Real Truth About Monica Seles’ Plastic Surgery Speculations!


Real Truth About Monica Seles' Plastic Surgery Speculations!

Former No.1 Women’s Tennis Player, Monica Seles, has been accused of having plastic surgery. Fans believe that she has undergone multiple procedures to enhance her beauty. Let’s take a look at Monica Seles before and after the alleged cosmetic transformation.

Monica Seles is a retired Yugoslav tennis sensation who, at the age of 17, became the world’s youngest female No. 1 player. Seles, a Yugoslav rising star, began playing tennis at the age of five and quickly rose to become the country’s greatest junior player.

After winning a junior event in Florida, tennis coach Nick Bollettieri approached Seles and invited her to join his academy, where she excelled.

Monica Seles came to popularity as a tennis player when she won the French Open at the age of 16, defeating Steffi Graf. She dominated women’s tennis from 1991 to 1993, winning nine Grand Slam titles, including four Australian Opens, three French Opens, and two US Opens. She became the youngest woman to ever reach the top of the world singles rankings.

Monica Seles was known for her aggressive playing style and the unusual grunts she made with practically every shot. Lately, the former tennis star got accused of many plastic surgery rumors. Fans and followers began comparing the star’s appearances back then and now. Let’s find out if Monica has undergone any plastic surgery.

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Monica Seles’ Plastic Surgery: Has ‘The Youngest No. 1 In Tennis’ Record Holder Undergone Any Cosmetic Surgery?

Many consider Monica Seles (@monicaseles10s) as one of the all-time greats in the history of  Women’s Tennis. And it is very obvious that fans keep their eyes on her 24/7. Similarly, some of the fans are convinced that she has gone through multiple procedures to enhance her beauty.

Plastic surgery is something that can change anyone’s appearance in the way they want. Plastic surgery is very common these days which might be why Monica has been accused of having plastic surgery by fans and media as her appearance over the years has been improving.

Looking at her then and now pictures, we can clearly see that she looks completely different as if the pictures don’t represent the same person. However, there is no official statement of Monica having plastic surgery.

While surfing the internet, one site even inquired as to whether any tennis players had undergone surgery. The 48-year-old was not on the list, much to the surprise of many.

However, this does not exclude the former world number one from plastic surgery. She was constantly fit and had a beautiful figure because she was involved in an athletic profession. People have questioned her beauty due to her facial skin and overall appearance.

But this isn’t the first time Monica Seles has been suspected of something. During her retirement in 2008, she was subjected to similar rumors. Her wrinkles, which she had in her 30s, have faded with time, and she is improving every day. The changes, on the other hand, could be attributed to her superior grooming, makeup, and maintenance.

Therefore, there is no confirmation about Monica’s plastic surgery right now. Being a 48-years old retired tennis player, one of the greatest ever to play the game, and not to forget the fact that she is married to her billionaire husband, Tom Golisano, it is very certain that she needs to maintain her beauty and can afford any type of maintenance cost in the world.

We’ll update you as soon as we get any hints about Monica’s secret to her glow up from our sources.

Here Is What Monica Seles Feels About Serena Williams’ Injury

Women’s tennis is more unpredictable than ever before, and Serena Williams, the American tennis star who has dominated the sport for years, is no longer on the WTA Tour. The former world number will not play a Wimbledon match, and there is no word on when the US champion will return.

Monica Seles, another retired tennis player and former world number one, is hoping for a comeback. Serena Williams, who has not won a championship after winning the Australian Open in 2017, has been urged to return by her countrywoman. Seles wishes her to come back stronger and win more titles.

At an interview with Richard Osborn in Indian Wells, Seles expressed her desire for Serena Williams to return to compete to win a Grand Slam title for the 24th time. “Selfishly, I really hope Serena Williams comes back. ” Seles stated, according to Spotskeeda.

Monica Seles has decided to remark on the WTA Tour, explaining the reasons behind her unpredictability, now that Serena Williams is out indefinitely.

The former No. 1 women’s player believes the women’s game is in tremendous shape right now. Even as a former player, she has no idea who will take home the trophy. According to Monica Seles, the players are so close in terms of skill that anyone may win the event on any given day.

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