Nicole Nafziger’s Weight Loss: How Much Does The 90 Day Fiance Star Weigh in 2022? Fans Seek Before and After Pictures!


Nicole Nafziger's Weight Loss: How Much Does The 90 Day Fiance Star Weigh in 2022? Fans Seek Before and After Pictures!

Nicole Nafziger of 90-Day Fiance fame started her weight loss journey in 2017. The reality star did lose a few pounds before she lost motivation and ultimately stopped updating her followers in 2020. But, till 2021, the TLC star was still peddling supplementary products which landed her into controversy. Fans want Nicole Nafziger’s weight loss updates as of 2022 and seek her before and after pictures.

Ever since Nicole Nafziger made her reality television debut on Season 4 of TLC’s hit series 90 Day Fiance, she has always managed to not fade away and maintain her relevancy. Now, initially, it might have been because of her relationship with a Moroccan fitness trainer Azan Tefou who she thought was very hot and who was only ‘55% attracted to her’ because she was a ‘little big’ and ‘lazy.’

But later on, when people got bored with it, Nicole Nafziger resorted to posting multiple clickbait stories on her Instagram page, such as ones that alleged she was pregnant or that Azan had passed away. And when that infuriated her followers, she finally decided that she would share her weight loss journey. That was back in 2017 and still, there seems to be no change in her body even today in 2022. Fans want to see before and after pictures of her and want to know more about Nicole Nafziger’s weight loss.

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Nicole Nafziger’s Weight Loss: The Reality Star Stopped Updating Her Followers in 2021; She Does Not Look Different Today!

Nicole Nafziger (@alwayssnicole) might have at first enraged and then bored the audience with her silly and often selfish antics to get attention post-90 Day Fiance. She used to keep posting false pregnancy and death announcements. The viewers were over it all when she shared a clickbait story about fellow 90-Day Fiance star Angela Deem and made money off the death of Jason Hitch. She was just fading herself out with her cheap antics but what redeemed her social media relevancy was her sharing her weight loss journey.

Nicole Nafziger revealed that her fitness goal was to be ‘healthy and comfortable’ in her own skin so as to be a positive example for her daughter May. And in order to achieve that fitness goal, she set up a plan of action which included her changing her daily lifestyle. She shared her lifestyle and documented her highs and lows in her weight loss journey as she gave fitness tips to her fans who she said she wanted to see reaching their goals as well.

The TLC star first started giving updates about her weight loss in 2017. With a mirror selfie she posted, she revealed that she had lost 13 pounds by following a keto diet. She wrote that she was going to lead a beautiful healthy life with her future husband and amazing daughter.

After that, Nicole Nafziger kind of hit a snag which is to say her weight loss journey was on but she never got around to getting actual results. She said that she had been focusing on Dietbet and she began to promote the platform on her page. However, she never backed up her support of the company with evident results which made many followers think that she had relapsed to doing those antiques she used to do for clout, only this time, she was being subtle about it and mixed it with her weight loss journey as followers were interested in it.

In November 2018, Nicole Nafziger got actual results after a long time and she updated her followers with a weight loss she had of 14 pounds in 18 days.

It feels so good to see that number go down. Being overweight one of my fears was to one day go over 300 pounds. I never wanted to hit that number. My highest weight went up to 296. That was it, I had enough. I was ready for a change. So, I started this weight loss journey I’m on now and it’s been the best decision I’ve made for my health.

Afterward, Nicole Nafziger’s weight loss again stagnated. In April 2019, she did a Q&A session where she opened up about how she sometimes lacked the motivation to stay on her grind. She also addressed the followers’ queries about whether she had thought of undergoing surgery to lose weight. She said that she had no plans of having surgery for weight loss.

Hopefully I’ll find the right balance for me and keep it consistent. It’s a challenge I won’t lose. Honestly I have thought about it once or twice, but I am worried that I don’t have a good enough control over my mind with food choices that I would just hurt myself or mess up what the surgery did for me.

Even though her fans and fiance Azan Tefou always supported her and hyped her up, Nicole Nafziger’s weight loss journey unofficially came to an end because she no longer got the results. She did get embroiled in another controversy for promoting a weight loss app, however, when she herself was not losing any weight, which fans did not appreciate as that app is said to promote detox tea that has negative side effects.

In 2021, when Nicole posted about a ‘tasty supplement’ that was supposed to be taken before workouts, fans couldn’t help but ask her, “Are you working out? or just cashing in?.” They totally lost faith in her because to them, it looked like what may have started off as Nicole’s attempt to lose weight ended up becoming another way for her to gain clout and keep her social media relevancy so that she could earn money by selling sketchy products to her followers.

There has been no weight loss update from Nicole Nafziger since then. No full-body picture to show how far she has come along since early 2020. However, she still has not stopped peddling supplement products on her page. But she does occasionally post about being proud of herself.

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