Perfect Match Filming Location: Where Was The Netflix Dating Show Filmed? When Was The Reality Show Filmed?


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Perfect Match Filming Location: Where Was The Netflix Dating Show Filmed? When Was The Reality Show Filmed?

Netflix’s Perfect Match was filmed in Panama city in Panama. The grand villa where the contestants lived, which was the filming location, was not a coastal property and not located on an island but it was near the edge of the rainforest in Playa Bonita. Perfect Match was reportedly shot in early 2022. You can take a trip to the series filming location for $7,300 a night.

Netflix‘s Perfect Match has brought together a lot of familiar singles so that they can have a chance at true love, again. The cast of the new reality dating series consists entirely of reality stars who have previously participated in many other Netflix dating shows such as Love is Blind and Too Hot to Handle. So, if you wanted to keep up with old contestants, you can check out the show or maybe, you can just keep staring dreamily at the villa where they live.

Did the crew find the perfect filming location for shooting Perfect Match or what? The luxury beachfront mansion in the show is filmed in is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. You might find that you are no longer interested in the show but just in the villa. Find out more about this gorgeous place!

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Perfect Match Filming Location: The Netflix Show Was Filmed in Playa Bonita in Panama City!

Netflix’s Perfect Match is filmed in Panama, particularly in Panama City. Panama is a country in Central America and Panama City is its capital. The reality dating series was shot in an enormous luxurious and scenic villa called Panamanian Villa Pan003. This is the place where contestants fight to enter. And why wouldn’t they? The secluded mansion is too grand and magnificent for people to not fall in love.

The estate, though it seems like a haven on its own from seeing the contestants perform challenges on the beach from time to time, Perfect Match is not technically on an island and is not a coastal property. It is situated at the edge of a rainforest in Playa Bonita, a resort town in Panama City, just about 20 minutes from the downtown area and 45 minutes away from Panama City’s Tocumen International Airport. So, the filming location is still pretty close and has a great view of the ocean.

The design of the Perfect Match filming location that Latin Exclusive describes to be “perched at the edge of the rainforest on a small cliff above the Pacific Ocean on Playa Bonita” is reportedly inspired by the Panama Canal and has dramatic high ceilings to maintain a feeling of openness and freshness.

The interior, as per the listing, consists of the master suite that offers over 1500 square feet of indoor space, two terraces, and a private plunge pool. It also has a master bedroom that includes an indoor garden, which has been designed as a Temple of Water, with the main shower taking a starring role in the middle of the room. Perfect Match villa is very extra in the most gorgeous way. It was destined to be a filming location.

Besides that, each of the guest rooms has a unique architectural design that ranges from open-ceiling showers to bathtubs in the middle of the room to custom-made furniture. There are also other features such as a library, an elevator, and a barbecue/picnic area. There are six bedrooms and five bathrooms in total. It also has an infinity pool and a gym.

If you are in love with the villa from Perfect Match and I know you are, we all are, you can take a trip to that glorious made-to-be-a-filming location mansion for a whopping $7,300 per night.

When Was Perfect Match Filmed?

Now that we know all about the filming location of Netflix’s Perfect Match, it’s time to know when the reality dating series was filmed. However, we can’t be precise about that one because the exact timeline is a bit hazy. But, from what has been gathered by looking at what some contestants have said, the show was filmed in early 2022.

A contestant Bartise Bowden, when he was asked about the timeline of his appearances on Netflix shows including Love is Blind Season 3 and the show’s spin-offs After the Altar and the reunion episodes, revealed via an Instagram story that he was filming for Perfect Match in March 2022.

According to what another Love is Blind contestant Natalie Lee said, the show was filmed in February 2022. She was not a participant in Perfect Match but she used to be engaged with Shanyne Jensen who was. She was engaged to him during Love is Blind Season 2 and though they didn’t get married at the end of the show, they didn’t split up and continued to date afterward.

On January 2023, she posted a story where she wrote,

While Shayne was filming the show [Perfect Match] in Feb 2022, he texted me numerous times he wanted to leave midway through filming because he still had feelings for me after we saw each other for [the] first time since our breakup at the reunion show taping. And yes, he was casting for the show while we were in a relationship in Nov 2021.

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