Rebecca Yarros Accused Of Being a Zionist? Controversy Explained!


Rebecca Yarros is facing accusations of being a Zionist. – Rebecca Yarros faced accusations of being a Zionist after she made a post about her anti-war stance on the conflict in Gaza. The social media users criticized her for being dismissive of the death statistics of the war and called for a boycott of her books for her Zionism. Rebecca Yarros has denied the claims that she is a Zionist.

Rebecca Yarros is an American author who shot to fame after her novel Fourth Wing became enormously successful. The book which was the first one in her planned saga known as the Empyrean fantasy book series went on to become a number one bestseller on Amazon. The book is going to be adapted into a television series by Amazon in which she will serve as a non-writing executive producer.

Rebecca Yarros’ popularity that she found after her novel with dragon riding and wars and fire in it gave a lot of weight to her voice and given how she is accused of being a Zionist, it does not look like she has used it very wisely. Some of her supporters say that it’s on the public how her words were misconstrued but still, debates about her stance on the conflict in Gaza have continued.

Is Rebecca Yarros Zionist? Why Is She Accused of Zionism?

Rebecca Yarros is accused of being a Zionist. houseandwhips.comRebecca Yarros is accused of being a Zionist.
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Rebecca Yarros (@rebeccayarros) might not have thought much of it when she decided to make a post sharing her opinions of the conflict in Gaza but the Israel-Palestine war is one of the most divisive political issues going on right now and nothing anyone says about it is going to be regarded benign. So she must have understood when she found herself facing accusations of being a Zionist.

Rebecca Yarros, like many public figures, came forward and expressed her opinions via an Instagram post on the current war going on between Israel and Palestine in October. She probably feels that in hindsight, she shouldn’t have done it. What got her pushed down from her popularity wave to a wave of criticism and accusations of being a Zionist is that she said in her post that she is against the war in all forms and that children are not collateral damage. She wrote,

I am absolutely horrified by the despicable attack on Israel. I’m terrified for the children and Palestinian innocents of Gaza.

On a surface level, it looks like Rebecca Yarros has an anti-war stance as she condemned the war. She seemed to be neutral towards the conflict. She did not take a side and many users (Palestine supporters) thought she was avoiding controversy by doing that. It did her no favor that she topped off her post by writing that “white, privileged voice shouldn’t be the center of the conflict discussion” because if so, as per Twitter users, why say anything at all? They saw it as a Zionist deflecting their dismissal of the plight of the Palestinians.

After the controversial post, Rebecca Yarros’ Instagram post was flooded by people criticizing her for half-baked opinions which does not really delve into the depth of the issue. As per the comments, such views were in abundance and she should not have bothered to clarify her stance if it was the simple ‘don’t do war, wars are bad for everyone.’ Many accused her of being a Zionist who believes that Israel should be a Jewish homeland and hiding her Zionism under the garb of ‘neutrality.’

Rebecca Yarros Is Insulted By Accusations of Being a Zionist!

Rebecca Yarros is insulted by accusations of Zionism. houseandwhips.comRebecca Yarros is insulted by accusations of Zionism.
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The social media users pointed out that her neutral anti-war stance was at the cost of the actual death statistics of the war, particularly in Palestine. They accused her of dismissing the loss of lives of Palestinians by not speaking up against Israel. Many even called for a boycott of her books because “don’t support a Zionist with your money.”

reminder that even though iron flame releases tomorrow, rebecca yarros is zionist. if you buy her books physically or digitally you are actively funding a genocide, she literally has a book series about fighting against an oppressive government and in the same breath refuses to speak up against a real life apartheid state.

There were many tweets similar to the one below,

Responding to the accusations that she is a Zionist, Rebecca Yarros wrote,

To those tagging me and throwing around accusations that I support genocide, I will say this: As someone whose grandfather survived a Nazi concentration camp as a POW and suffered the lifelong physical effects of torture, I find your accusations not only false, but personally insulting. I abhor war in every form, which is why every military book I write delves into the myriad of ways war irrevocably harms people. I’ve received dozens of documented, nauseating, and frightening D* and R* threats in the past due to my anti-war views, which leaves me hesitant to speak on THIS platform. I’d rather ACT by boosting other voices and donating money, which I have.