Patsy Kensit’s Plastic Surgery: How Does The Actress Look so Youthful and Fresh at 54?


Patsy Kensit's Plastic Surgery: How Does The Actress Look so Youthful and Fresh at 54?

Patsy Kensit is suspected of having plastic surgery including Botox, cheek fillers, and lip fillers. The actress admitted to having Botox in the past, she said that she had stopped for the sake of her career. She also noted that she hadn’t ruled out cosmetic surgery and that she wasn’t at that place yet. But fans cannot bring themselves to believe that Patsy Kensit looks that youthful and fresh without plastic surgery. 

Patsy Kensit is an English actress and singer who first gained prominence when she was just a child after she acted in a string of commercials for Bird Eyes Frozen peas. After she got her breakthrough role as Suzette in the musical film Absolute Beginners, she went on to do Blame It on the Bellboy, Bitter Harvest, Full Eclipse, Angels & Insects, Love and Betrayal, and Grace of My Heart. She also starred in the ITV soap opera Emmerdale and she acted in the BBC One medical drama Holby City. She was the lead singer of the pop band Eighth Wonder in the 1980s.

She is an incredible actress, no doubt about that. But these days, every time people see her on the screen, they speculate about her plastic surgery more than they appreciate her acting prowess. Hard to say if her youthful and fresh looks are blessings or curses for her career. She is believed to have had Botox and fillers. Let’s find out more about Patsy Kensit’s plastic surgery!

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Patsy Kensit’s Plastic Surgery: She is Suspected of Having Botox and Fillers!

Patsy Kensit (@patsykensit) is suspected of having undergone plastic surgery including Botox, cheek fillers, and lip fillers. She apparently got the procedures to maintain her youth and to refresh her looks.

The previous week, fans were delighted to see Patsy Kensit on the screen after a long time. She finally made her highly anticipated debut in EastEnders after a long wait from the fans who were eagerly awaiting her appearance in the soap. And she didn’t disappoint. She portrayed the role of Emma Harding, Lola‘s mum who abandoned her as a child, with utmost brilliance. But still, viewers could not help but get carried away by her ageless looks and a lot of them ended up making plastic surgery speculations instead of appreciating her performance.

They gushed over Patsy Kensit and remarked on just how stunning and incredible she looked and not all at her age, which is 54. Social media became flooded with comments about how young she looked. And truly, she did look ten years younger than she did in Holby City which she did for three years from 2007 to 2010. With that kind of youthful look, there were always going to be speculations about plastic surgery.

Two years ago, the actress spoke out about her youthful appearance and gave her opinions about cosmetic surgery, and let’s just say, that was the wrong answer. Because she didn’t list plastic surgery she had done, she just said that she was not yet at that place but she wouldn’t rule out cosmetic surgery in the future. Patsy Kensit did, however, admit to having Botox injections in the past. It’s a non-invasive procedure and she doesn’t consider it cosmetic surgery.

The former Emmerdale star said that she previously used to have Botox injections but stopped getting them for the sake of her career. She probably meant that she wanted to emote well for the cameras and Botox wouldn’t be helpful for that.

I’ve had Botox in the past but I don’t now, because of work. I want to look the best I can for the age that I’m at, so I don’t do anything.

Patsy Kensit does not mind a few wrinkles and lines and has prioritized her career over her vanity about her looks. She has nothing against plastic surgery and she hasn’t ruled it out but she is more focused on not looking frozen with no wrinkles as she wants to be more expressive as acting is her job despite having lines on her face.

I’ve got real crow’s feet but I call them my laughter lines now. Plastic surgery? Why not? I’m not at that place in my life yet but I won’t rule it out. If someone wants plastic surgery, let them. I can’t stand bullying or bodyshaming and I’ve had all of that over the years and it does affect you.

Very humble thought but the actress’ comment about cosmetic surgery does not explain her youthful looks. Patsy Kensit did tell that she runs every day and does cardio training and that she eats healthy, drinks lots of water, and stays out of the skin to avoid skin damage but does that go so far as to make her look decades younger? People can’t believe her with all their hearts because she looks like a miracle not possible with just a great lifestyle.

Patsy Kensit sparked talk of plastic surgery a few years ago as well. In 2021, she made an appearance on Lorraine to promote Tina and Bobby when the internet was sent into a frenzy about her looks. She looked so great that people found it hard to focus on anything else.  As someone commented, she looked fabulous. Lorraine was speaking everyone’s minds when she gushed over her, “You look gorgeous! So young.” So young indeed!

At that time, Patsy Kensit may not have addressed plastic surgery speculations but there were a lot of expert opinions. Fans would have to do with that. Dr. Nestor, a leading aesthetic doctor, seemed to think that people were overreacting to the new images of the actress because as per him, she had definitely aged and even had a slight jowling that wasn’t there before. She might have had cheek fillers to address the jowling.

But, other than that, Patsy Kensit looked all-natural, Dr. Nestor said. He noticed that she had some age-related changes like, her upper eyelids were fuller than expected but they were a bit inadvertently closed off too. He also pointed out that her chin looked everted (turned up) which resulted in the slight shortening of her face, which was due to aging. She didn’t seem to have plastic surgery.

Another plastic surgery expert, Dr. Matthew McCloskey of The ESHO clinic believed that Patsy Kensit had Botox, cheek fillers, and lip fillers. He pointed out how smooth her face looked and how she had no wrinkles, which suggested that she had injected Botox into her face. He observed that her cheeks sat tighter and seem to have increased in volume when her midface was supposed to reduce in volume with aging. This suggested that she had dermal fillers. He also said that her lips had increased in both size and shape, seemingly because of lip fillers.

We can’t tell how accurate these experts are but we can tell that Patsy Kensit does not like these opinions about her plastic surgery because shortly after, she hit back at such experts’ thoughts through her ‘source’ who noted that she followed a daily routine of exercise, healthy eating, and plenty of water to keep her energy levels up.

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