Pauline Chalamet’s Weight Loss: Did The Actress Have Breast Reduction? What Does Reddit Say?


Pauline Chalamet's Weight Loss: Did The Actress Have Breast Reduction? What Does Reddit Say?

Pauline Chalamet revealed her weight loss and new body in the second season of The Sex Lives of College Girls. The actress was plus-sized in the previous season according to many comments on Reddit but now she has a toned jawline and body that is hard to go unnoticed. Some think she has had a breast reduction. Despite fans’ curiosity, Pauline Chalamet has yet not shared what meal plans and workout schedules she followed for her weight loss or if she had a breast reduction.

Pauline Chalamet is a French-American actress, writer, and director who currently stars in the HBO Max original comedy The Sex Lives of College Girls as Kimberly. She plays the role of a valedictorian of a working-class public high school in a humble Arizona suburb in the Mindy Kaling-created show. She made her feature film debut in 2020 in Judd Apatow‘s comedy The King of Staten Island. She is next set to appear in Iris Brey‘s Split, a French television series, alongside Alma Jodorowsky and Jehnny Beth.

The second season of The Sex Lives of College Girls recently premiered and her new look in the show completely floored the viewers. She looked very different from the way she looked in the first season with her physical transformation. Her weight loss changed her look which was loved by the fans. She used to be a bit on the chubbier side before as many discussed on Reddit but now she has a very toned jawline and body. She also looks like she had a breast reduction. Fans are curious to learn about Pauline Chalamet’s weight loss!

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Pauline Chalamet’s Weight Loss: People Commented About The Actress Being Plus-Sized on Reddit; Now Fans Suspect She Has Had Breast Reduction!

So, HBO is back with the second season of The Sex Lives of College Girls, a comedy created by Mindy Kaling that follows the lives of four 18-year-old girls who are roommates at Essex College in Vermont. The latest season just premiered on November 17. And then all over the internet, it was all about Pauline Chalamet‘s (@pauline.chalamet) weight loss.

Pauline Chalamet plays Kimberly in the show and right now, she, along with The Sex Lives of College Girls has as good as hijacked the internet. She shocked everyone with her recent weight loss. Little is enough to excite people and fandom these days but there you go. They were used to seeing her a little bigger than she is now before the new season dropped.

In the latest season of the show, the actress has a really toned jawline and body that makes it harder to focus on others and what’s happening in the show which is a big contrast to the way she looked in the previous installment of the comedy series. She used to be on the chubbier side with a fuller bust and hips. There were many comments on Reddit that she was plus-sized. That was the time when her name was off the internet for the most part. Weight loss seems to have changed that.

Pauline Chalamet looked really good in the second installment of the show, she was pretty sharp throughout and had a very slender body that made it impossible for the viewers to take their eyes off her. She was already beautiful but something seems to have changed after her physical transformation, after her weight loss. This has thrust her into the spotlight and now, fans are asking how and why she lost weight.

That’s right. They saw that Pauline Chalamet had a noticeable weight loss and it was not enough. They had to know more about her physical transformation and they have now flooded the internet with discussions about it. Fans became too excited what with her chubbiness gone. Now they watch her as all her sharp and full facial features are pulled behind the body fat. They appraise her weight loss.

It seems hard to appease the fans as once she got slimmer, fans became intensely curious about how she lost all that weight. Her weight loss created all that rage. Actors gaining or losing weight for the sake of movies and television shows to transform into their roles is not new and unheard of. But with Pauline Chalamet, it does not feel like it was a transformation for any project. It was just the change she did for herself.

And how she did it? She hasn’t yet revealed, maybe fans ought to give her some time and not overwhelm her by making her trend for her weight loss like they already did. However, we can always tell that Pauline Chalamet must have made some changes to her diet plan and started doing routine physical exercises and following some workout schedules because that’s how one loses weight.

We can’t tell the specifics of Pauline Chalamet’s diet plan and what her meal consists of. We can’t tell specifically what sort of workout she does that has helped her in weight loss but all the same, she must have made changes to her diet and started exercising because is there any other way? Another way fans seem to think is breast reduction. Many people suspect that.

She herself is yet to acknowledge the intense interest of the fans in her weight loss and give them the deets about how she did it. So, there’s no confirmation yet if she really had a breast reduction.

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