Paige VanZant’s Weight Gain: Is She Just Fat or Pregnant? Haters Troll Her!


Paige VanZant's Weight Gain: Is She Just Fat or Pregnant? Haters Troll Her!

Paige Vanzant revealed that she underwent a weight gain of over 20 pounds. The MMA fighter shared that in an Instagram post in which she addressed the haters who trolled her for being fat and obese and looking pregnant. Paige VanZant said that she may have had weight gain but she was happy and being true to herself which was all that mattered.

Paige VanZant is a mixed martial artist, she is a bare-knuckle boxer, she is a professional wrestler, she is a model. She has done it all and excelled at almost all of it. She previously used to compete in the flyweight decision when she was previously signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship. She has been involved in professional wrestling with All Elite Wrestling and she has also done Bare Knuckle boxing with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship.

However, it’s not any of those endeavors that have put her in the limelight now. It’s her weight gain that has haters going crazy about it. She has been having a field day with all of the comments about her looking fat, obese, and pregnant. Let’s talk about Paige VanZant’s weight gain!

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Did Paige VanZant Get Fat? Or Is She Pregnant? All About Her Weight Gain!

Paige VanZant (@paigevanzant) underwent a noticeable weight gain of 20 pounds and a lot of people have a lot of unkind things to say about that like she has gotten so fat she looks obese and she looks like she’s pregnant, but she is not having any of it.

Paige VanZant had a weight gain of over 20 pounds.
Paige VanZant had a weight gain of over 20 pounds.
Image Source: Fox News

It has been nearly three years since Paige VanZant got into bare-knuckle boxing, leaving UFC behind. She hasn’t fared well at that and after back-to-back defeats under the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC), banner 12 Gauge decided to take a break from the fights she wasn’t winning. In that break, she started an OnlyFans account as a side hustle which hasn’t been great for her.

Because Paige VanZant has almost bared it all for her side hustle in photos and videos throughout the years not just on OnlyFans but also on Instagram and people have found that as an excuse to hate on her and troll her about her body. And just this past year, the wrestler had a weight gain which excited the trolls so much because now they had another thing to shame her for. They were not going to let the opportunity slide thus, there began a slew of negative and hurtful remarks all over her social media.

Just because Paige VanZant got a little bigger and had a weight gain, some people thought it was okay to say that she looked obese and she looked so repulsive now that she was fat. Some even questioned if she had gotten pregnant and if that’s why she took a break from knuckle-boxing. Seeing the number of hateful comments everywhere, it might have seemed like Paige committed a crime by gaining weight.

Paige VanZant was trolled for looking fat, obese, and pregnant.
Paige VanZant was trolled for looking fat, obese, and pregnant.
Image Source: CNN

However, Paige VanZant is a strong woman and she is not having any of people’s unwarranted reactions to her weight gain. She did not appreciate that they were calling her fat, obese, and pregnant. So, the athlete went on Instagram to address all those jobless and faceless haters and trolls and made a post where she put them on blast for the negativity and criticism they had showered on her YouTube channel.

Paige VanZant revealed that she had a weight gain of over 20 pounds and added that not only had she gained weight but she had also gained a “ton of happiness” along with it. She explained that she always used to put her best self forward and made sure the world saw the “prettiest” side of her but now she was only going to show the “true” her. She was not going to hide that she had gotten bigger because she may have gained weight but she has also gained strength, power, and muscle with it.

So, all those comments about how she looked pregnant, obese, fat as f*ck, and how she wouldn’t be able to fit through a door soon are not about her. Paige Vanzant said that it was just miserable people being miserable and spreading their misery. And she did not really care for it and she was always going to show the real her forever, no matter what people said about her. She was not going to be shamed for her weight gain.

Paige VanZant said that she had not only gained weight but happiness as well.
Paige VanZant said that she had not only gained weight but happiness as well.
Image Source: The Mirror

Paige VanZant had a lot of supportive people commenting on her post after that. They said that her weight gain never warranted the hate she got for getting fat or obese and for looking pregnant and that trolls even suggested that was absolutely insane because she looked extremely fit even though she was not the slimmest she had ever looked. She rather looked like she was at her natural body weight.

They wrote that she wasn’t fat despite the weight gain and she just looked healthy and pointed out that fitness is the key and not weight. Some of them also talked about the superficial nature of social media and said that Paige VanZant didn’t have to explain herself to anyone because social media is not real.