Miranda Hart’s Weight Loss: How Did The Actress Lose Weight? How Much Does She Weigh Now? What’s Her Diet Plan and Workout Routine?

Derick Scholz

Miranda Hart's Weight Loss: How Did The Actress Lose Weight? How Much Does She Weigh Now? What's Her Diet Plan and Workout Routine?

Miranda Hart sparked weight loss speculations after she recently talked about being trolled for her weight gain which made people realize that for a few years, she had been looking much slimmer than she did before. Fans wanted to know her diet and workout plans. However, Miranda Hart said that she had not undergone weight loss and the only reason she looked skinny was that she was no longer wearing skinny jeans. 

Miranda Hart is an English actress and writer who can be most recognized for her self-driven semi-autobiographical BBC sitcom Miranda. The show, based on her earlier BBC Radio 2 radio series Miranda Hart’s Joke Shop, earned her three Royal Television  Society Awards, four British Comedy Awards, and four BAFTA nominations in the duration it ran (2009-2015).

She had previously appeared in various British sitcoms, including Hyperdrive and Not Going Out. She also played the role of Camilla “Chummy” Fortescue-Cholmondeley-Browne in the BBC drama series Call the Midwife from 2012 to 2015. She made her debut in Hollywood with the film Spy. She also has published four books, including Is It Just Me, The Best of Miranda, Peggy and Me, and Miranda Hart’s Daily Dose of Such Fun.

Throughout her career, she had often had weight fluctuations which people had not failed to notice. So, there are always a lot of fans who want all the deets about her weight gain and weight loss cycle. These days, she looks very slim which has made her fans think that she is on a journey to lose weight. They want to know her diet and workout routine. Let’s find out more about Miranda Hart’s weight loss!

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Miranda Hart’s Weight Loss: The Actress Said That She Only Looked Slim Because She Stopped Wearing Skinny Jeans!

Miranda Hart (@realmirandahart) looks a lot slimmer than when she was at her heaviest weight, which is why people have started to think that she must be on a weight loss journey. She has been looking like that for a while. Her weight does not seem to have fluctuated in some time but that could be because she is super tall and a little gain or loss won’t show easily on her body. The only time her weight gain was easily noticeable was when she looked pregnant. And now, she looks nothing like that, which is why fans suspect she has had a weight loss.

Just a few days ago, Miranda Hart shared a tweet expressing how she was shocked by the abuse and vitriol on Twitter even though it didn’t bother her when people said they deserve cancer because she looked unfunny or looked pregnant with weight gain.

I naively thought Twitter ‘abuse’ might’ve eased. It doesn’t bother me that someone says I deserve cancer coz I’m unfunny or look pregnant with weight gain. It’s the shock of how we treat each other. We all deserve & desire dignity so why do we forget to give that to fellow humans?

This tweet started a conversation surrounding the negativity and trolling culture that’s inescapable on Twitter these days and it also started a conversation about Miranda Hart’s weight loss. When she said that people used to troll her for her weight gain, they came to realize that it was a thing of the past because she looked very slim these days and she has lost a lot of weight since those days. They wanted to know her diet and workout routines because whatever she was doing was working for her.

However, Miranda Hart does not agree with the fans’ conclusion that she had had weight loss because as she said, the opposite is true. So, you are not going to get her diet plans and workout routine anytime soon because as per her own admission, she has not lost any weight. Remember when in 2021, she tweeted,

Although I find weight loss/gain one of the most boring subjects in the history of subjects, I think the reason people keep saying I’ve lost weight when the opposite is true, is because I no longer wear skinny jeans. Middle-aged advice. (Also, wear what you want, who gives a sh*t!)

Maybe the last time Miranda Hart actually embarked on a weight loss journey was in 2015 when she had not stopped wearing skinny jeans and still showed off a slimmer frame. Just a few years prior to that, she had spoken publicly about her ambitions to slim down because she was tired of feeling as though she was ‘wearing a fat suit.’ She had revealed back then that she was not big naturally, that she was lean so, whenever she put on weight, it did not feel right.

The Spy actress had gone with it for a bit and hadn’t even minded it, she said, but as she started to approach her 40s, she couldn’t feel unbothered about that and so, she decided to get it off for health’s sake and start a new decade feeling healthy. That is when she first embarked on her weight loss journey. However, she did not reveal what diet plan she followed and what workout she did to lose weight.

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