Princess Charlene’s Weight Gain: How Did She Look Before She Lost Weight?


Princess Charlene's Weight Gain: How Did She Look Before She Lost Weight?

Princess Charlene’s weight loss has got people thinking of what she looked like before she lost weight, which they are calling her weight gain phase. She had always been fit and athletic and built robustly. It was never her ‘gaining weight.’ Princess Charlene used to engage in a lot of physical activities which is the reason she had ‘weight gain’ before.

Princess Charlene of Monaco has always been a curious subject for royal watchers. Ever since it was reported that she tried to run away from the wedding, people have been watching her a little too closely than they watch the other royals. They also find her interesting because she is not really anyone’s idea of a traditional princess, all feminine and whatnot. In fact, she was a former Olympic swimmer who looked very robust and broad-shouldered for the public’s liking. She didn’t look as feminine and graceful as princesses are supposed to look, is a comment frequently made about her.

Her recent appearance at King Charles‘ coronation revealed that she doesn’t look the same and has lost a lot of weight. She looked very fragile and now people want her to go back to being healthy and have weight gain. Remembering what she looked like before, she had an athletic build but at least, she looked fit and strong, is what they are saying. Let’s discuss Princess Charlene’s weight gain!

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Princess Charlene in Her Weight Gain Phase: Before She Lost Weight Recently, She Was Always Fit and Athletic!

Princess Charlene of Monaco (@hshprincesscharlene) recently attended King Charles‘ Coronation and made a public appearance after quite a long time. She looked incredible in a form-fitting beige dress which also revealed her new appearance post-weight loss. Yes, she has lost a significant amount of weight recently. Seeing her that thin, people begin to think about how she looked like when she had weight gain, well, when she had not lost weight actually.

Princess Charlene appeared to have a weight loss when she attended King Charles' Coronation.
Princess Charlene appeared to have a weight loss when she attended King Charles’ Coronation.
Image Source: Hola

Princess Charlene sparked discussions about her weight and body with her latest public appearance at the royal event. Even though she may have lost weight and a significant amount, fans want to know what she looked like when she was not that thin and when she had weight gain in her body. Because she looked extremely thin and sickly in her new body, royal watchers want her to go back to being healthy.

Princess Charlene was estimated to weigh only about 45 kilos. She has gotten extremely thin in the last two years. It’s said to be due to the health issues that stranded her in South Africa. She is reported to have undergone multiple surgeries. Ever since then, she’s looked very unhealthy and slim. People are saying she looked much better before when she had weight gain.

Princess Charlene looked much healthier when she had 'weight gain' in her body.
Princess Charlene looked much healthier when she had ‘weight gain’ in her body.
Image Source: Yahoo

Well, Princess Charlene never had weight gain to speak of, but what people want to know is how she was in her usual form. Her body definitely could not be considered to be soft and feminine because she was built very strongly. She was athletic. After all, she used to be a swimmer in the late 1990s and early2000s, not a just swimmer but an Olympic swimmer.

Princess Charlene was always robust and broad-shouldered. She was that way when she met Prince Albert after a Monaco swim meet in 2000 and she seemed to be in her usual form before her trip to South Africa. Now, she looks all fragile and her well-wishers just wish she would go back to being healthy like she was in her weight gain era. A lot of people want her to revert to her natural body but that’s not really natural. Her at her normal form took a lot of effort.

Princess Charlene had a very strong and athletic build with broad shoulders before she lost weight.
Princess Charlene had a very strong and athletic build with broad shoulders before she lost weight.
Image Source: CNN

When Princess Charlene had ‘weight gain’, it did not just happen. She had to work her body to look like that. She had an athletic build and had visible muscles in her shoulders, arms, and legs because she was very active physically. She does not like the gym but there are other ways to ‘work out’ and that’s what she did. It goes without saying that she swam a lot. She also engaged in stand-up paddle boarding, which is great for strengthening your arms, shoulders, and core. I think you get why she has such strong shoulders.

It was also her diet that contributed to her athletic body or her weight gain. Princess Charlene found it difficult to stick to a proper diet regimen because she often had to travel to all parts of the world and she could not choose what she ate but she always tried to choose the more wholesome and healthy options from what is offered. She said that she tried to stick to fish, fresh fruit, and vegetables. She also stressed the importance of staying hydrated.

As Princess Charlene once said, her training as an athlete was explosive, which is why her body looked robust and healthy. It was never weight gain, she just looked stronger and much healthier than she does now.