Muni Long Before Plastic Surgery: The Complete Breakdown!


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Muni Long Before Plastic Surgery: The Complete Breakdown!

Muni Long’s plastic surgery allegedly includes a nose job, Botox injections, lip fillers, and a hair transplant. Did Muni really go under the knife? If yes, let’s know the before and after plastic surgery changes of Muni Long and what impact the cosmetic surgery made on her life.

The American singer and songwriter, Muni Long or Priscilla Renea Hairston has been dedicating her time to the music industry since 2007. Having spent a decade in the industry, Muni Long has gained experience and fame along with a hefty net worth.

Just at the age of 21, Muni was surrounded with immense fame through her exposure on YouTube, and thus, today, she is known for being one of the best music stars.

On 20th October 2009, Muni Long was supposed to release her debut album but due to some faults, it was delayed, and got publicized on 18th August 2009. Today, her huge popularity has brought her in winning millions of hearts and receiving support from the fans on her Instagram account.

Conversely, there are people out there who are trying their best to bringing her plastic surgery the hot topic. With the trend of celebrities changing their facial features, it is believed that Muni also underwent cosmetic surgery.

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Muni Long Before and After Plastic Surgery

Everything that was already normal was deemed to be abnormal and with the modernization and change in people’s thoughts, people are back to normalizing the so-called abnormal stuff. From uptraining self-love to the acceptance of insecurities as beautiful flaws, the world has evolved a lot.

But with the increasing media exposure, people in these fields are still surrounded by insecurities, and to expunge that insecurity, they knock at the doors of different cosmetic surgeries. The talented singer, Muni is claimed to have gotten lip fillers, Botox, and other facial changes which are linked to plastic surgery.

The popular American singer and songwriter, Muni Long (@munilong) is one of the successful personalities. Starting her official journey on YouTube, this same platform has been the way of earning her livelihood. Born in 1988 in Vero Beach, Florida, Muni had begun her singing career just at the age of two. Although she was melodious enough to impress everyone around her, Muni was a bit uncomfortable singing around people but that insecurity slowly faded and now, singing has been her greatest pride.

Talking about her plastic surgery controversy, we can vividly see a huge difference in the structure of her nose. Muni Long changed the whole structure and got the nose job which would give her a symmetrical nose with a lift at the end. Also, to expunge the wrinkles around her forehead and eyes area, Muni has taken Botox injections.

Apart from all these, the Black American singer, Lung’s lips have lip fillers, and now, they look big. Examining her before and after photos elucidate a lot of differences in her facial features, and provides enough evidence to deduce that she got the incisions on her face. But the singer has never mentioned even a single word about getting plastic surgery. It is the audience’s speculation that brought this controversy.

Also, it appears that the singer is likely to have undergone hair line transplant as well. Her receding hairline seems to have more baby hairs around than what she had in the past. All the news that’s linked to Muni’s plastic surgery is just speculation through the examination of her before and after looks. There’s no medical evidence to support her plastic surgery.

Muni Long’s Relationship Status: Is Muni Long Married?

Muni Long‘s childhood days weren’t filled with happiness and love. Rather it traumatized her when her family kicked her out of the house. Muni has also written the song Family Tree solely dedicating it to her childhood days. The singer was abandoned and never got to experience what love is. But did she find anyone that loves her today?

Yes, Long has her husband, Masimba Chibanda who loves her dearly, and they have been together for years. Despite having spent years of togetherness, their relationship is still revolving around the same starting phase. Today, she lived happily with her husband and has a perfectly balanced life. From her singing career, she has filled her life with wealth and as per some sources, it has been estimated that Muni makes around $4 million.

As a songwriter, Muni Long has been nominated for Grammys Award 2022 for her song, Back of My Mind in the category of Album of The Year. Although it isn’t sure that Muni would make it to winning the Award, the nomination has opened the door for the platform of getting other awards as well as has filled her with more confidence.

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