Mishal Husain’s Weight Loss: Has The Journalist Lost Weight?


Mishal Husain's Weight Loss: Has The Journalist Lost Weight?

Mishal Husain’s weight loss rumors have come out of nowhere to take over the internet. But is there any truth to the rumors? Has the BBC newsreader lost weight? Well, not too much that can be noticed. Mishal Husain’s weight loss is most likely just a rumor. 

If you are here right now, you must know Mishal Husain. But let’s just talk about her for a little while anyway. You might have known her from watching her on the news on BBC Television. After all, she works as a newsreader and journalist for BBC Television and for BBC Radio as well. She is also the main Sunday presenter of BBC News at Ten and BBC Weekend News. And she also happens to be one of the main presenters of BBC Radio 4’s Today.

Besides, she has presented several shows. Some of the shows she has hosted are The Andrew Marr Show, HARDtalk, Impact, and BBC Breakfast. Not only that, but she is also a relief presenter of the BBC News at Six, BBC World News, and BBC News Channel.

Currently, she is the subject of weight loss rumors. Yeah, it’s going around on social media that she has lost weight but has she really gotten slimmer because it doesn’t look like that? If you scroll through her Instagram page and look at her recent pictures, you will notice that she doesn’t look particularly different in terms of her size. So, the rumors might be confusing. Anyway, let’s learn what’s behind Mishal Husain’s weight loss rumors!

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Mishal Husain’s Weight Loss: The BBC Newsreader Looks Pretty Much The Same As Ever with No Change in Her Size!

Mishal Husain‘s (@mishalhusain) weight loss rumors come over occasionally, always out of nowhere, and take over the internet briefly only to go away unceremoniously. You might have noticed a pattern of that happening if you are interested in British journalism, which I’m sure you must be because aren’t you just fascinated by the way they talk? Anyway, jokes aside, it’s really weird because there’s nothing that could be said to have prompted those rumors. And they just happen for no reason.

Mishal Husain does not look like she has undergone some major weight loss.

Mishal Husain does not look like she has undergone some major weight loss. She looks pretty much the same weight as she has always been.
Image Source: BBC

So, next time, you come across one of those rumors about her weight loss and then check out her recent pictures and scroll through her Instagram page to see if she has really lost some pounds and you just don’t see the change and you begin to wonder, ‘Has Mishal Husain lost weight?’ The answer is always; no, she hasn’t. Or if she has, it’s not so noticeable. It might just be routine weight fluctuation.

And also note that Mishal Husain was never someone who was overshadowed by her weight. Like if there are some overweight people, no matter how good they are at their job, people would always be fixated on their size and there would be a big deal even if their weight fluctuates just a little bit. It’s unfair to them but that’s how it goes. And Husain never had to face being overshadowed by her weight because, for the most part, she has been normal when it comes to her size. So, weight loss rumors about her just fail to make any sense.

Mishal Husain has neither been overweight nor too skinny. The BBC presenter is just average in terms of size. And she has always been that way for the most part. Her weight has never fluctuated too drastically in a way that would be too notable. I don’t doubt that she may have had minor changes. But those changes might have been routine fluctuations and nothing too dramatic. She never had any major weight gain or weight loss.

So, the rumors about Mishal Husain’s weight loss are baseless. It might be some people just looking too much into the smallest changes she might have had in her weight.

Mishal Husain had never had much dramatic weight fluctuations.

Mishal Husain had never had much weight fluctuations and she always was of average size.
Image Source: HuffPost UK

Mishal Husain’s Early Life!

Mishal Husain was born on 11 February 1973 in Northampton, England to Pakistani parents. Her father was a urologist whereas her mother worked as a teacher and was also a former producer for Pakistan Television Corporation. She lived in Saudia Arabia for a while and her family was also based in the UAE for a period. While she was there, she did her schooling in a British school there.

Mishal Husain returned to England with her family at the age of 12 and then she continued her education at Cobham Hall School, an independent school in Kent. She went on to study law at New Hall, Cambridge. She obtained a master’s degree in International and Comparative Law at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy.