Ornella Vanoni’s Plastic Surgery: What Happened to the 7 Women and a Murder Cast Member’s Face? How Did She Look When She Was Young?

Derick Scholz

Ornella Vanoni's Plastic Surgery: What Happened to the 7 Women and a Murder Cast Member's Face? How Did She Look When She Was Young?

Ornella Vanoni unwittingly ruined her face when she chose to get plastic surgery. In an attempt to foil aging and to stay young forever, the 7 Women and a Murder cast member got Botox, dermal fillers, lip fillers, a facelift, a neck lift, a brow lift, and a canthoplasty procedure. Ornella Vanoni has never admitted to having these plastic surgery procedures but it does not take an expert to see that there’s a reason she looks like a mannequin. 

Ornella Vanoni OMRI is an Italian singer-songwriter and actress who you might recognize as one of the cast members of 7 Women and a Murder. She started performing in 1956 which easily makes her one of the longest-standing Italian artists. In her career spanning almost seven decades, she has released about 112 works between LP, EPs, and greatest hits albums, and has sold over 65 million records. She is considered one of the most popular interpreters of Italian pop music.

She has received the nickname ‘cantante della mala’ which means ‘Underworld Singer’ because early in her career, she explored the folklore and popular songs which were mostly about the ones about the criminal underworld in Milan. As for her acting, she started her career in it in 1960 as a theatre actress. She has mostly performed under the direction of Giorgio Strehler at his Piccolo Teatro in Milan and in the works of Bertolt Brecht.

In January 1977, Ornella Vanoni posed nude for the Italian edition of Playboy magazine which marked one of the most unforgettable moments in Italian pop culture. In 2004, when her song L’Appuntamento was included in the soundtrack of Steven Soderbergh‘s Ocean’s Twelve, it sparked a worldwide renewal of interest in her music.

She is indisputably one of the most iconic singers in Italy and has left her mark on Italian music. She has a majestic legacy she’s leaving behind for the future. She’s much respected for her work these days and there’s no other way it should be. Except people also regret her plastic surgery for her because I can’t count how many procedures she has had- they have left her looking like a sad caricature of herself. Here are all the deets about Ornella Vanoni’s plastic surgery!

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Ornella Vanoni’s Plastic Surgery: The Italian Singer Has Ruined Her Face with Surgical Interventions She Had to Stay Young!

Ornella Vanoni (@ornellvanoniofficialpage) has gotten countless plastic surgery treatments that include Botox, dermal fillers, lip fillers, a facelift, a browlift, a neck lift, a forehead lift, and a canthoplasty procedure.

These days, if you see Ornella Vanoni once, you keep staring at her because you cannot simply find it in yourself to take your eyes off her. If you’re thinking, ‘what, she’s like 103, she possibly cannot be that captivating at that age no matter how beautiful she looks,’ then, no, no, it’s not because of her beauty that renders you unable to stare away. It’s just all the plastic surgery she has had. It’s impossible to take all of what’s going on in her face in a mere glance, and for the record, she’s 88.

Ornella Vanoni is 88, on the brink of her ninth decade but does she look like it? Of course not! The fear of aging cannot be clearer on anyone’s face more than hers. In order to avoid aging altogether, the 7 Women and a Murder cast member hasundergone so many surgical treatments that she doesn’t look her age now, but sadly she also doesn’t look human. That many plastic surgery procedures she has had!

How many and what specifically, you ask! I think it would be easier and take less time to say which plastic surgery procedure she hasn’t had. I would say nothing but that would be an over exaggeration because though, it may look like there’s nothing she hasn’t had, I’m sure there are a few we can find because nobody can get them all.

I mean, we can already tell Ornella Vanoni has had Botox, fillers, a neck lift, a forehead lift, a facelift, and a canthoplasty procedure. She may have had a few others we can’t tell as well. But already, what we know is too much plastic surgery she has had that was definitely and regrettably not in a good taste for her because those surgical interventions have completely ruined her face which was once very beautiful. Like the ending of 7 Women and a Murder, the results of her plastic surgery were quite unexpected.

Just to be clear, Ornella Vanoni herself hasn’t come out and listed out all the plastic surgery procedures she has had to satisfy the curiosity of people. But with the work which she has gotten done (it’s horrible, she looks horrifying, and if she ever tells her doctor’s name, you know who not to go to for cosmetic treatments), we don’t need her to tell. One can see it in her face because just what the h*ll is going on in her face? She looked breathtaking when she was young. Now, they can’t breathe when they look at her.

The comparison photos of her with the pictures of when she was young and her recent pictures are the saddest to look at because she lost that beauty and allure she had as a young woman and now Ornella Vanoni is left looking like a wax version of herself. The changes are really heart-breaking because it’s hard to fathom how a woman that stunning could ever feel the need to get plastic surgery. She would have looked fine aging and growing into her looks as an older person. But she didn’t choose that way.

And now the singer’s forehead could be the smoothest surface you have ever seen. They look so slippery. And her puffy face with that complexion. Sure, she does not have lines and wrinkles but she also has that pillowy complexion that makes her look less like a human and more like a mannequin. She could pose as a wax statue of herself and get away with it because it would be impossible to figure out that she’s not. That’s how Ornella Vanoni looks.

Plus, look at her eyes. She has not just had a canthoplasty but also a brow lift which has made her eyes wider and bigger but that does not work for her face. She looks like she is glaring at someone all the time and is just seconds away from shaking her head in disapproval. And her lips? Did the doctor fall asleep when they were injecting fillers into her lips and left it on for a little too much time? Because they look cartoonish and way too swollen up. Her lips are giving Donatella Versace.

Ornella Vanoni looks so ridiculous and horrible with that face because of the countless plastic surgery treatments she had. She must not have known to say no when the doctors didn’t stop injecting Botox, dermal fillers, and lip fillers into her face. Or she thought something like ‘more the plastic surgery, the younger it makes you look.’ What a horrific realization that must have been when she looked into the mirror after the procedures! Well, if it settles down, maybe she understands now not to get too much Botox and fillers.

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