Mutya Buena’s Plastic Surgery: Why Did The Former Sugababes Member Get Butt Implants and Breast Implants? The Singer Then and Now!


Mutya Buena's Plastic Surgery: Why Did The Former Sugababes Member Get Butt Implants and Breast Implants? The Singer Then and Now!

Mutya Buena has undergone plastic surgery in order to get a curvier figure and look more voluptuous and more extreme. The former Sugababes member got butt implants as well as breast implants. Mutya Buena said that she was thrilled with her decision of getting plastic surgery to enhance her butt. She, however, found the breast enhancement painful.

Mutya Buena is an English singer and songwriter who gained prominence when she joined the girl group Sugababes. As a member of the girl group, she rose to fame and with them, she had four UK number-one singles, an additional six top-ten hits, and three multi-platinum albums. The group was doing well but she left it in December 2005, and about two years later, in June 2007, she released her debut solo album Real Girl.

The singer put out a compilation album titled Sound of Camden: Mutya Buena which she dedicated to British singers in October 2010. The album garnered a very positive reception and was widely appreciated. Two years later, in 2012, she came together with her former Sugababes bandmates Siobhán Donaghy and Keisha Buchanan and confirmed their reunion. However, the original trio opted to release music under the name MKS (Mutya Keisha Siobhan).

The girls made their comeback in 2013 with the single Flatline as MKS. But six years later, in September 2019, they again made their return as the Sugababes. In May 2021, Mutya released a UK garage-inspired track called The One with electronic music producer duo Ryuken on New State Music.

Though she is very much noted for the music she makes, it’s her personality that draws more people to her. She had always been edgy and cool and rocked the bad girl persona. She got tattoos and plastic surgery as well to add to her persona. She got implants on her butt and breasts to achieve a more voluptuous figure and have a more curvy look. Let’s find out more about Mutya Buena’s plastic surgery!

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Mutya Buena’s Plastic Surgery: The Singer Got Butt Implants and Breast Implants to Look More Extreme!

Mutya Buena (@official_mutyabuena) has a very curvy figure and looks voluptuous, which is not natural at all and all thanks to plastic surgery. She got implants on her bottom and she had breast implants as well because she wanted to look extreme.

In 2010, Mutya Buena opened up about how she had gotten implants in her bottom and was thrilled about her decision to have plastic surgery. She never had any issues with the size of her butt. It was not like she was dissatisfied with it but still, she went ahead and got it because she felt like everyone around her was getting implants and she wanted to too. Also, she wanted to look extreme. So, even though her family members were against it, they thought she was mad for it, she just laughed about it and got the bum implants for £5,000 when she was 25.

I researched it a little while ago. Everyone’s got it in the US and Brazil. I just wanted it a bit perkier. It’s not that there was anything wrong with it – it’s just a change. I like to be extreme.

To achieve that extreme look she wanted, Mutya Buena got plastic surgery to get her breasts enlarged as well. She wanted the Instagram hourglass figure before there was such a thing. So, she got her already ample breasts enhanced. She was D-cup and she got implants to be an E-cup. She found that having breasts of that size was painful so, she would never get them again, she said.

I’ve had breast implants too – I’m now an E-cup. My breasts really hurt when I had them done, though. I wouldn’t get them done again. God, no way.

Mutya Buena reversed her plastic surgery though. Because having a bigger chest was painful, she got breast implants removed in 2013. She switched to a 36 DD cup from a 36 E and felt very light as a result. When she got implants, she became way too curvaceous which made her self-conscious about the size of her breasts, so she would never wear tight dresses. But after removing the implants, she did all those things she couldn’t with large breasts.

Having the implants out had been a long time coming and now I feel like a weight’s been lifted – from my boobs as well as my mind. I can finally wear all those tight dresses I could never put on before because I worried about how huge my boobs looked. I’m much more confident.

Maybe it was her butt implants the former Sugababes member should have removed because those implants have not grown well with her body. People discuss the plastic surgery Mutya Buena had on her butt a lot on forums such as Reddit and Twitter. According to fans, her figure does not look the same as it did when she was young. Now, they say, it looks like she has a breast implant as a butt implant.

One Reddit user explained that it was because Mutya Buena got the butt implant when she was skinnier to match her then-body. They said that plastic surgery matched a skinny girl’s shorter butt cheeks but now that she’s gained weight and is no longer skinny as before, her butt’s gotten rounder and so, the implants are a bit short for that and can’t go higher to match where her actual butt cheeks start. Just look at the pictures of her then and now, and you will understand what it means!

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