Nina’s Weight Loss on Coronation Street: Here’s Why Actress Mollie Gallagher Looks Visibly Skinny Now!

Derick Scholz

Nina’s Weight Loss on Coronation Street: Here’s Why Actress Mollie Gallagher Looks Visibly Skinny Now!

The Nina actress, Mollie Gallagher, from Coronation Street has recently undergone a slight weight loss transformation. However, some fans believe she looks a little skinny now. On the other hand, some unverified sources claim that she has changed her diet to stay fit.

Actress Mollie Gallagher, mostly renowned for her role as Nina in Coronation Street, is the latest celebrity to join the Dancing on Ice cast. The 24-year-old soap star appeared alongside Love Island winner Ekin- Su Cülcülolu and EastEnders legend Patsy Palmer on the popular ITV show, which premiered on 15 January 2023.

Mollie won the National Television Awards for Best Serial Performance in September for her role as Nina in Coronation Street. Last year, Nina was the focus of a harrowing storyline in which she and her boyfriend Seb were targeted because of Nina’s appearance, and Seb was murdered.

Nina was hospitalized and then tortured by guilt over the attack before facing the perpetrator in court. Mollie’s life is far less dramatic in real life than it is on the soap, with the actress enjoying days out with her friends, vacations, and time with her musician boyfriend. While Nina is known for her long, black hair and dramatic make-up, Mollie’s hairstyles and colors change.

As soon as Mollie made her appearance in Dancing on Ice, many people noticed that she looks slightly slimmer and are curious to know how she was able to do so. Well, here is everything you know about the Nina actress’ weight loss journey.

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Mollie Gallagher’s Weight Loss: Here Is Everything You the Nina Actress From Coronation Street Looks a Little Skinny Now!

Mollie Gallagher (@mollie.gallagher_), an ITV soap star, looked nothing like her on-screen character Nina Lucas as she took on the taste of Dancing on Ice. Similarly, the Coronation Street star looks completely different in her latest social media posts, especially with her recent weight loss physique. Meanwhile, she was glowing as she attempted to speak to fans about her weight, flaunting her radiant skin and fabulous natural brows.

While the soap star struggled to speak, her raven and blonde hair were effortlessly styled into a sleek and straight style. The Manchester girl explained that she has trouble concentrating when others are talking, and she eventually loses her train of thought. And recently she praised her boyfriend Dan Myers for assisting her during a difficult time when she struggled to disconnect from her Coronation Street character, Nina, and her physique.

We looked through all of her past photos and over the years there have been little to no changes when it comes to the actress’ weight. She has always been a skinny person and that is still true today, losing weight now would be unorthodox considering the actress is probably in the best shape of her life. However, Mollie Gallagher’s weight loss talk seems to be some interesting observations from fans, and even if she did lose some weight, it is probably around 4 to 5 pounds.

You must combine nutrition and exercise to achieve your ideal body weight. Mollie Gallagher’s weight loss is no exception. She won’t be able to keep her current physique unless she pays attention to what she eats. Her diet, on the other hand, should be simple but nutritious.

According to reports, the actress starts her diet very early in the morning. As soon as she wakes up, she decides to drink a lot of water instead of coffee. She does this every time she turns on her coffee maker. She emphasizes the importance of staying hydrated during a long workday. She can, after all, spend 14 to 16 hours a day at the shooting location. Drinking plenty of water benefits her mind and body. Additionally, it is beneficial to her skin.

Her dedication to a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise is not immediately apparent. It took her years to develop her current body type. The before and after photos of the actress will help you understand the significance of committing to a healthy lifestyle.  The actress, on the other hand, has not undergone any weight-loss surgery.

She also mentioned cutting back on sugar and soda, which we can all be more conscious of. The calories we consume from sugary drinks help us gain weight. So, no matter which side of the bed you wake up on, the idea of Mollie Gallagher’s weight loss regime in 2023 is simple: eat healthily, plan a proper diet, go almost vegan (fully if you can), and exercise.

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