PJ Fleck’s Plastic Surgery: Facelift, Botox, Fillers & Eyelid Surgery!


PJ Fleck's Plastic Surgery: Facelift, Botox, Fillers & Eyelid Surgery!

PJ Fleck’s plastic surgery is heavily speculated as his recent pictures don’t seem to be natural. The rumors started after Philip John Fleck Jr.’s first press conference of spring ball, where people noticed something was different about P.J. Fleck. Some fans, however, blamed the lightning and a lousy angle, suggesting it’s nothing to do with plastic surgery.

Philip John Fleck Jr. mostly known as P.J. Fleck is an American football coach and a retired player from the United States. He was previously the head coach of the Western Michigan Broncos and is currently the head coach of the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

Fleck was a wide receiver for Northern Illinois University (1999-2003) and the National Football League’s San Francisco 49ers (2004-2005).

In January 2017, P.J. agreed to a five-year, $18 million contract. On November 21, 2017, he agreed to a one-year contract extension, extending the contract until the end of the season. The deal starts at $3.5 million per year and escalates by $50,000 each year until January 31, 2023.

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P.J. Fleck’s Plastic Surgery: Has the American Football Coach Philip John Fleck Undergone Any Plastic Surgery?

The fashionable media gossips today wonder how the saggy and obese section of PJ Fleck’s face disappeared so suddenly. Recently, we’ve seen plastic surgery procedures getting more and more popular among celebrities. The internet has jumped on the rumors that he underwent plastic surgery during the off-season.

Some of his fans also trolled him in tweets as he got rid of wrinkles, accusing him of having eyelid surgery and a facelift, which some supporters denied and blamed on the lighting and lack of quality in his photo.

Considering his age and the fact that his image showed him having wrinkles in the past that vanished in the offseason, we may presume the coach had botox and filler done to make his skin look more fresh and vibrant while also getting rid of his face wrinkles.

People have been trolling P.J. Fleck as if it’s bad to look more energetic. I mean, why not? If he can inspire the next generation of football players simply by looking more youthful and energetic, it can’t be all bad, right?

P.J. also might have had a facelift, as we can see from his recent photos that he has a sharper jawline and no fat beneath the skin, and his chin has been sculpted. He may also have had eyelid surgery, as he has repaired droopy eyelids and may involve removing excess skin, muscle, and fat.

However, some of his fans claimed that he was wearing minimal makeup and that his wife may have helped him with some beauty products, but according to him, he has never discussed having any plastic surgery in public and that the only reason he appears to be energetic is because of his workout and the time he gave towards his body.

Moving on to his other reason for staying fit and energetic, he eats well and works out in the morning. He also spends a portion of his day working out. He also claimed that as a coach, he must be healthy and fit, so he spends more time at the gym.

P.J. also mentioned having cardio and working out in the morning with his wife Heather Fleck, as he is a morning person who enjoys a large lunch.

Fleck enjoys running and ran his first marathon in April 2009. Fleck teamed up with the UNRL apparel brand to create a Row The Boat¬†clothing line, with 14 percent of revenues going to the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House Charities.

How Many Children Does P.J. Fleck Have?

Heather Fleck (@heathermariefleck) and P.J. Fleck first met in 2013, and they got engaged in 2015. He decided to marry her on February 11, 2016. Heather and PJ have been married for more than five years, but they do not share children together.

From his first wife, however, P.J.’s kids include Carter, Paisley, and Harper while Heather’s got Gavin from her past relationship. P.J. and Heather share custody with Gavin’s father in Michigan as well as the mother of P.J.’s three children.

In total, P.J. has five children: Gavin Jackson, his stepson, Carter Joseph and Colt Jackson, his sons, and Paisley Jane and Harper Jackson, his daughters. Colt died of a cardiac ailment shortly after birth.

Before marrying John Fleck Jr., Heather had a relationship with another individual. The coach’s daughter, on the other hand, died shortly after birth due to a cardiac issue.

We frequently see Heather Fleck’s family photo on Instagram. P.J., meanwhile, does not have an official Instagram account, only a fan page.

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