Nathalie Dahan’s Husband and Daughter: Learn About Simo Fanny, Nicole and Her Ex!

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Nathalie Dahan's Husband and Daughter: Learn About Simo Fanny, Nicole and Her Ex!

Nathalie Dahan has a husband named Simo Fanny. The How To Get Rich star recently got married to him in Italy. Nathalie Dahan also has a daughter named Nicole. She had her daughter with her ex, not with Simo, her current husband.

Do you want to get rich? Of course, you do! Why wouldn’t anyone? But do you know how to get rich? That, you probably don’t. So, maybe I can give you some advice. Get on Netflix’s How to Get Rich. It’s a really interesting reality television show and the premise is that the self-proclaimed finance guru Ramit Sethi, who also happens to be a New York Times best-selling author goes around the United States, meeting clients i.e. participants of the show and imparting them financial advice.

You won’t just get rich (if you follow the financial advice), but you also get to be a celebrity. That way, it’s a win-win. And all that you need to be willing to do is air out your finances publicly. You have to disclose your financial records, including debts, income, expenses, and account balances, to give Sethi an idea of how you have structured your finances and then, you get the advice to make changes to it and construct a rich life.

Nathalie Dahan seems like she is on her way to constructing a rich life like she wanted. She is one of the most interesting and glamorous contestants on the show and you know what that means. People take an immediate interest in her love life and relationships. Is she single? Is she married? She has a daughter. So, she could be a single mother? Let’s learn about Nathalie Dahan’s husband and her daughter!

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Nathalie Dahan’s Husband: Meet Simo Fanny!

Nathalie Dahan (@bond_girl_07) has a husband named Simo Fanny.

When Nathalie Dahan was on How to Get Rich, she was a single mother. She was not married to anyone then. Since then, there has been a change in her relationship status. She has found someone to spend her life with. She got herself a loving husband in Simo Fanny.

Not much is known about her model husband Simo Fanny. We only know from what Nathalie Dahan posted on her Instagram profile that she got married to him about a week ago on April 9. The couple got hitched in their dream wedding venue in Venice, Italy. They now reside in Beverly Hills, California.

Nathalie Dahan got married to husband Simo Fanny recently. Nathalie Dahan got married to her husband Simo Fanny recently.
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You must be curious about the couple and you definitely want to know when Nathalie Dahan started dating Simo Fanny. You might be interested to know how long they dated before they decided to get married and take each other as husband and wife. And what do they have in common and what sets them apart? And how do they deal with their differences?

Well, if you are curious about all these things, then you wait for Nathalie Dahan to talk about her relationship with the man she married – her husband Simo Fanny – because till she does, there’s nothing to know. I am assuming they are more similar than different because they are both from the glamor industry. But that’s just speculation.

Nathalie Dahan’s Daughter and Ex-Husband: Meet Nicole and Learn About Her Ex!

Another thing people want to know about Nathalie Dahan is what her previous relationship was like. They want to know who her ex-husband is and how is she with him. What’s their equation with her baby daddy? The one who she had a daughter with and the one who is her only means of earning (if you look at her finances, you will find that she literally has no source of income other than child support).

Well, there’s no information available about Nathalie Dahan’s ex-husband as well. So, until she decides to talk about it, kill your curiosity. But, about her daughter, we can tell you a few things. If you scroll through Dahan’s Instagram profile, you will come across some pictures of her occasionally. Her name is Nicole and she is being raised on child support payments from Nathalie Dahan’s ex-husband.

In How to Get Rich, we saw that Nathalie Dahan did not even have 5$ in savings. She had no source of income. She was only losing money from everywhere. What she earned from her career as a designer and real estate agent, she lost from her West Hollywood restaurant Coco Queen. Despite the fact that the restaurant is immensely popular for its fried chicken dishes and was rated quite highly on most online portals, it was not very profitable.

The only thing that was keeping Nathalie Dahan afloat was the child support payments she received to raise her daughter Nicole from her ex-husband because her restaurant was eating into her finances and her earnings. Now that she’s closed the restaurant, she will have more sources of income. She won’t have to rely on the child support payments from her ex-husband to raise her daughter.