Queen Naija Would Have Reversed BBL If She Wasn’t Scared!


Queen Naija regrets that she had a BBL procedure. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Queen Naija has candidly spoken about her regret of having BBL. The singer initially loved the results of the plastic surgery when she got in 2019 as a part of a mommy makeover procedure along with tummy tuck and fat transfer to hips but grew to hate it later on. Some fans have suggested that she do the BBL removal but Queen Naija says she’s scared of having the operation again. 

Queen Naija Bulls went on to build a successful career in R&B music not long after she gained some momentum in 2014 when she appeared on American Idol. In 2017, she self-released Medicine which made it to the top 50 of the Billboard Hot 100 in 2018 and raised her profile. She was approached by Capitol Records after that. She landed a recording contract and that kickstarted her mainstream career. She released a self-titled EP in 2018 which debuted at number 26 on the Billboard 200. She put out her debut album Missunderstood which landed at number 9 on the Billboard 200.

Queen Naija Bulls is now a very popular musician and her songs Pack Lite and Butterflies are celebrated hits among the R&B listeners but music is not her sole identity. She has also found fame as a vlogger on YouTube and she is a proper social media influencer. As a proper social media influencer, she has gotten many plastic surgery procedures which she has been open about. She has also been candid about regretting her BBL procedure so, let’s talk about that!

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Queen Naija’s BBL: When Did She Get It? How Does It Look?

Queen Naija (@queennaija) got BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) which she shouldn’t have because she regrets getting the plastic surgery now and she’s too afraid to do its reversal.

Queen Naija got BBL in 2019 as a part of a mommy makeover procedure. houseandwhips.comQueen Naija got BBL in 2019 as a part of a mommy makeover procedure.
Image Source: The Shade Room

Following the birth of her second child in January 2019, Naija got a mommy makeover procedure that included a liposuction, a fat transfer, and a butt lift, and she didn’t hide that she had plastic surgery. In fact, she was very open about it. She can’t have gotten more candid than when she shared a video “Revealing My New Body | One Week Post Op Tummy Tuck + BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)” to show off the results. Queen Naija revealed that she hadn’t intended to have the butt lift but was glad to have done that.

I’m just really really happy. I feel more confident with my body and being a mom with two kids and having two c-sections, and all the stuff going on with myself, I’m really happy. I will not be getting any more surgery. I won’t turn into one of those girls who gets lip fat added and all this stuff. I’m not touching my face. As yall know I got eye fillers and I’m never doing that again.

Queen Naija’s video was met with unexpected backlash from her followers after her BBL revelation. She probably didn’t think that she would be criticized for being open about her plastic surgery but how wrong she was! She was accused by her followers of normalizing surgery but she wasn’t having it so, she responded by saying,

Now, if i would have kept it a secret, like a lot of other women who have had surgery .. everyone would have saying “liar, did you get surgery, why you hiding it?” Lol I tell the truth and it’s still an issue. Hilarious. imma take my new bootie and hide in a ditch.

Now, things have changed and Queen Naija doesn’t find the criticism as hilarious anymore. In fact, she has come to hate her BBL and I can see why her happiness at the results of the plastic surgery didn’t last. Her butt is too big and wide now and looks like it’s sagging. It’s not shapely at all, looks disproportionately huge for her frame, and is very distracting.

Queen Naija Is Scared To Get BBL Removal!

Queen Naija regrets her BBL but is too scared to get its removal done. houseandwhips.comQueen Naija regrets her BBL but is too scared to get its removal done.
Image Source: Billboard

The Medicine singer has gone on record to admit that she wished she never had the BBL procedure. Well, a Brazilian butt lift is very hard to maintain and it might have looked fantastic when she first got it but as time went on, she probably failed to keep herself in shape which, in turn, made her butt bigger to the point of it looking like a sagging bubble butt. I’m telling you it objectively looks bad. I can understand why Queen Naija Bulls regrets that she decided to have BBL when she had not even planned it in the first place.

In an interview, when the R&B songstress was asked about her regrets, she hesitated for the longest time before she admitted that she was scared to say that having fat added to her butt is the one thing that she wouldn’t do again. She was asked if she wished she never did it and to that, she replied

Like not as much. I didn’t think it was gonna do that much, should’ve just gotten like the tummy tuck and some shots.

After that interview, Queen Naija got a lot of support from her followers who suggested that she get a BBL removal if she hated living with it so much. She would have taken that advice if she wasn’t scared of going through under operation. Writing in the comment section, she explained why she got the lift, what she hates about it now, and how she would reverse the procedure if she wasn’t afraid to go under the knife.

I hated my hip dips and c-section belly. Now I dislike how all my weight gain goes to my booty and hips. Either way, I disliked something. Can’t be perfect y’all [shrug emoji]. I would get it reduced but the risk of getting put to sleep again is scary.

Queen Naija so far hasn’t developed the courage to reverse her BBL procedure.