Renee Rapp’s Weight Gain: Was The Sex Lives of College Girls Cast Pregnant? Did She Lose Weight Recently?


Renee Rapp's Weight Gain: Was The Sex Lives of College Girls Cast Pregnant? Did She Lose Weight Recently?

Renee Rapp looked a bit bigger back when she was playing Regina George in the Broadway musical Mean Girls which made many think that she had undergone weight gain. Many believe The Sex Lives of College Girls cast has had weight loss since then. But, as it turned out, Renee Rapp never had weight gain and she was always that size. There are other rumors going around that she is pregnant.

Reneé Rapp is an American actress and singer who currently plays the role of Leighton Murray in the HBO Max comedy series The Sex Lives of College Girls. She is also recognized for taking over the role of Regina George in the Broadway musical Mean Girls. She won the 2018 Jimmy Award for Best Performance by an Actress for her portrayal of Sandra in her school’s production of Big Fish.

With the release of the second season of The Sex Lives of College Girls, the actress has been thrust into the limelight. As people’s interest in her is increasing, they are looking back into her career. In doing so, they realized that she looked a little bigger during her Mean Girls days which made them wonder about her weight gain which started the rumors. Some even thought that she had put on weight recently and wondered if she was pregnant. But, as it turns out, she never gained weight, she was always that size, and she has not had any weight loss now. Continue reading to find out more about Renee Rapp’s weight gain!

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Renee Rapp’s Weight Gain: The Actress Was Never Pregnant; She Has Not Had Weight Loss!

So, The Sex Lives of College Girls is back on HBO with its second season. And is it weird how we are now obsessed with watching a bunch of college first-years navigating life, love, hookups, hangovers, and humiliating encounters? Probably not, hookups and relationships are what make life and this show interesting. Aside from the actresses’ perfect depiction of their characters.

Speaking of that, you must be fascinated with how expertly actor Renee Rapp (@reneerapp) embodies her Upper East Side-rooted, sorority-aspirant character, Leighton Murray. She apparently is now the subject of weight gain curiosity. Is she big? I never noticed, I was too busy envying her confidence.

Also, where did the weight gain rumors come from when she hasn’t changed at all from how she looked in the first season and when all people were supposed to be immersing in her masterful performance as the preppy ice queen? She completely nailed it maybe because it was not her first time playing a mean girl. Remember when she brought the ultimate OG mean girl Queen Bee Regina George to life in Broadway’s Mean Girls?

Well, if you had been looking into her career after you saw her in The Sex Lives of College Girls, maybe that’s where weight gain rumors started. Because Renee Rapp didn’t look very slim back then. She arrived at the Mean Girls audition wearing jeans, a graphic T-shirt, leather boots, and a blazer. In that attire, she looked quite big. Talking about her appearance, she said,

I’m not a little Disney princess musical theatre girl. I’m a tall girl. I’m a bigger girl. I don’t have a tiny little voice. I have a very loud voice. I stay true to myself since I graduated high school.

Though Renee Rapp has made peace with her size now, she was not very comfortable with the way she looked back then. She admitted that, at first, she wanted to mimic other girls’ audition styles and be ‘a tiny little girl in a dress and character shoes.’ She was aware of her size, what people are now considering to be her weight gain.

It probably didn’t help that the character she was playing is extremely conscious of her weight and is thin. Remember when she went all crazy after finding out she was tricked into eating carbs in the movie? The musical also touches on the body insecurities of the character sometimes with off-putting lyrics that shame her for weight gain caused by a prank.

Very early on in the show, Regina George even brags about her small size in the song Meet the Plastics with lyrics like ‘I’m the prettiest poison you’ve ever seen/ I never weigh more than one-fifteen.’ If she was not before, she had to have been self-conscious at that part about her weight gain then.

Even though Renee Rapp didn’t consider her weight gain, (she said that she was the size she was since as long as she can remember), she started to be aware that she was bigger than what the trend required her to be. But she came to realize that as she performed better, she got jobs and that’s when the shackles that were starting to form around her self-esteem regarding her weight broke.

Having realized that trying to be the most vulnerable self is what people want in an audition, not a tiny size, Renee Rapp started bringing her authentic self to the audition room by owning and embracing her body, height, weight, and her voice. People might think that she looked big and that she reached that size after weight gain but it didn’t matter to her anymore.

Renee Rapp made comments about her size and weight gain, saying,

I think it’s really important that I’m not a Regina who’s 115 pounds. I don’t even remember ever weighing 115 pounds, I was probably very young. I’m a tall girl.

She said that it was super important to celebrate every single body type because Regina is not Regina because of her tiny size. It’s her personality that makes her.

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