The Bachelorette: Rachel Recchia’s Weight Gain Rumors Make No Sense!


The Bachelorette: Rachel Recchia's Weight Gain Rumors Make No Sense!

Rachel Recchia doesn’t seem to have undergone any major noticeable weight gain. The Bachelorette star has always been very fit and she must be in the habit of maintaining her body seeing that Rachel used to do cheerleading.

Rachel Recchia is the newest Bachelorette whose journey to find love along with her co-bachelorette Gabby Windey we will be watching in Season 19 of the reality show on ABC.

The man she wants, as she says in her bio, should be nurturing, empathetic, and must be respectful in all facets of life – to her, to family, and especially to waiters. All she wants is to find crazy, insane love that makes sense to no one else but her and her soul mate.

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Did Rachel Recchia Gain Weight?

Though a lot of fans have taken to searching about Rachel Recchia‘s weight gain on the internet, there is nothing that suggests that Rachel has undergone noticeable changes in her weight.

She does not seem to have a history of being fat and then losing weight to look like she does now. Neither has she gained weight in recent times since she became a reality star. Rachel has always been normal weight and fit.

Rachel Recchia: The New Bachelorette

Rachel Recchia (@pilot.rachel) is at the center of attention these days ever since ABC announced the new Bachelorette for the upcoming season. Yup, our latest Bachelorette who is destined to find her love on that reality show is Rachel Recchia. But wait, there’s a twist because Rachel is not The Bachelorette but one of the two Bachelorettes.

History was made on Tuesday night by ABC when after wrapping up Season 26 of The Bachelor with After the Rose special, it was revealed that there were going to be two women who would be The Bachelorette. They would be Rachel Reechia and Gabby Windey. There have never been two before. Jesse Palmer, the host of the show had teased that the new Bachelorette was not Rachel or Gabby, but it was both.

This is really great and exciting news for the girls. A refreshing change from their time in The Bachelor Season finale. A guy called Clayton Echard (The Bachelor) was two-timing them with each other. And how they found out – when they were dumped; both at once, so that the guy could pursue another woman.

Throughout Season 26 of The Bachelor, there seemed to be a great connection forming between Rachel and Clayton. It was not a few people who thought that Clayton was going to propose to Rachel at the end of the season, which made what happened very much betrayal and hurtful.

Not only was she two-timed, but she was also not given enough respect to be bothered with breaking up with her in private, and making it a group thing, which Rachel Recchia told was the hardest part of it all.

Clayton really thought that it was a good idea to dump two women at once. He also confessed to them that he had been intimate with both of them and also was in love with them right before dumping them for another person he was in love with – Susie Evans. Isn’t he the dream?

Hopefully, in The Bachelorette, Rachel will find a perfect person of her liking, which she says is someone that is supportive and someone that loves me. So, the complete opposite of Clayton.

Who is Rachel Recchia?

Rachel Recchia is a commercial pilot and flight instructor as she mentions in her Instagram bio. That must be why she is looking for a man who will travel the world with her. She loves for herself some adventure and wants a partner who can join her in escapades and make it double the fun. Her Instagram is filled with pictures of her in the cockpit and traveling around the world.

She is originally from Chicago. She moved to Florida when she was a teenager and since then, she lives in Clermont, Florida, which is just outside Orlando when she is not flying planes. She went to Ohio University. She used to be a cheerleader in her college and also a brunette.

Rachel Recchia is also a massive Potterhead which can be seen in how she chose to mention it in her Bachelors Bio that she simply cannot wait to read the Harry Potter series with her kids one day. She also could live off of Flaming Hot Cheetos.

Rachel Recchia describes herself as a hopeless romantic who is looking for someone who is as playful, passionate, and spontaneous as she is.

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