Monica Mangin’s Weight Loss: Did She Lose Weight?


Monica Mangin's Weight Loss: Did She Lose Weight?

Monica Mangin has shocked everyone with her weight loss. The influencer has gotten a lot slimmer compared to before when she was starting out. Fans are begging her to tell her story and dieting secrets but Monica Mangin has not yet acknowledged her weight loss.

If you want some decluttering and organizing tips, then you go to Monica Mangin because she’s one of the best ones out there. Her DIY ideas and makeovers are always great. There’s a reason why Nate Berkus named her his “Favorite DIYer” and there’s also a reason why after she was discovered as a DIYer, she started her career in television and was successful at it. She cohosted her own design series for ABC for two years and she also starred in The Weekender, a home renovation webisode series where she helps new homeowners achieve affordable home style. She is also the resident home expert on LIVE! with Kelly.

Her journey from a blogger to being one of the most prominent designers and DIY influencers is really inspiring. She started out crafting projects in her own home and now, she’s the lifestyle expert and CEO of East Coast Creative Productions. She has accomplished a lot in her career and the same thing can be said about her personal life, what with her incredible transformation.

She has undergone weight loss and went on the journey from being fat to fit. She looks a lot different that how she used to when she was starting out. Fans are curious to know her dieting secrets. But, she has never acknowledged her transformation. However, let’s learn more about Monica Mangin’s weight loss!

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Monica Mangin’s Weight Loss: She Appears a Lot Slimmer Than Before!

Monica Mangin (@monicamangin) has changed a lot. She looks a lot more radiant and much more beautiful these days. Oh, and by the way, she also has undergone one of the most incredible transformations and had a very significant weight loss. It’s very noticeable how much slimmer she looks compared to before. She was always stunning but now she glows in a different way.

Monica Mangin appears to have undergone a dramatic weight loss.
Monica Mangin looks much slimmer these days and appears to have undergone a dramatic weight loss.
Image Source: Metro US

Monica Mangin was not always like that, you might have noticed. Before, she was not at a weight that society would traditionally consider attractive. If you defined her by the standards of the glamor industry then, you might have called her fat and overweight. Now, she has undergone weight loss and she is no longer the same. Gone are the days when randos on the internet, unable to grasp anything else, would mock her for being fat.

It might have shocked you a little bit to see the much slimmer and fitter Monica Mangin recently when not very long ago, she was quite bigger. It might have even seemed that she has changed overnight even though we know that’s definitely not the case and she must have worked hard behind the scenes to pull off that weight loss. But because she has never talked about her weight and her size, her transformation took many people by surprise.

When Monica Mangin started out, of course, there were lots of discussions surrounding her weight. Because of course, it was. I mean, the lifestyle influencer has always been beautiful and charming but because she did not meet the criteria of a beautiful woman that has been arbitrarily set by society, all people could talk about was how she’s big and some would even tell her to have weight loss. Even when they complimented her, it was back-handed. Some of the comments would be like, ‘oh, she’s stunning to look at, nobody would notice her weight.’

Monica Mangin never acknowledged any comments made about her weight.
Monica Mangin never acknowledged any comments made about her weight.
Image Source: The Hype Magazine

But Monica Mangin never paid any attention to such comments. The television personality never acknowledged them and just went on as if she had not been advised by strangers on the internet to have weight loss. Because she didn’t really talk about it (we are used to celebs usually dealing with this kind of thing by either telling about how all the body-shaming is affecting them or by talking about how they have learned to ignore the negative comments), people thought she was not much bothered about her weight.

So, it came as shocking when Monica Mangin underwent weight loss. It seems as though she has lost like half of her weight, she looks that much slimmer and fitter. However, how much exactly? We don’t know because she has continued to be silent about her weight even now. People are begging her to tell her weight loss story and to give them the deets about her diet in the comments section of her Instagram pictures. But so far, nothing.

Going by her history, I don’t think Monica Mangin is going to talk about her weight loss. The designer might not want her weight to overtake the discussions when it comes to her at any point in her career. Let’s make sure that never happens and let’s not let her weight overshadow her work that she is really passionate about. You should just hear her talking about that to know how much she loves her job. Maybe she feels talking about her weight seems reductive.