Miss Patty’s Weight Loss: Gilmore Girls’ Star, Actress Liz Torres, Looks Unrecognizable; Surgery & Reddit Update!


Miss Patty’s Weight Loss: Gilmore Girls’ Star, Actress Liz Torres, Looks Unrecognizable; Surgery & Reddit Update!

Miss Patty, played by actress Liz Torress, from Gilmore Girls has undergone significant weight loss following a low-calorie nutritious diet and workout routines. Fans first noted improvements in the actress’s physique during Season 7 of the show in 2007. In addition, many Reddit users think she had gastric bypass surgery to help her lose weight, however, there isn’t any hard evidence of this yet.

Liz Torress is an American actress, singer, and comedian who began her career on the city’s nightclub circuit, with her friend Bette Midler. She later made her film debut in 1969 playing a prostitute in a low-budget movie titled Utterly Without Redeeming Social Value. However, the Bronx native gained popularity after playing Stars Hollow‘s resident dance teacher Miss Patty in Gilmore Girls and its Netflix revival Gilmore Girls: A Year In Life (2016).

Since Torres had a large, wide figure and was obese, she was forced to choose comedic roles that somehow didn’t showcase her acting skills or passion. Such assignments paved the way for her current position in the sector. However, her acting ability helped her land the starring part of Miss Patty in both the programs Gilmore Girls and Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Nobody could ever replace her, even in the remake, because of her professionalism and dedication to her character.

However, many people, especially Reddit users, were surprised when they expected to see the same heavyweight Miss Patty, but instead, they saw a younger-looking lady with a beautiful body. And they often wonder what had caused such a remarkable weight loss transformation. Well, here’s your answer.

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The Miss Patty Actress, Liz Torress, From Gilmore Girls Has Undergone Significant Weight Loss & Looks Almost Unrecognizable!

Everyone began to discuss Liz Torres‘ weight loss after she returned back to play the role of Miss Patty again in Netflix’s revival series Gilmore Girls: A Year In Life in 2016. The bone of contention was her appearance in the rebooted version, in which she played a dance teacher. The 75-year-old actress astounded her audience by displaying her impressive weight loss while reprising her iconic avatar.

Miss Patty before and after weight loss.Miss Patty before and after weight loss.
Image Source: Daily Mail

The Miss Paddy actress, Liz Torres’ weight loss quest began in 2006 when she recognized she needed to lose weight. As a result, fans first noticed improvements in her physique in season 7 in 2007. She later claimed that she has always wanted to be slender and reduce weight in order to be noticed by her peers. She was troubled by the fact that she went unheard and unnoticed simply because of her appearance.

Importantly, she was frequently overlooked for big roles that were offered to thinner actors. She generally played a maid, a clown, or other generic parts. As a result, she had always wished to lose weight. However, the talented actress’s job was not easy at the time. She weighed more than 250 pounds, which made her unsure of where to begin. She developed anxiety and depression, which led to further weight gain due to less physical activity and an inability to follow an appropriate diet.

Finally, the Miss Patty actress fulfilled her dreams by reducing 50 pounds in just two years in 2008. She demonstrated that she was committed to losing weight and not just putting it off. She even admitted to the LA Times in the 1990s that she didn’t like how she looked since she was heavy. She stated,

I’m heavy. This is the reality. I don’t kick myself about it, but I don’t think I look fabulous in my clothes. I know that in my suits I look like a box walking down the street. That’s the thing that hurts me most. Thank God, there’s a product out there that you can wear that’s passable. It’s corrective dressing, but it’s not who I am and ultimately that’s very hard.

Torres’ situation was so terrible that she avoided even glancing at fashion publications because they showcased clothes she couldn’t bear the thought of wearing. In the same interview, she stated that she had always wanted to reduce weight and was aware that being overweight may have a negative impact on one’s health.

Miss Patty's latest appearance.Miss Patty’s latest appearance.
Image Source: Daily Mail

Being a Puerto Rican Latina in Hollywood is a barrier in and of itself. Add to that the cultural tendency to stereotype people based on their physical attributes, and she has had to deal with a slew of conventional roles in order to get to where she is now. She had a difficult time making herself heard on set, even as a professional. It was almost as though no one wanted to hear what she had to say. Nonetheless, she took it in stride and cheered on every hefty cast and staff member she saw.

Despite her early insight, the Miss Patty actress did not begin actively working on her weight loss until 2008. Later, after portraying Connie Solis on the CW‘s Desperate Housewives, she began losing weight on a regular basis without losing any of her distinctive personality qualities.

Liz Torres’ weight loss was so significant by 2010 that she was barely identifiable on the opening night of the Broadway production It Must Be Him. Seeing the actress’ change, some Reddit users even speculated that she may have undergone gastric bypass surgery to help her weight loss, although concrete proof has yet to be discovered. Similarly, some claimed she used weight loss drugs, while others claimed she engaged in severe exercise.

However, according to sources, she adapted to a low-calorie nutritious diet and workout routines such as skipping ropes and stationary cycles for weight loss and body transformation. Her diet consisted of wheat toast, salmon, veggies, yogurt, butter, and the occasional cup of coffee.