Rebekah Vardy’s Plastic Surgery: What Did She Do To Her Face?

Derick Scholz

Rebekah Vardy's Plastic Surgery: What Did She Do To Her Face?

Rebekah Vardy’s face resembles a Barbie doll and fans think it’s because of plastic surgery. A lot of people think that she looks the way she does because she gets Botox, cheek fillers, and lip fillers on her face. She has admitted to getting Botox but denied cheek fillers. Rebekah Vardy has also opened up about the two boobs she has gotten. She is much praised for not hiding her plastic surgery.

Be it on daytime TV shows when she is chatting or be it when she is caught unaware on camera by the paps, Rebekah Vardy always looks her absolute best. Her face looks so flawless it’s unreal. The television personality legit looks like a Barbie doll and people can’t help but think that she has had plastic surgery on her face. There’s no way she would look the way she does naturally without any cosmetic procedures.

She has that kind of face which, every time anyone looks at her, they wonder what cosmetic procedures she has had to look like that. The work done on her is so blatant because she looks so flawless to the point that she’s so far past the uncanny valley. Here’s everything to know about Rebekah Vardy’s plastic surgery!

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What Plastic Surgery Did Rebekah Vardy Get? What’s Up With Her Face?

Rebekah Vardy‘s (@beckyvardy) face looks very smooth and every picture of hers looks like they have been photoshopped to make her look like the epitome of perfection. She looks like a doll in every single one of them and a lot of people think plastic surgery is to be credited for that. She has admitted to having Botox and facials to make her face look smooth and flawless. She has also opened up about the two boob jobs she has had. However, she has denied getting cheek fillers. But fans suspect she has had cheek fillers as well as lip fillers.

Rebekah Vardy seems to have gone overboard with plastic surgery on her face.
Rebekah Vardy seems to have gone overboard with plastic surgery on her face.
Image Source: The Mirror

Rebekah Vardy’s face is unreal and not in a good way. I mean, she looks like a doll and all, but that look on a real human never translates well. So, with that complexion, the more you look at her, the creepier she starts to look. That must be Botox. She has admitted to having the anti-wrinkle injection. Opening up about having “loads” of Botox, she said,

I go in the sun and I’ve hardly got any wrinkles. It’s not nature, it’s Botox.

Besides getting Botox on her face, Rebekah Vardy also gets facials to keep her skin looking radiant and healthy. Her favorite, she said, is a Morpheus 8 treatment. She is also believed to have had lip injections in order to plump her lips but that one, she has never admitted to. However, just because she has not mentioned having lip fillers, it does not mean that her fans are turning a blind eye to the change in the size and shape of her lips. Even though it looks very natural and in proportion to her facial features, plastic surgery has altered her whole face.

Rebekah Vardy is suspected of having cheek fillers as well but she has straight-up denied having messed with her cheeks. In 2018, when she appeared on Celebrity Big Brother, she got criticized for going overboard with cheek fillers. There were lots of comments about how her cheeks looked swollen. But she was not having it. The plastic surgery accusations became too much for her to not respond. So, she took to Twitter to say,

Loved being on being on BBBOTS last night…and just for the record NO I’ve not had cheek fillers and I haven’t even had any Botox for over 6months.

Rebekah Vardy has been very open about getting Botox and facials on her face.
Rebekah Vardy has been very open about getting Botox and facials on her face.
Image Source: The US Sun

Rebekah Vardy has been open about Botox. So, it’s possible that she’s not lying about the fillers either. Anyway, cheek fillers or not, she has altered her face and besides her face, she has altered her breasts as well. She has had two boob jobs and she has spoken about it. She has been very candid about the plastic surgery she had to increase the size of her breasts and has spoken in detail about it.

It was 2018 when Rebekah Vardy had plastic surgery to remove her breast implants. That’s when she shared everything about the cosmetic procedure. She revealed that she had E-cup breast implants inserted after removing the implants she got eight years before. She got the procedure done by Dr. Dan Marsh at The Plastic Surgery Group.  She explained that she underwent a second operation only because her old implants were ‘rippling.’ As it turned out, one of her implants had partially ruptured and was ‘really yellow’ when it was removed. So, it was a good decision on her part to get them removed.

Rebekah Vardy has spoken about the two boob jobs she had in great detail.
Rebekah Vardy has spoken about the two boob jobs she had in great detail.
Image Source: Metro UK

However, what’s surprising was her decision to get the implants removed only to replace them with new ones. She got E-cup implants which people were not expecting because she once said that she regretted having plastic surgery on her breasts. In an interview with The Sun, she said, ” I wish that I’d never messed with my boobs in the first place, but my self-esteem was so low and I just did it to try and boost my confidence.”

Maybe Rebekah Vardy thought something along the lines of ‘Why not get another set of implants when I’m going under the knife either way?’ Experts believe she was going for a natural look with smaller ones. She did mention that she would probably not be doing it again.

I’m going under the knife again. I’m having my implants changed. I’ve had them in for over eight years now, in my boobs. ‘They’re really rippling at the minute so they want to take them out and change them and make sure that everything’s ok. It’s not something I probably would be doing again.

Well, Rebekah Vardy loves the new implants. She said that they don’t look stuck on or fake and that she has had any pain and she couldn’t wait to get into a better-fitting bikini. So, as long as she is happy with the plastic surgery, it’s all good.