. Miquita Oliver claims that she didn’t follow a strict diet to maintain her weight apart from skipping as her preferred exercise. Additionally, there were also rumors that Oliver went through a weight loss surgery to shed pounds. However, we cannot confirm or deny the rumors about it. Meanwhile, she always had a slender physique. She has put in significant effort to stay in shape.

It is true that Miquita Oliver appears thinner than before which has led some fans also wonder if she is suffering from illness because of her major body changes. However, she is currently in good health and does not have any illness, and judging from her recent appearance she seems to be in good health.