Molly Mae Plastic Surgery: Has The Love Island Alum Had Cosmetic Surgery?


Molly Mae reversed her plastic surgery because she felt horrendous about her fillers.

Molly Mae has documented her plastic surgery reversal process which has earned her a lot of appreciation from her fans. The Love Island star started getting lip fillers and jaw fillers from a very young age which she came to regret later on after which she got them dissolved. Molly Mae was also accused of having a nose job by her sister but she denied having plastic surgery on her nose. 

Known for her stint on the reality dating show Love Island (she was the fifth runner-up), Molly Mae is currently in the news because of her engagement. However, the most clout the television personality got was when she reversed her plastic surgery. She dissolved her fillers in 2021 after which many applauded her for choosing her natural beauty over cosmetic surgery. Let’s learn more about Molly Mae Hague’s plastic surgery and reversal process!

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Molly Mae Hague’s Plastic Surgery: The Love Island Alum Reversed Her Cosmetic Surgery!

Molly Mae's decision to reverse plastic surgery was widely praised.
houseandwhips.comMolly Mae’s decision to reverse plastic surgery was widely praised.
Image Source: Hello Magazine

Molly Mae Hague (@mollymae) is unique in that she’s probably the only entertainer who has not just revealed having plastic surgery but also documented reversing those procedures. The Love Island star got lip fillers and jaw fillers at a very young age which she dissolved later on because she thought it was a mistake on her part. She was also accused of having a nose job but she denied getting her nose altered.

In 2021, the reality star took a very rare decision to reverse the plastic surgery she had had. She also bravely decided to document the whole process and share it with her followers. In her Instagram stories, she posted two pictures of her at Winter Wonderland holding a pack of churros, one taken in 2019 and another taken in 2021 to show how much she had changed after ditching fillers.

In the 2019 pic, Molly Mae looked very unnaturally plump and had a very waxy skin texture whereas in the 2021 snap, she looked very fresh, natural, and a lot younger than before. Her transformation as seen in the before and after pictures were really remarkable. She looked so much better after dissolving fillers. Not only did she look good, but she also felt great about it.

For her, the plastic surgery reversal process was probably worth the thousands she spent on it. She removed her lip filler, jaw fillers, and cosmetic bonding on her teeth and urged her young followers to wait a good few years until their faces have matured and they have gotten a little older before making decisions to get cosmetic enhancements. Since she got hers at a very young age when she was not mature, she must have felt that it was not a good decision in hindsight.

Molly Mae felt horrendous about getting fillers on her lips and jaws.
houseandwhips.comMolly Mae felt horrendous about getting fillers on her lips and jaws.
Image Source: Glamour UK

Molly Mae explained in a YouTube video,

I think I’ve taken all the steps that I want to take now in reversing all the mistakes I made with the fillers, getting things done that I didn’t necessarily need to get done and didn’t think through at the time, about two or three years ago. I literally got the composite bonds that I had on my teeth two days before Love Island and I don’t regret it but it just wasn’t a necessary thing to do and I was just young.

Molly Mae earned a lot of appreciation for taking this unusual step and embracing her natural beauty by reversing her plastic surgery. She had been getting her lips filled with filler since she was about 17, which she said was literally ridiculous. She decided to ditch it because she felt horrendous about getting those fillers because “the reality was that her once-sharp jawline had jowls hanging underneath, her lips felt lumpy, uneven, and unnatural.”

The tipping point that prompted her to take the step to reverse her plastic surgery was when she shared a vlog just one day after she got fillers when it was still fresh and her face looked very swollen. She looked unnatural and unrecognizable and fans mocked her incessantly. So, despite knowing that the swelling would go down, she decided to dissolve the fillers because as she said, it didn’t make her feel prettier or better. She saw it as a mistake she made when she was younger and got it corrected.

Did Molly Mae Have Plastic Surgery On Her Nose? Her Sister Accused Her of Having a Nose Job!

Molly Mae was also suspected of having a nose job but she denied it. houseandwhips.comMolly Mae was also suspected of having a nose job but she denied it.
Image Source: HuffPost UK

While that’s it about Molly Mae‘s fillers, did you also know that she is suspected of having a nose job? She was accused of having plastic surgery to alter her nose and make it smaller by her own sister. Her sister Zoe Hague had joined her on YouTube and they were showing viewers some throwback baby photos of themselves when Molly pointed out that Zoe looked exactly the same as when she was a baby, just older, and that her face had not changed at all, to which Zoe replied that Molly had had a nose job.

Honestly, I had to question if Molly had a nose job because I’ve been reading it, I then looked at Molly’s nose and actually it has changed but there’s not a chance in hell she’d have a nose job without telling me.

Molly Mae fumed at her sister’s comment who continued to say that the Love Island cast member’s nose had changed shape over the years and that she thought that it was smaller than the last she saw it. Molly just denied the plastic surgery.

Just to clarify I’ve not had a nose job.