Olivier Rousteing Plastic Surgery: How Did He Look Before His Accident?


Olivier Rousteing is suspected of having plastic surgery. houseandwhips.com

Olivier Rousteing has never looked the same since he was involved in a fireplace explosion which has led to plastic surgery speculations. His face, along with his body, was heavily burned and was left with severe burn scars. Olivier Rousteing is believed to have gone under the knife to fix his face after that. He is also rumored to have had buccal fat removal and injected his lips. He has never admitted to having plastic surgery except Botox. 

Things have never been the same for Olivier Rousteing after he was involved in a horrible fireplace explosion. At least, that’s what people feel about his face. They think his face has changed after the tragic incident and believe that he might have gotten plastic surgery to fix his face. After all, he was left severely wounded and scarred by the burns, and he admitted to being obsessed with perfection and having insecurities about the way he looked.

Also, the rumors that he had something done on his face were there before the accident. He seemed to have been getting more and more chiseled and people thought that he had gotten buccal fat removal. He was also rumored to have injected his lips. Let’s discuss Olivier Rousteing’s plastic surgery!

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Olivier Rousteing’s Plastic Surgery: What Happened To His Face After It Got Burned?

Olivier Rousteing‘s (@olivier_rousteing) followers have noted that his face looks much different than it did before and they suspect that it may have something to do with plastic surgery. He is believed to have undergone buccal fat removal and injected his lips with fillers. He has only ever admitted to having Botox.

Olivier Rousteing's fans suspect he has had plastic surgery on his face. houseandwhips.comOlivier Rousteing’s fans suspect he has had plastic surgery on his face.
Image Source: USA Today

The creative director of Balmain made a secret of the fireplace explosion he was involved in for a long time as he took time to recover privately from the burns on his face and body. Like I said, he was left heavily scarred and he was very conscious of that so, he hid himself from not just the public but from his team and friends. He said he was ashamed because of his insecurities and his obsession with perfection. It’s very likely that such people get plastic surgery to get their desired look and fans suspect he may have done that to fix his face.

Olivier Rousteing had a hard time in the aftermath of the burns accident after his face was left scarred because why wouldn’t anyone obsessed with perfection feel anything but that about their disfigured face? He said that he tried to forget (what had happened to his face and how he looked) during his recovery. As he tried to keep the world dreaming with his collections, he hid the scars with face masks, turtlenecks, long sleeves, and even multiple rings on all his fingers through interviews or photoshoots. Did he also get plastic surgery to remove the scars from his face?

Sure, Olivier Rousteing may have recovered from the facial and body burns completely fine on his own. He did say he was healed, happy, and healthy. But because something about the way he looked had changed, fans suspect that he has had plastic surgery. People can’t really pinpoint exactly what about his face looks different but they are certain that he has never looked the same after the accident. There’s a possibility that he went under the knife to fix himself after the accident.

Olivier Rousteing On Plastic Surgery!

If Olivier Rousteing has indeed had plastic surgery to fix his face, he has not yet admitted to it. What’s really important is that he is now happy and healthy and healed. It does not matter how he recovered from the facial burns and scars or if he had surgery to fix himself. But he’s a public figure, so people can’t really stop speculating. They might have let it go if there weren’t already rumors about him going under the knife before the accident.

Olivier Rousteing has admitted to trying Botox once. houseandwhips.comOlivier Rousteing has admitted to trying Botox once.
Image Source: Vogue

But the truth is that Rousteing’s face had started getting noticeably thinner and more chiseled in the past few years and you couldn’t help thinking that it was plastic surgery because it was just his face. If it were weight loss, his whole body would have gotten slimmer but no, it was just his face that got more pronounced. His jaw looked very prominent and refined. It was like he had buccal fat removal and/ or jaw implants.

Olivier Rousteing’s cheeks look very hollow as if he has been biting the inside of his cheeks in every photo. He seems to have lost facial fat from his cheeks. And about his lips, they protrude now like never before. He seems to have gotten overboard with his lip fillers because his lips look very huge and disproportionate to the rest of his face. His mouth was already very plump but maybe that was not enough for him which must be why he got fillers. It’s not possible for that to happen without plastic surgery.

He has never admitted to going under the knife for cosmetic or medical reasons but when he was asked in an interview what he thought about men having cosmetic surgery than before, he implied that he was not against men having plastic surgery. He said,

I think the world is changing and you can be an outsider if you want to. It’s a matter of choice, but I don’t think anyone should feel shame about wanting to perfect themselves.

When Olivier Rousteing was asked about his cosmetic surgery, he said that he had tried Botox once.

I tried botox once, but the problem is I don’t have wrinkles. I wanted to do it on my forehead, but because there’s no wrinkles the doctor said there was no point. I’ve not done fillers – fillers would be my worst enemy. I’m trying to get skinnier and skinnier but fillers will make me look like a hamster.