Nikki Duval’s Weight Loss Surgery: Is That How Rosie from Workin’ Moms Lost Weight? Look at Before and After Pictures!


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Nikki Duval's Weight Loss Surgery: Is That How Rosie from Workin' Moms Lost Weight? Look at Before and After Pictures!

Nikki Duval, who is best known as Rosie Phillips from Workin’ Moms, is trending on the internet because of rumors about weight loss. On comparing the actress’ photos from the past and now, her followers have pointed out that they are definitely before and after pictures of weight loss. While some people think Nikki Duval looks slimmer than before just because of the camera angle, others suspect that Rosie from Workin’ Moms has undergone weight loss surgery in order to lose all that weight.

Nikki Duval is a Canadian actress who is best known for playing the role of Rosie Phillips in the Canadian television sitcom Workin’ Moms.

The actress was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, near the Red and Assiniboine rivers. She got her degree in Bachelor of Arts in Acting Program Honours from the University of Winnipeg.  She also studied Contemporary and Shakespeare Intensive at Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

Nikki Duval then moved to Montreal to attend the National Theatre School of Canada. Afterward, she relocated to Toronto after college in pursuit of better opportunities. It was then that her acting career took off with roles in films including Hyena Road, The Broken Hearts Gallery, and The Novice. She’s also been in Murdoch Mysteries, Imposters, Tallboyz, Wynonna Earp among other series.

However, Nikki Duval is perhaps best recognized for her role in Workin’ Moms as Rosie Phillips.

Rosie Phillips from Workin’ Moms these days is spending her time under the radar after rumors of her weight loss surfaced.

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Nikki Duval’s Weight Loss Surgery: Why Did Rosie from Workin’ Moms Lose Weight? Fans Seek Before and After Pictures!

Nikki Duval (@nikkiduval) is sort of trending right now on the internet but not because of Workin’ Moms, for reasons other than that which happens to be her weight loss. All people are wondering when it comes to her is has she lost weight. Well, if you think of it that way, of course, she has. If you look at her recent pictures, then that is the first thing you will notice about her, that she has undergone a significant weight loss.

All the rumors and speculations started like this in the first place. Nikki Duval used to be a bit on the heavier side before. And let’s not discount her feelings now because we know exactly how our society treats women, or men for that matter, who fails to match up with the beauty standards created for them.

The very first standard is about the physique and it is not fat or big. You are required to be slim, and very skinny if you want to be considered attractive by people. If you are not thin, then you are not attractive. Which is just an opinion, not a fact, but one we have been conditioned to believe is true, so Nikki Duval seems to have fallen for that. It is likely that she did not see kindness coming her way for the sole reason that she was not slim. Since she gained more prominence and came into the spotlight ever since she starred as Rosie Phillips on Workin’ Moms, it is possible that with love, she saw hate coming her way, like for her appearance.

Body shaming is not something that is too far-fetched to assume because she has previously spoken out about having difficulties with her body image and why would she be struggling with body image issues if it wasn’t for people making her feel lesser than by taking her weight into consideration. Or it could be that she just wanted to be fitter and slimmer for herself which has nothing to do with changing oneself to meet the expectations of others. Though that seems less likely. But the fact, or rather rumors remain that the actress has had a weight loss.

Rosie Phillips from Workin’ Moms only sparked those rumors after her followers noticed that she looked drastically different in her latest photos from her previous ones. She had definitely had weight loss but it was gradual and nobody noticed until they compared the old photos with the new ones. On comparing the photos, the weight loss was very visible. She looked much thinner and fitter than before.

Nikki Duval herself had not spoken about the weight loss at first. So, there were a lot of people who refused to believe that she had lost weight. They just kept on convincing themselves that it was the trick of camera angles that made her look so slim. Maybe they thought that speculating weight loss would be too presumptuous.

Anyway, now they don’t have to worry about that because Nikki Duval is no longer tight-lipped about it. The weight loss is no longer to be treated like just a rumor because if it is true, it is not a rumor. And the truth about his transformation has been spoken. Not only has she had that impressive transformation with all that unmissable weight loss, but she has made it her mission to help other women in the journey of losing weight by motivating them too. She has created a Facebook page she dedicates to the very purpose.

On a page called FASTer Way To Fat Loss with Nikki, Nikki Duval shares her experience about what she did to lose weight. As she explains the motive of her opening that page, she is quite enthusiastic about assisting women in taking control of their health, changing their mindsets about body image, and living the life God has intended for them.

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